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edit nintendorulez vs. #uncyclopedia Trial Part 2

A few minutes later Splarka mutes the server except for nintendorulez and chronarion. This is what happens.

(19:42:17) chronarion [] entered the room.
(19:42:44) Whopper: hi ya
(19:42:47) anidnmeno: cheon
(19:42:49) anidnmeno: chron*
(19:42:56) anidnmeno: chronarion:
(19:42:57) _Dawg left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(19:43:00) anidnmeno: read itt
(19:43:02) chronarion: yes, i've seen
(19:43:05) anidnmeno: ah
(19:43:06) anidnmeno: damn
(19:43:07) chronarion: my feelings on this?
(19:43:10) anidnmeno: yes
(19:43:16) anidnmeno: how has everyone seen iy?
(19:43:17) Whopper: hello
(19:43:18) anidnmeno: it*
(19:43:27) anidnmeno: hi double cheeseburger
(19:43:29) _Dawg [] entered the room.
(19:43:42) Flammable: wb d
(19:43:43) Whopper: hey D
(19:43:50) Bradaphraser: hello, Dawg
(19:43:53) #uncyclopedia: mode (-oo Keitei Splarka ) by Splarka
(19:43:54) Bradaphraser: so
(19:44:02) Splarka: hey chro-nagmum
(19:44:08) chronarion: I disagree with banning people for being annoying, for  talking back, etc. I think that's fine. It's part of a democracy. Bans shouldn't be instituted for that. Admins shouldn't be oppresive. However, "nintendorulz" does not appear to exist. I do not recall such a user. So such a ban is immaterial.
(19:44:09) Codeine: chronnnny
(19:44:22) Bradaphraser: heh heh
(19:45:02) Splarka: chron: if we cared about your feelings, we'd have  cuddlechronipedia
(19:45:22) _Dawg: thanks, it just went on/off.
(19:45:40) nintendorulez [n=nintendo@] entered the room.
(19:45:52) Whopper: lol
(19:45:54) nintendorulez: Why the heck was I blocked?
(19:46:00) chronarion: here goes
(19:46:06) Splarka: chron: you talk to him
(19:46:11) nintendorulez: I haven't done anything in the IRC chat.
(19:46:36) chronarion: splarka, you can't ignore what I think about things and then ask me to talk to him, that's mean
(19:46:43) ***Whopper thinking about wikipedia
(19:46:56) chronarion: NO CAKE AND EAT IT TOO
(19:46:59) Splarka: chron: you made us what we are, deal with it, we're the admin
(19:47:07) ***nintendorulez ducks from any approaching kickers/banners
(19:47:13) Flammable: sigh
(19:47:15) chronarion: ok, lemmie make it snappy
(19:47:17) Splarka: ^_^
(19:47:17) Codeine: Yeah, Chron. De-op Splarka
(19:47:17) anidnmeno: GO AWAY
(19:47:25) anidnmeno: oh nin
(19:47:28) nintendorulez: ;_;
(19:47:32) anidnmeno: nintendorulez:
(19:47:36) Splarka: he can't, without lots of paperwork via Angela/Jason
(19:47:46) Splarka: but I welcome death with open arms
(19:47:49) Codeine: heh
(19:47:55) Flammable: You know, if you're wrong..
(19:47:57) Mhaille: Nin.....just stay away from Euroipods and the confrontation is over with
(19:47:58) Whopper: yes so what are we talking about
(19:48:02) _Dawg: Is Whopper that annoying guy from the other day?
(19:48:03) Splarka: I never wanted to be admin in the first place, I wanted to  be a photojack, leaping from window to window
(19:48:12) Bradaphraser: lol, Splarka
(19:48:14) Splarka: the mighty gif, the scotts png, the majestic sequoia.jpg
(19:48:20) Splarka: we'd sing!
(19:48:25) Flammable: wow.
(19:48:31) nintendorulez: I would stay away from it, if I wasn't banned and all.
(19:48:31) nintendorulez: xD
(19:48:33) ***Bradaphraser sings along
(19:48:35) Splarka: I'm a photojack and I'm ok, I 'shop all night and I fap all  day..
(19:48:40) ***nintendorulez has the song on his iPod
(19:48:43) _Dawg: nintendorulez: You promised before, if I recall.
(19:48:47) Splarka: I cut down pics, paste on high heels, suspenders and a bra
(19:48:58) Splarka: </shuts up>
(19:49:01) Whopper: heh
(19:49:02) anidnmeno: so you DO have an ipod
(19:49:13) anidnmeno: nintendorulez: where's it from?
