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Nintendorulez v. #uncyclopedia Trial Part 1

After about two weeks of being absent from #uncyclopedia nintendorulez finally signs back in, 'still' ranting about europiods. This is his story. DOINK DOINK!

(17:58:57) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(17:59:10) anidnmeno:  EUROIPODS
(17:59:17) anidnmeno: EURO FRICKING IPODS
(17:59:48) ***anidnmeno is done spazing
(17:59:53) Codeine: Evening nintendo
(18:00:20) anidnmeno: /stands defensively
(18:00:31) ***anidnmeno stands defensively
(18:00:36) Mhaille: sonyrulez, nintendodroolz
(18:00:44) nintendorulez: >_>
(18:01:18) nintendorulez: Sorry about the slashes, it appears to be a technical bug with the proxy.
(18:01:25) anidnmeno: where's Katie??
(18:01:26) nintendorulez: Not on purpose.
(18:01:59) nintendorulez: Now unban it. Please?
(18:03:15) nintendorulez: Hello?
(18:03:17) SeventyFifthTbn left the room (quit: "I rock the party that rocks the piñata").
(18:03:23) Mhaille: unban what?
(18:03:30) anidnmeno: no one loves you, nin
(18:03:54) anidnmeno: however, you are tolerated
(18:03:55) nintendorulez: The proxy I was using to edit pages with.
(18:03:57) Codeine: Why should I unban your proxy when you have a ban from Flammable still running?
(18:04:09) Codeine: That's like asking the prison guard to help dig your tunnel
(18:04:17) anidnmeno: you aren't as big a dick as Unisimplemind
(18:04:19) nintendorulez: Becuase that ban shouldn't have been instituted in the first place.
(18:04:22) MoneySign: :D Great analogy.
(18:05:13) nintendorulez: I'm simply trying to ask on the Euroipods Crusade page if anyone's willing to vouch for me.
(18:05:30) MoneySign: And that's why you edited Flammable's user-page, eh?
(18:05:56) nintendorulez: No, just his talk page, since he wasn't on IRC.
(18:06:12) MoneySign: Well, talk page... Same difference..
(18:06:15) nintendorulez: I'm banned for 24 fucking days! WTF?
(18:06:20) MoneySign: Is that it????
(18:06:29) MoneySign: Just kidding...
(18:06:36) MoneySign: That's quite a lot...
(18:06:46) MoneySign: So you must be a really big pisshead to have deserved that.
(18:06:48) nintendorulez: Rcmurphy even stated on the Euroipods talk page that there would be no more constant reverting.
(18:06:50) MoneySign: Kudos. :D
(18:06:57) anidnmeno: aww, is widdow nintendowules upset??
(18:07:00) nintendorulez: I wasn't a pisshead.
(18:07:04) anidnmeno: woobeeboo
(18:07:15) nintendorulez: I tried to edit euroipods and got accused of vandalism.
(18:07:18) MoneySign: Meh... This isn't my argument...
(18:07:19) anidnmeno: nintendorulez: still true
(18:07:52) nintendorulez: Look, you'd be whining too if you were banned for 24 days for something you didn't do.
(18:07:55) Spencer [] entered the room.
(18:08:07) nintendorulez: And now my entire school's IP got autobanned too.
(18:08:25) Spencer: I think this new flash might have supplanted "Everyone Else has had More Sex Than Me" for favorite ever...
(18:08:26) Spencer:
(18:08:37) ***_Dawg looks for another admin.
(18:08:38) isra_away: i've seen the edit. it doesn't particularly look like it was intended to be vandalism. though it was essentially a revert of an admin's edit
(18:08:46) isra_away is now known as isra
(18:09:00) _Dawg: Hey, do any of the other admins here have a wikipedia account?
(18:09:07) Codeine: yep
(18:09:10) nintendorulez: All I did was remove a template that contradicted an existing one.
(18:09:16) nintendorulez: Yeah, but I'm not admin.
(18:10:12) _Dawg: Codeine: Could you toss in a blurb about January 5th - The Uncyclopedia Birthday Anniversary?
(18:10:25) _Dawg: Or something equally meaningful?
(18:10:27) nintendorulez: The two blatantly conflicted each other. One of them had to go.
(18:10:40) Mhaille: Nin.....I'm guessing the issue is that you could have walked away from the Euroipods thing
(18:11:00) Codeine: on you mean?
(18:11:16) anidnmeno: well nintendorulez, I wouldn't whine .. I have better things to do, I'd get over it
(18:11:25) _Dawg: Looks like rcmurphy, Flammable, STM, Nerd42, and a number of people I can't ID have modified it in the past.
(18:11:29) _Dawg: Yeah
(18:11:30) nintendorulez: Yeah, and MLK could've walked away from oppresion.
(18:11:39) anidnmeno: he could have
(18:11:41) Mhaille: lol
(18:11:43) Codeine: LOL
(18:11:46) nintendorulez: >_>
(18:11:56) Codeine: He's comparing himself to Martin Luther King
(18:11:58) anidnmeno: almost every other black person did, a few stood op and made it good fort us all
(18:12:02) Codeine: this is brilliant
(18:12:02) _Dawg: loks like STM did something today...
