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I hear them ice cream bells and I start to puke I keep a couple bags
with my bestfreind luke but a swirls getting old rocky road just leaves me cold there's just
one falavor ggod enough for me (yeah me) don't give me no crapy taste spoon I know what I needed
Choruse Babt I hate rocky road so won't you go and burn a half a gallon baby I hate rocky
road well have another trip to the basement with me.
They tell me icecream junkies are all the same all the soda jurkers hate my name when
their supplie is gone than I'll be burning on but I'll be back on tuesday afternoon you'll see
another truck loads coming in to burn all for me I'm singing
And when I'm all alone I'll burn myself a cone and if I catch my hair on fire and go bald
thats fine with me just lock me in the closet and throw away the key I'm singing

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