(19:49:17) Whopper: Nano
(19:49:17) nintendorulez: He cuts down pics, pastes on high heels... suspenders and a bra?!?!?
(19:49:26) nintendorulez: Monty Python's Flying Circus.
(19:49:35) anidnmeno: so Great Britain
(19:49:37) nintendorulez: I got an iPod for Christmas.
(19:49:43) anidnmeno: which makes it... what?
(19:49:47) _Dawg: but was it a euroipod?
(19:49:54) nintendorulez: >_>
(19:49:56) Whopper: I got mine off Ebay
(19:49:56) anidnmeno: lmao
(19:50:09) _Dawg: the euroipods are the bestest ipods in the world.
(19:50:10) anidnmeno: nintendorulez: answer the question
(19:50:12) Mhaille: is it blue with gold stars?
(19:50:20) Whopper: 5
(19:50:20) ***Bradaphraser slaps face because he didn't see it coming
(19:50:21) nintendorulez: First you want me to stay away from the subject, now  you keep reminding me of it.
(19:50:29) anidnmeno: that's our job
(19:50:31) nintendorulez: MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
(19:50:34) chronarion: guys, lemmie handle this
(19:50:37) isra: play nice children
(19:50:50) ***isra leaves
(19:50:52) Flammable: guys, be quiet and let the towof them talk
(19:50:53) chronarion: nintendorulez: In short, you're currently banned because  you're really rather annoying.
(19:50:53) #uncyclopedia: mode (+o Splarka ) by ChanServ
(19:50:55) isra is now known as isra_away
(19:51:05) #uncyclopedia: mode (+vv nintendorulez chronarion ) by Splarka
(19:51:09) #uncyclopedia: mode (+m ) by Splarka

Here comes the good shit

(19:51:12) Splarka: (just for a bit)
(19:51:15) nintendorulez: ?
(19:51:16) chronarion: The last straw is that you can't appear to get away from  a topic unless you win your way or are forced to shut up.
(19:51:31) Splarka: (channel is moderated so only chron and nin can talk)
(19:51:35) chronarion: You simply aren't going to get your way all the time on  a wiki. Especially not this one.
(19:52:03) chronarion: The consensus on the talk page is that a) this joke is  over, b) that you're still beating your head against it.
(19:52:09) nintendorulez: Well a 24-day ban that's unjust is a very hard  subject to get off of, sorry.
(19:52:26) chronarion: It wouldn't be a 24 day ban if you weren't being such a bloody douche about it.
(19:52:50) chronarion: It's fine to disagree with a joke page. Let it go already.
(19:53:05) chronarion: It's NOT ok to distort someone elses page because you disagree with it.
(19:53:06) Whopper left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(19:53:08) chronarion: See flamewar guidelines.
(19:53:12) chronarion: Understood?
(19:53:28) Whopper [] entered the room.
(19:53:35) nintendorulez: I didn't distort anything...
(19:53:39) chronarion: As far as I am concerned, you are disagreeing with the  topic and at the same time editing it because it offends you.
(19:53:57) chronarion: Ok, let me spell it out.
(19:54:08) nintendorulez: All I did was remove a template that contradicted an existing one...
(19:54:09) chronarion: 1) Euroipods is a joke BECAUSE IT CONTAINS NO JOKES
(19:54:34) chronarion: 2) You appear to insist on destroying the integrity of  this page by trying to get people to add crap to it.
(19:54:39) nintendorulez: I think we've been over that, and it's not a very funny one.
(19:54:44) anidnmeno: so
(19:54:45) chronarion: 3) I concur that you have something against this page.
(19:54:47) anidnmeno: its your opinion
(19:55:06) nintendorulez: I didn't try to get people to add crap to it.
(19:55:10) nintendorulez: I tried to get people to make it a REAL article.
(19:55:10) chronarion: See 1)
(19:55:18) chronarion: Observe point one.
(19:55:28) chronarion: If !Joke + Joke then....?
(19:55:34) nintendorulez: It's not a funny joke.
(19:55:39) chronarion: Ok.
(19:55:41) chronarion: Clearly the entire talk page feels this is funny.
(19:55:41) chronarion: You do not.
(19:55:56) chronarion: So... do you yet comprehend this?
(19:55:58) chronarion: Yes? No?
(19:55:58) nintendorulez: Um, it's about a 50/50 split. You act like I'm the  only one. 