(18:12:17) Mhaille: is this ur school bus?
(18:12:29) isra: nin: now compare one of the moderators to hitler. that will complete it
(18:12:41) nintendorulez: No, I'm comparing the horror of Euroipods being featured and my fight to make it truly feature-worthy.
(18:12:54) nintendorulez: Or un-featured. One of the two will do.
(18:12:57) Spencer: Euroipods is featureworthy because it is not feature worthy.
(18:13:05) Spencer: The fact that it was featured is the joke. Not the article.
(18:13:07) Mhaille: but the funny is becoz its not
(18:13:21) nintendorulez: No, it's not funny because it's not funny.
(18:13:32) Spencer: No, you're right, the article is not funny.
(18:13:37) Spencer: It being featured is.
(18:13:41) Mhaille: but it has spellliing mistakes
(18:13:43) Mhaille: which are cool
(18:13:50) Spencer: That's where the joke is. It's relatively simple.
(18:13:54) nintendorulez: Featuring it doesn't make it funny. It's stupid.
(18:14:09) Spencer: It doens't make the article funny. It does make the featuring of it funny.
(18:14:17) Spencer: I really can't explain this much simpler.
(18:14:23) nintendorulez: And it had to have been feature-worthy on its own in order to be featured in the first place.
(18:14:26) Spencer: It's funny because it's not funny and it was featured.
(18:14:33) nintendorulez: No, it makes it stupid.
(18:14:36) Codeine: nintendorulez: Can't you just accept that we (the admins) feaured it *just because we felt like it*?
(18:14:39) Spencer: No, it makes it funny.
(18:14:51) anidnmeno: indeed
(18:14:59) anidnmeno: and disagreeing makes you intolerable
(18:15:04) nintendorulez: Maybe I would've accepted it if most of the VFH votes were for, but that isn't the case.
(18:15:04) Mhaille: possibly the funniest
(18:15:16) Mhaille: that makes it funnier
(18:15:21) Spencer: Like if you made an orange the head of of the NAACP.
(18:15:28) Spencer: It doesn't make the orange any funnier than it was before.
(18:15:31) anidnmeno: lol
(18:15:31) nintendorulez: And that still doesn't justify my ban.
(18:15:35) anidnmeno: oranges
(18:15:37) Spencer: But the fact that it's an orange and head of the NAACP is funny.
(18:15:38) isra: nin. normally to be featured, something needs to be funny. this wasn't. that it was featured anyway is ironic. irony is funny.
(18:15:50) Spencer: Yes, thanks isra.
(18:15:51) nintendorulez: An orange? Dumb. Just dumb.
(18:15:51) Codeine: Look kid, whether you like it or not is irrelevant. It's done
(18:15:56) Spencer: It took me a couple days, too.
(18:15:56) Codeine: Now LET IT GO
(18:16:00) nintendorulez: One joke. Not sufficient.
(18:16:12) Mhaille: but it doesn't matter
(18:16:15) nintendorulez: Most stuff with only one joke goes straight to VFD.
(18:16:28) nintendorulez: I can't let it go! I'M FUCKING BANNED!
(18:16:31) nintendorulez: brb
(18:16:38) MoneySign: :|
(18:16:38) Codeine: Jesus
(18:16:55) Mhaille: just put Euroipods in a mental box and burn the box in your head
(18:17:12) Codeine: I'd rather burn him
(18:17:21) anidnmeno: lol
(18:17:29) Mhaille: just choose not to see any references to Euroipods
(18:17:54) Mhaille: what he's going to do on National Euroipod day I don't know......
(18:18:30) anidnmeno! anidnmeno has changed the topic to: still 1.4- - <rcmurphy> LOOK SHUT PU - <chronarion> goddamn, what about paint lesbians? <isra_around> wait. is that vandalism or was he actually gay in a comic book? - <Lugiatm> This chat is going to hell... - <Unissakavelija> what is a nigger? <Spencer> Like if you made an orange the head of of the NAACP.  It doesn't make the orange any funnier than it was bef
(18:18:38) anidnmeno! anidnmeno has changed the topic to: still 1.4-<rcmurphy> LOOK SHUT PU - <chronarion> goddamn, what about paint lesbians? <isra_around> wait. is that vandalism or was he actually gay in a comic book? - <Lugiatm> This chat is going to hell... - <Unissakavelija> what is a nigger? <Spencer> Like if you made an orange the head of of the NAACP.  It doesn't make the orange any funnier than it was bef
(18:18:42) anidnmeno! anidnmeno has changed the topic to: still 1.4-<rcmurphy> LOOK SHUT PU - <chronarion> goddamn, what about paint lesbians? <isra_around> wait. is that vandalism or was he actually gay in a comic book? - <Lugiatm> This chat is going to hell... - <Unissakavelija> what is a nigger? <Spencer> Like if you made an orange the head of of the NAACP.  It doesn't make the orange any funnier than it was before
(18:19:29) Spencer: Oranges and NAACP just go well together.