(19:56:12) chronarion: Ok. There are 17,000 other pages to go through.
(19:56:21) nintendorulez: But why does improving it warrant a ban?
(19:56:33) nintendorulez: That's what still confuses me.
(19:56:37) chronarion: Because you are not improving it.
(19:56:47) nintendorulez: I didn't ruin it.
(19:57:01) nintendorulez: I saw two templates that contradicted each other.
(19:57:10) nintendorulez: And all I did was remove one.
(19:57:24) chronarion: The edit history does not agree.
(19:58:38) chronarion: Do you require this in writing?
(19:58:59) nintendorulez:
(19:59:06) nintendorulez: Looks like it agrees to me.
(19:59:15) chronarion:
(19:59:32) chronarion: I am not a bonehead.
(20:00:05) nintendorulez: It's true. And it was the only funny thing in the article, until it was removed.
(20:00:57) chronarion: The reason your ban is staying is precisely because you cannot empathize with the other 50% of the population that feels it is indeed humourous.
(20:00:59) chronarion: Your crime is because you don't give a shit about others.
(20:01:18) chronarion: You care only about what you think and what you feel, and you don't feel it's funny, so you must destroy it for the other 50%.
(20:01:40) nintendorulez: The feature and such didn't empathize with the 50% that felt it wasn't humorous. Having the not funny and the feature ought to satisfy both parties.
(20:01:58) chronarion: Allow me to tag all your pages with not funny.
(20:02:21) nintendorulez: And I really don't see how that "ruins" the article.
(20:02:54) chronarion: Suppose all your pages are systematically tagged with "this is not funny".  You have another 24 days to think about it.
(20:03:32) nintendorulez: Bah. I don't find it that awful.
(20:03:51) nintendorulez: And I certainly wouldn't ban people for it if I was an admin.
(20:04:01) chronarion: Great. Start a wiki.
(20:04:50) chronarion: hosts for $10 a month.
(20:04:52) chronarion: enjoy
(20:05:08) chronarion: ok, i'm done with the podium
(20:05:09) chronarion: bash freely
(20:05:20) nintendorulez: So I'm supposed to spend 24 days watching paint dry  all because I said an unfunny article was so?
(20:05:52) chronarion: No, it's because you lack the ability to reason or  empathize. 
(20:06:00) Spencer left the room.
(20:06:02) chronarion: You can also play outside or something.
(20:06:16) Spencer [] entered the room.
(20:06:23) chronarion: Or there's this place, uh, encyc dramatica or something
(20:06:35) chronarion: can someone turn off +M?
(20:06:41) nintendorulez: I'd say the page didn't empathize with the 50% that thought it wasn't funny.
(20:06:55) chronarion: yeah, well the other 16,999 did
(20:07:06) Mandaliet [] entered the room.

There ends the meat and potatoes of the thing, you can keep reading if you wish

(20:07:30) #uncyclopedia: mode (-m ) by Flammable
(20:07:38) MoneySign: Thanks.
(20:07:43) anidnmeno: whew
(20:07:43) Flammable: Noo probrem
(20:07:47) nintendorulez: Say wha?
(20:07:48) anidnmeno: moer gold for my page
(20:07:50) ***Codeine breaths
(20:07:53) #uncyclopedia: mode (-vv nintendorulez chronarion ) by Splarka
(20:07:56) chronarion: i hate podiums
(20:07:57) nintendorulez: ;_;
(20:08:03) Codeine: i-podiums?
(20:08:07) chronarion: ipodium
(20:08:07) ***Codeine slaps Codeine around a bit with a large trout
(20:08:09) anidnmeno: euroipodiums
(20:08:11) ***Bradaphraser floats facedown on the surface
(20:08:12) Mandaliet: euroipodiums
(20:08:13) nintendorulez: >_>
(20:08:14) Mandaliet: dammit
(20:08:19) anidnmeno: lol
(20:08:23) Mandaliet: I wish I were the only one who thought of that :(
(20:08:28) chronarion: man, it's a month, go find a hobby, like going outside or something
(20:08:30) isra_away: nintendorulez: i did not find it funny. i am one of those  50%. but because it is one page and doesn't matter, I ignored it. That's my  suggestion to you
(20:08:35) anidnmeno: you knew it were coming
(20:08:40) Mandaliet: euroipodia
(20:08:51) nintendorulez: I still don't see the harm in one little template.