(18:19:31) jp30 [n=jp30@nslu2-linux/jp30] entered the room.
(18:19:59) anidnmeno: yeah, they do
(18:20:17) anidnmeno: my local chapter always has a bowl of oranges out
(18:20:23) anidnmeno: made it funnier for me
(18:21:38) Spencer: Like everyone was just coming back from soccer practice?
(18:21:55) isra: question: i am making an image which revolves around the joke that amount of Ewoks  in Return of the Jedi was annoying. Funnier to find pics of different Ewoks or just use the same pic half a dozen times?
(18:22:34) Codeine: hmmm
(18:22:57) Spencer: same
(18:23:02) Rataubes_sockpup: Dont let topkins see this conversation
(18:23:07) Codeine: Multiple Ewoks would be funny. But by definition, *one* was too many
(18:23:18) Codeine: so maybe the single mugshot
(18:23:21) Rataubes_sockpup: he will make a page of it and nominate it
(18:23:29) Spencer: My fucking XM Radio isn't working.
(18:23:43) Rataubes_sockpup: I have a dream
(18:23:58) isra: well the ewoks aren't the only thing in the pic
(18:24:23) Mhaille: Radio Free Euroipods
(18:24:27) Rataubes_sockpup: that one day the administrators and the banned people's grandchidren can eit together!!!! 
(18:25:56) Tompkins_away: i saw that by the way lol
(18:26:09) Tompkins_away: you voted for it..and im ashamed so that takes back everything
(18:26:14) Codeine: _Dawg:
(18:26:14) Tompkins_away: and now im away again
(18:26:25) Tompkins_away: whoosh!
(18:26:33) Spencer: WOAH BLUE TEXT
(18:26:37) Rataubes_sockpup: sorry tomkins i am protecting you from yourself
(18:26:52) Codeine: OH NOES!
(18:27:03) Tompkins_away: lol i said whoosh
(18:27:06) Tompkins_away: now shutup
(18:27:39) Rataubes_sockpup: well. have to go, it's been a pleasure, good night western hemisphere
(18:27:46) Rataubes_sockpup: bye
(18:27:46) Mhaille: ttfn
(18:27:50) anidnmeno: night asian
(18:28:02) Rataubes_sockpup: middle easterrn actually
(18:28:10) anidnmeno: ah
(18:28:27) anidnmeno: anywhere near Azerbaijan?
(18:28:44) Rataubes_sockpup: sure
(18:28:48) _Dawg: Codeine: Thanks!
(18:28:54) Rataubes_sockpup: Israelzjan
(18:29:04) anidnmeno: ah
(18:29:25) Mhaille: ur not a Kakun sockpuppet are u?
(18:29:38) Rataubes_sockpup: mhaile u know me
(18:29:48) Rataubes_sockpup: i am rataubes sock puppet
(18:29:58) anidnmeno: sock puppet???
(18:30:15) Rataubes_sockpup: yeh, i confes
(18:30:24) Rataubes_sockpup: i am rataube's sock puppet
(18:31:10) anidnmeno: what IS a sockpuppet?
(18:31:17) Spencer: alternate account, I believe.
(18:31:20) anidnmeno: ah
(18:31:46) Mhaille: sometime sockpuppets get turned into real people
(18:31:59) Mhaille: Keitei was a sockpuppet until december
(18:32:15) Spencer: What now?
(18:32:26) Rataubes_sockpup:
(18:32:35) _Dawg: Actually, I'm a sockpuppet of another admin.
(18:32:41) Rataubes_sockpup: Do we?
(18:32:49) Mhaille: Splarka probably.......
(18:32:55) _Dawg: Nope
(18:33:00) Rataubes_sockpup: Gepetto i am a real kid!!!
(18:33:03) Mhaille: hmmmmmmmmm
(18:33:15) _Dawg: Well, unless someone else is a sockpuppet of Splarka.
(18:33:29) _Dawg: I could be a sockpuppet of a sockpuppet.
(18:33:40) Rataubes_sockpup: This is too postmodern for me
(18:33:54) _Dawg: and I need food.  I'll be back later.
(18:33:55) Rataubes_sockpup: i am confused
(18:34:05) Mhaille: the only way you can tell if you're a sockpuppet is if you have a warm hand shoved up ur arse......
(18:34:18) Mhaille: and woolie bits
(18:34:52) Rataubes_sockpup: ohmy god, i am not real, i am someone else's alternate account :((((
(18:35:16) Rataubes_sockpup: I feel like swarzzeneger in the last action hero
(18:35:17) anidnmeno: lol
(18:36:31) Flammable [] entered the room.
(18:36:40) Flammable: Quack.
(18:36:57) Rataubes_sockpup: mhaile is from this area too
(18:37:00) Mhaille: ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
(18:37:01) nintendorulez: Back.
(18:37:12) Mhaille: what area?
(18:37:16) Rataubes_sockpup: englandztan
(18:37:20) nintendorulez: Aha! Flam! There you are. Why the fuck was I banned for 24 days?
(18:37:26) Tompkins_away: AHHHH!
(18:37:32) Flammable: You vandalized Euroipods.
(18:37:34) Rataubes_sockpup: from the somethingztan area
(18:37:35) anidnmeno: cause you say stuf like that
(18:37:47) nintendorulez: Vandalized? How so?
(18:38:05) nintendorulez: I saw two templates that contradicted each other, and removed one.
(18:38:07) Flammable: You added a template that was unnecessary
(18:38:11) Rataubes_sockpup: Tompkins be strong, resist temptation
(18:38:23) nintendorulez: It was necessary. And that isn't vandalism.
(18:38:26) Tompkins_away: NO
(18:38:30) Tompkins_away: AHHHHHH!
(18:38:33) Flammable: lemme look at the diffs again
(18:38:57) Mhaille: Nin......resolution is easy. Just ignore anything to do with Euroipods
(18:38:58) Rataubes_sockpup: Focus, u dont need this men, you are strong
(18:39:05) Rataubes_sockpup: think of your family
(18:39:22) nintendorulez: Mhaille, I can't do that because I'm BANNED.
(18:39:24) Flammable: Yeah, you added a completely unnecessary template, then engaged in a revert war
(18:39:31) ***Tompkins_away takes a deep breath...
(18:39:35) nintendorulez: It was necessary.
(18:39:36) Tompkins_away: AHHHHH!
(18:39:37) Mhaille: but when u are not banned......
(18:39:37) MoneySign: That should make it easier, no?
(18:39:56) Mhaille: $ lol
(18:39:58) Flammable: So I don't see anything wrong with the ban
(18:40:28) Rataubes_sockpup: Tompkins try huffin a kitten, but stay away from this
(18:40:40) nintendorulez: Adding a template and engaging in an edit war warrants a 24-day ban?
(18:40:57) Flammable: Nintendorulez, look I don't find some well-established pages on this site funny, but I don't go plastering templates all over them.
(18:40:59) ***MoneySign sighs extremely deeply.
(18:41:12) anidnmeno: I do.
(18:41:20) anidnmeno: but only when necessary
(18:41:22) nintendorulez: Templates are funny.
(18:41:26) Tompkins_away: I DONT LIKE YOU!!!
(18:41:27) anidnmeno: I have done a few crimethink ones
(18:41:35) Flammable: If you can't deal with the fact that we find it amusing, then go away
(18:41:37) Flammable: Simple as that.
(18:41:41) anidnmeno: euroipods.
(18:41:42) Flammable: You're not obligated to be here.
(18:41:53) nintendorulez: And that template was necessary. The article needed to have jokes added.
(18:41:56) Flammable: However, if you do decide to stay, don't mess around with templates so much.
(18:42:05) Flammable: And don't kill the original voice of an article.
(18:42:24) Flammable: Your template addition was both unnecessary and disruptive.
(18:42:31) Flammable: Your own revert war on that page was disruptive
(18:42:33) anidnmeno: yeah
(18:42:38) nintendorulez: It was necessary. The article needed jokes in it.
(18:42:39) Mhaille: make euroipods a no Nin-fly zone
(18:42:45) anidnmeno: YES!
(18:42:51) Tompkins_away: AHHH!
(18:43:03) Flammable: But you were still disruptive
(18:43:11) Flammable: which is perfectly legitimate grounds for banning.
(18:43:14) Mhaille: and naughty
(18:43:17) nintendorulez: And honestly, the two templates were in blatant contradiction of each other. I'd say removing the one was justified.
(18:43:22) Rataubes_sockpup: please can someone hand a glass of water to tompkins
(18:43:29) Flammable: Which two?
(18:43:31) anidnmeno: that was what made it [not] funny
(18:43:34) Flammable: tell me.
(18:43:40) Flammable: which two templates.
(18:43:45) Tompkins_away: im ok
(18:43:46) nintendorulez: I'm disruptive? This whole article's disruptive!
(18:43:49) MoneySign: Who the fuck are you to contradict whatever the admins say, anyways?
(18:43:53) Tompkins_away: just alot of people here..
(18:43:56) anidnmeno: the admins are your gods
(18:43:58) anidnmeno: obey them
(18:44:03) Tompkins_away: anmore and im gonna flipout
(18:44:04) nintendorulez: The one saying it wasn't funny, and the one saying the article was perfect.
(18:44:04) anidnmeno: or you shall be smitten
(18:44:17) Mhaille: but THATS funny
(18:44:29) Tompkins_away: basehead?
(18:44:34) Flammable: Anyway, nin, just deal with it. If you don't like it, then you're not obligated to stay. If you continue to be irrational and problematic, then we don't want to.
(18:44:34) Tompkins_away: seriously?