(20:08:54) anidnmeno: hmm'
(20:08:55) #uncyclopedia: mode (+o _Dawg ) by ChanServ
(20:09:05) Mhaille: u know in the middle of all that the Euroipod talk page got  spammed
(20:09:07) Mhaille: :)
(20:09:09) Algorithm: No page can ever be expected to explain within itself that it is not funny, or why.  It's against the very spirit of a humor site.  Some may disagree with the humor of a particular piece, but they have no right to place criticism of it within it.  Nobody likes a heckler.
(20:09:13) Bradaphraser: Nin: my take is that the original joke wasn't funny at all.  I rolled my eyes and moved on.
(20:09:16) isra_away: it wasn't the edit, i think, it was the spirit of the edit
(20:09:18) anidnmeno: someone help me write an article on euroipodiums
(20:09:24) Splarka: europediaipodia
(20:09:31) Bradaphraser: Nin: The resulting flamewar was hilarious, however
(20:09:40) nintendorulez: Yes, yes it was.
(20:09:42) Splarka: encyclopediaeuroipodia
(20:09:49) Mhaille: briefly
(20:10:04) Mandaliet: encyclopediums
(20:10:06) Splarka: nin: "I still don't see the harm in one little joke page that you hate"
(20:10:11) nintendorulez: A 20 day ban over one little template, however, is just plain mean.
(20:10:21) Algorithm: Camels and straws.
(20:10:29) Mandaliet: apples and oranges
(20:10:30) anidnmeno: nwa
(20:10:32) anidnmeno: naw
(20:10:37) nintendorulez: There's no harm in it, other than pages just like it get QVFD'd and this one gets featured.
(20:10:38) Mandaliet: mwah!
(20:10:42) AndyWinston [] entered the room.
(20:10:42) anidnmeno: 30 year ban over a template, /that's/ mean
(20:10:57) anidnmeno: 24 days ain't nothin
(20:11:05) Splarka: as algo said, camel and straw
(20:11:06) anidnmeno: you'll be at your NEXT period by then, nintendorulez
(20:11:21) Bradaphraser: yeah, this time next month, you can be a happy participant of Uncyclopedia again
(20:11:22) AndyWinston left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(20:11:24) ***anidnmeno hopes nin ain't female
(20:11:31) Splarka: the ban was building up, the straw was editing the page in question one too many times, or two actually
(20:11:50) Spencer left the room (quit: ).
(20:12:01) Mandaliet: oh crap, Andy Winston left
(20:12:05) Flammable: Nin, you just don't get it.
(20:12:09) Whopper: yes I just read it and da da da da.. it sucks
(20:12:13) Mhaille: who IS Andy Winston?
(20:12:15) nintendorulez: Could someone removed the qoute on the page saying that I like Euroipods? I'm offended.
(20:12:18) Flammable: I think that everyone in this room can explain what chron  was saying.
(20:12:22) Mandaliet: who ISN'T Andy Winston?
(20:12:28) anidnmeno: no.
(20:12:29) Flammable: Except you.
(20:12:48) nintendorulez: One template? Worthy of a 24-day ban? It doesn't add  up.
(20:12:50) _Dawg: nintendorulez: Want me to explain the joke in excruciating  detail?
(20:13:04) Algorithm: please don't
(20:13:08) chronarion: don't
(20:13:08) nintendorulez: No, that's been done enough times.
(20:13:14) chronarion: seriously
(20:13:17) chronarion: we explained this already
(20:13:21) nintendorulez: Besides, I thought Uncyc was to report LIES.
(20:13:25) Codeine: For the love of God, can you not just move on, nintendo?
(20:13:25) chronarion: yes
(20:13:44) nintendorulez: By your logic, the template is a lie, and should  stay, if you truly do find the article "funny"
(20:13:44) _Dawg: Notice that the article is chock full of lies.
(20:13:49) Whopper: yeah even I moved on
(20:13:57) _Dawg: It isn't funny, either, but that's the whole point.
(20:14:26) _Dawg: It doesn't have to be lies, either.  You're missing the point.
(20:14:28) nintendorulez: I've been wanting to move on and add to Game Online,  Euroipods Crusade, and such, but I'm afraid I can't. Because I'm banned.
(20:14:33) paulgb [] entered the room.
(20:14:35) #uncyclopedia: mode (+o chronarion ) by ChanServ
(20:14:50) _Dawg: hey paulgb.
(20:14:54) _Dawg: Welcome back.
(20:14:58) MoneySign: Hiya, Paul.
(20:15:10) ***nintendorulez sulks and goes back to playing Animal Crossing
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