(18:44:37) Mhaille: its FUNNY becoz it contains almost no humour
(18:44:38) Flammable: you, rather
(18:44:43) Flammable: Understand?
(18:44:46) anidnmeno: old term for crackhead, Tompkins_away
(18:44:47) Tompkins_away is now known as Tompkins
(18:44:48) nintendorulez: All I did was try to improve the article.
(18:44:54) Flammable: No, you didn't
(18:45:00) Tompkins: o ok thanks for clearing that up
(18:45:01) nintendorulez: Yes, I did.
(18:45:09) Mhaille: all your baseheads belong to us
(18:45:31) Tompkins: lol
(18:45:32) Flammable: By all standards you're not only making this a bigger deal than it should be, you're ruining the joke.
(18:45:43) Flammable: Now, unless you've got something constructive to add, I bid you adieu
(18:45:51) nintendorulez: There never was a joke to BE ruined.
(18:46:07) MoneySign: He doesn't give up, does he?
(18:46:08) nintendorulez: And nothing I have done could be called vandalism.
(18:46:15) anidnmeno: euroipods.
(18:46:25) #uncyclopedia: mode (+o Flammable ) by ChanServ
(18:46:28) MoneySign: :D
(18:46:29) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(18:46:32) anidnmeno: YAY
(18:46:41) anidnmeno: but I was gonna fuss at him some more :(
(18:46:55) Rataubes_sockpup: he wasnt given the gift of diplomacy
(18:47:05) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:47:08) nintendorulez: Wtf?
(18:47:09) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(18:47:15) Mhaille: lol
(18:47:21) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:47:21) Tompkins: lol
(18:47:22) nintendorulez: No MS, I'm not going to give up when I've been banned unjustly.
(18:47:25) Rataubes_sockpup: is this a soccer game?
(18:47:25) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(18:47:27) Tompkins: AGAIN, AGAIN
(18:47:31) Rataubes_sockpup: can i play too
(18:47:32) anidnmeno: no ban
(18:47:35) anidnmeno: just keep kicking
(18:47:39) Flammable: I forget the syntax
(18:47:45) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:47:48) anidnmeno: its funny as euroipods or an orange as NAACP head
(18:47:49) nintendorulez: Stop it.
(18:47:52) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(18:47:53) Tompkins: YES!
(18:47:53) anidnmeno: again!
(18:47:54) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:47:56) nintendorulez: Stop it.
(18:48:01) anidnmeno: FIRE!
(18:48:05) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(18:48:06) Rataubes_sockpup: Oh, just let the clinjas take care of him
(18:48:09) Tompkins: man down
(18:48:10) Spencer: I can't believe this, to interrupt whatever conversation you're having...
(18:48:12) Tompkins: oh shit
(18:48:14) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:48:14) anidnmeno: FIRE!
(18:48:16) nintendorulez: Stop it.
(18:48:18) ***nintendorulez ducks
(18:48:25) Flammable: Why? You're not beign reasonable.
(18:48:31) Tompkins: YOU CAN'T HIDE!
(18:48:33) Flammable: I've gien you plenty of justification for your ban
(18:48:34) anidnmeno: FIRE!
(18:48:40) Flammable: given, even
(18:48:53) Rataubes_sockpup: you cant beat the sistem
(18:48:56) Flammable: Now, unless you've got something constructive to add, sod off.
(18:49:00) anidnmeno: FIRE!!
(18:49:01) ***Mhaille offers Nin a white flag
(18:49:04) nintendorulez: I'M NOT BEING REASONABLE? You're the one repeatedly kicking me for trying to engage in mature debate.
(18:49:06) Rataubes_sockpup: u cant escape the big brother
(18:49:16) ***Tompkins steals it before it can be waved
(18:49:16) Rataubes_sockpup: u cant drink cheese icecream
(18:49:23) anidnmeno: you crimethink all time
(18:49:34) anidnmeno: we are miniluv
(18:49:36) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by _Dawg (_Dawg)).
(18:49:40) anidnmeno: we are her to restore goodthink
(18:49:46) Flammable: Arguing the same nonsequitur is not mature, it;s stubborn.
(18:49:51) Tompkins: mission accomplished
(18:49:54) Flammable: Dawg, honors?
(18:49:56) Tompkins: i dont think hes coming back
(18:50:01) _Dawg: honors?
(18:50:02) Spencer: Are we done now? Can we move onto the thing I wanted to say?
(18:50:02) ***Mhaille takes it back but now its off-white
(18:50:06) Flammable: muteban
(18:50:10) Flammable: +%b, I believe
(18:50:11) Rataubes_sockpup: the war is against EURASIA, the war is against EURASIA
(18:50:27) anidnmeno: no ban
(18:50:28) ***Tompkins tompkins may have peed on the flag because he was so excited
(18:50:34) anidnmeno: kick war
(18:50:38) Tompkins: yes
(18:50:38) anidnmeno: KICKKK WAR
(18:50:40) Tompkins: i agree
(18:50:42) Rataubes_sockpup: jihad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(18:50:51) _Dawg: if he comes back I'll +b him
(18:50:57) _Dawg: or we could play soccer with him.
(18:51:03) Flammable: we could.
(18:51:06) Flammable: Or quick draw.
(18:51:07) Tompkins: im germany!
(18:51:08) Mhaille: on me 'ead son
(18:51:11) Rataubes_sockpup: whos the goalkeeper???
(18:51:12) anidnmeno: no
(18:51:16) anidnmeno: please don't +b
(18:51:17) Flammable: Mhaille, monitor uncyc for us
(18:51:28) Flammable: He m,igh try some shift IP bullcrap.
(18:51:29) anidnmeno: its no fun
(18:51:31) Flammable: might, even
(18:51:32) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:51:35) anidnmeno: FIRE!
(18:51:39) Tompkins: KICK!!!\
(18:51:43) _Dawg: it's all yours, Flammable.
(18:51:46) nintendorulez: Stop it!!!
(18:51:47) Rataubes_sockpup: Allah akbar and mohammed is his prophet!!!!!
(18:51:49) isra: nin. as much as you deny it, people found funny what was done with euroipods. your attempts to improve it are not productive and have been stopped. trying to subvert that will only make people angry with you and cause them to ban you. If what you want is to fix Euroipods to your liking, then you should give up. If your goal is to contribute in other ways, then you should apologize and move on
(18:51:51) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(18:51:52) anidnmeno: FIRE!!!
(18:51:55) ***Tompkins burns the white flag
(18:52:04) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:52:05) Tompkins: he has no chance now
(18:52:06) nintendorulez: All I ask is to be able to edit Uncyc
(18:52:08) anidnmeno: FIRE
(18:52:12) Flammable: Why?
(18:52:14) Tompkins: kill
(18:52:27) anidnmeno: Tompkins: we are having WAY too much fun with this
(18:52:37) Flammable: So you can demonstrate another facet of your boundless immaturity>
(18:52:47) Flammable: I've already given you a reasonable rationale
(18:52:49) anidnmeno: nice.
(18:52:55) Rataubes_sockpup: Ok, gentlemen, the boy has good intentions
(18:52:56) Flammable: And you refuse to ehar it
(18:53:05) nintendorulez: Isra, I want to contribute in other ways, but I can't. Guess why? IM FUCKNG BANNED!
(18:53:05) Tompkins: anidnmeno: lol were more immature then nintendorulez anyday
(18:53:07) Flammable: Instead, you opt to spout the same red herring/nonsequitur at me
(18:53:09) Rataubes_sockpup: can you forgive him and go on?
(18:53:16) anidnmeno: Tompkins: I know
(18:53:20) nintendorulez: No, you haven't given me reasonable rationale.
(18:53:27) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by _Dawg (_Dawg)).
(18:53:30) Flammable: Instead of working to understand WHY it is you're banned, you're fighting the ban itself
(18:53:32) anidnmeno: Tompkins: but we aren't fucking uncyc up with our immaturity
(18:53:34) Tompkins: lol
(18:53:34) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:53:37) Flammable: Instead of working to understand WHY it is you're banned, you're fighting the ban itself
(18:53:38) anidnmeno: FIRE!!!
(18:53:46) isra: nin:  If your goal is to contribute in other ways, then you should apologize and move on
(18:53:54) Tompkins: anidnmeno:it was fucked long before i came, but i still like to contribute
(18:53:54) nintendorulez: A tiny revert war doesn't not justify a 24 day ban.
(18:54:02) MoneySign left the room.
(18:54:07) Flammable: You;ve had it out for euroipods since day 1
(18:54:10) Flammable: I'm not stupid
(18:54:11) nintendorulez: Isra, I can't move on. I'M BANNED.
(18:54:13) anidnmeno: yep
(18:54:15) anidnmeno: I was there
(18:54:17) anidnmeno: I seen it
(18:54:22) Rataubes_sockpup: GENTLEMEN, forgive the child, he will be good from now on
(18:54:26) Tompkins: lol
(18:54:29) Flammable: Now, I WAS considering reducing your sentence... but!
(18:54:29) isra: nin:  If your goal is to contribute in other ways, then ___you should apologize___ and move on
(18:54:38) Flammable: Since you can't be mature about it, I won't
(18:54:38) _Dawg: nintendorulez: You're banned for messing with an article you knew to stay away from.
(18:54:41) anidnmeno: send thim animal sacrifices
(18:54:46) _Dawg: How many reverts does it take?
(18:54:53) Tompkins: BURN HIM
(18:54:55) nintendorulez: And I realized that it won't get unfeatured, so what I plan to do is turn it into something feature-worthy.
(18:54:58) Flammable: If you act like a child, expect to be treated like one.
(18:55:12) Flammable: By adding a template that says it's not funnyt
(18:55:14) anidnmeno: its not supposed to be REALLY featureworthy
(18:55:15) Flammable: That's productive.
(18:55:16) Rataubes_sockpup: PEACE BROTHERS
(18:55:20) Mhaille: Nin....just leave it alone
(18:55:21) Flammable: Really productive.
(18:55:24) anidnmeno: its supposed to be random
(18:55:27) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(18:55:30) Mhaille: pretend it doesn't exist
(18:55:31) Rataubes_sockpup: PEACE with him LOVE to his mother
(18:55:39) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(18:55:42) anidnmeno: FIRE!!!!
(18:55:44) nintendorulez: Why all the fucking kicks?
(18:55:50) Bradaphraser [] entered the room.
(18:55:55) nintendorulez: Crimethink?
(18:55:55) anidnmeno: Nobody cares
(18:55:57) Bradaphraser: Hello all
(18:56:04) Tompkins: stop talking
(18:56:07) Tompkins: listen
(18:56:08) Bradaphraser: ok
(18:56:13) anidnmeno: brad, please leave... you will not get any words out
(18:56:19) anidnmeno: or do that
(18:56:21) anidnmeno: it works too
(18:56:26) #uncyclopedia: mode (+b *!* ) by _Dawg
(18:56:27) Tompkins: were in an all out battle here
(18:56:35) Flammable: brb, say your piece. I'm not gonna kick you.
(18:56:45) Tompkins: whatd dawg just do?
(18:56:50) anidnmeno: no ban
(18:56:52) #uncyclopedia: mode (-b *!* ) by _Dawg
(18:56:59) Tompkins: oic
(18:57:05) #uncyclopedia: mode (+b *!*n=47e140* ) by _Dawg
(18:57:10) anidnmeno: no ban!
(18:57:23) anidnmeno: FREE 20-OZ DEW!!
(18:57:27) _Dawg: Flammable requested it.
(18:57:35) Tompkins: brad: lol nintendorulez and dawg and flammable have been having a kicking war
(18:57:44) Mhaille: and guess who lost
(18:57:47) anidnmeno: lol
(18:57:51) _Dawg: except we were doing the kicking and he was being the ball
(18:57:54) anidnmeno: all because of the euroipod
(18:57:59) Bradaphraser: lol
(18:58:00) Tompkins: yea lol
(18:58:17) anidnmeno: cause thayre not compatible with the nintendo entertainment system
(18:58:22) Tompkins: if nintendo could kick itd be even more interesting
(18:58:29) Bradaphraser: lol
(18:58:35) Rataubes_sockpup: Euripod is the most controversial issue ever since someone moved my cheese
(18:58:40) anidnmeno: heh
(18:58:56) ***Tompkins puts cheese back
(18:58:56) anidnmeno: if nin could kick he'd probebly pwn the channel by now
(18:59:06) Tompkins: yea 
(18:59:10) jp30 left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(18:59:11) anidnmeno: have it removed from freenode
(18:59:14) Tompkins: he wouldnt kick hed just ban
(18:59:36) Rataubes_sockpup: he is a potential Mao Tse Tung
(19:00:08) anidnmeno: he needs to hush his Mao-th
(19:00:16) Tompkins: lol
(19:00:37) Rataubes_sockpup: lol
(19:00:41) anidnmeno: and deal with the fact that euroipods rule and he sucks for changing the page and wait his 24 days like a man
(19:00:47) isra: alright, folks, let's not drag down the maturity of the room any more by continuing to mock someone who can't fight back
(19:01:04) Rataubes_sockpup: wow
(19:01:06) Tompkins: fine
(19:01:09) #uncyclopedia: mode (-b *!*n=47e140* ) by Flammable
(19:01:12) Tompkins: but i can still hate him
(19:01:13) Rataubes_sockpup: wise words
(19:01:13) Flammable: Talk
(19:01:15) nintendorulez: All I wanted to do was improve an article. How is that a crime?
(19:01:18) _Dawg: hmm
(19:01:22) Flammable: Except you didn't
(19:01:23) MoneySign [] entered the room.
(19:01:24) Rataubes_sockpup: nooooo, hate isnt good
(19:01:25) nintendorulez: And what was with the muting?
(19:01:26) _Dawg: ooops@
(19:01:31) Flammable: You did nothing to improve the article
(19:01:36) nintendorulez: I didn't detract from it.
(19:01:44) anidnmeno: yes, son, you did
(19:01:48) Flammable: You added a contradictory tag
(19:01:59) anidnmeno: that wasn't funny
(19:02:02) #uncyclopedia: mode (+b *!* ) by _Dawg
(19:02:03) nintendorulez: No, I removed a contradictory tag.
(19:02:08) Rataubes_sockpup: Isra stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:02:08) #uncyclopedia: mode (-b *!* ) by _Dawg
(19:02:10) Flammable: And then, in an effort to prove your innocence, you claimed that you were simply removing a contradictory tag
(19:02:16) Tompkins: wow this is even better than the whole nerd42 thing
(19:02:16) anidnmeno: Tompkins: I have waited 2 weeks for this
(19:02:22) Rataubes_sockpup: The guy wont give up
(19:02:30) Algorithm [] entered the room.
(19:02:35) Tompkins: anidmeno: well, it was totally worth it
(19:02:36) anidnmeno: sit back algo
(19:02:39) _Dawg: ... well, what do you expect?
(19:02:43) Flammable: It's liek a theif saying that he was innocent becuase he opted for the emeralds instead of the diamonds.
(19:02:44) _Dawg: Hey Algorithm!
(19:02:47) nintendorulez: Rataubes: No shit, sherlock
(19:02:47) Algorithm: 'lo
(19:02:51) ***anidnmeno gives Algorithm some popcorn and a large pepsi
(19:02:57) Tompkins: AHHHHH! 21 PEOPLE
(19:02:58) isra: to others: let flam and nin talk without the extraneous noise
(19:02:59) Flammable: Hey! I didn' steal the diamonds! Ergo, I'm innocent
(19:03:00) Tompkins: ahhh!
(19:03:04) Tompkins: AHHHH!
(19:03:12) Rataubes_sockpup: Dude, grew up
(19:03:13) nintendorulez: No, because I did NOTHING wrong. At all.
(19:03:18) Flammable: Which is a complete and utter nonsequitur
(19:03:29) Rataubes_sockpup: U are just buring yourself even deeper cant u see that??????????
(19:03:32) Flammable: Now, unless you have soemthing else to day, I, for the final time, bid you adieu
(19:03:38) Flammable: say, even
(19:03:48) Rataubes_sockpup: We have a saying around here
(19:03:52) anidnmeno: heh, adieu
(19:03:53) ***Tompkins (Very relunctantly) grows up
(19:03:59) Rataubes_sockpup: DONT BE RIGHT, BE WISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:04:07) anidnmeno: wisdom /is/ good
(19:04:09) Flammable: Damn straight Rat sock.
(19:04:17) Tompkins: lol rat sock
(19:04:27) ***nintendorulez points at the bottom of Euroipods Crusade
(19:04:38) nintendorulez: This whole convo needs to be preserved.
(19:04:41) nintendorulez: It's gold.
(19:04:43) anidnmeno: I have it in log
(19:04:50) nintendorulez: Perfect.
(19:04:51) Bradaphraser: please add it
(19:04:54) anidnmeno: to what?
(19:05:01) Spencer: I haven't been paying attention, was it really that good?
(19:05:02) Flammable: Adieu
(19:05:05) #uncyclopedia: mode (+b *!*n=47e140* ) by Flammable
(19:05:08) anidnmeno: no +b
(19:05:13) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(19:05:14) #uncyclopedia: mode (-b *!*n=47e140* ) by _Dawg
(19:05:15) Tompkins: spencer: omg you missed this?!?!
(19:05:19) #uncyclopedia: mode (+b *!* ) by _Dawg
(19:05:25) anidnmeno: can I make a page for it on uncyc??
(19:05:25) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(19:05:30) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(19:05:35) nintendorulez [] entered the room.
(19:05:37) nintendorulez: Do that.
(19:05:40) nintendorulez left the room (Kicked by Flammable (Flammable)).
(19:05:40) anidnmeno: where wuld I put it?
(19:05:42) Spencer: I missed it! I'm soooooooo sorry. =(
(19:05:43) Tompkins: anidnmeno: do it!
(19:05:47) #uncyclopedia: mode (+b *!*n=47e140* ) by Flammable
(19:05:49) anidnmeno: help me admins 
(19:05:49) Rataubes_sockpup: DUDE, go create the UNuncyclopedia
(19:05:58) _Dawg: Flammable: Say something
(19:06:04) Flammable: Narf
(19:06:05) #uncyclopedia: mode (-b *!* ) by _Dawg
(19:06:07) _Dawg: okay
(19:06:19) _Dawg: I thought my first ban was broken and blocking you.
(19:06:23) Flammable: Nar.
(19:06:46) Flammable: So, who wants to post this?
(19:06:54) anidnmeno: I do
(19:06:57) Bradaphraser: I only caught the end
(19:06:57) anidnmeno: I have it
(19:07:00) Bradaphraser: sweet
(19:07:01) MoneySign: Oh please, don't let them....
(19:07:04) anidnmeno: the whole thing
(19:07:12) Tompkins: i think it should go under euroipods crusade or the piece of shit i wrote
(19:07:28) _Dawg: talk page?
(19:07:32) _Dawg: euroipods talk?
(19:07:33) anidnmeno: my user page
(19:07:34) Rataubes_sockpup: Yeh, but dont try to nominat it
(19:07:41) anidnmeno: there's nothing there anyway
(19:07:42) Spencer: euroipods/deabte
(19:07:44) Tompkins: lol yea ik
(19:07:46) ***isra will scream very hard if he sees a link to this conversation on VFH
(19:07:52) anidnmeno: hold on
(19:07:53) Bradaphraser: lol
(19:08:12) Flammable: And they say I'm hotheaded
Continued here
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