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edit The History of Noise

Noise is a type of music made popular by Asiatic aboriginals in the mid baroque period. Their music was made with myriad instruments including, at many times, each other's hollow heads. In the early 1900's noise music started to lose popularity when Crap music became popular among the Asiatic peoples.

edit Noise's Resurrection

In 1995, a band called We Make Music That People Cut Themselves While Listening To, after much research on Eastern music, decided to bring back the Noise style of music, but make it more modern.

edit Noise Songs of Today

The most popular song by We Make Music That People Cut Themselves While Listening To was AAAAAAAAA!. A few lesser known songs were "PWAAAAAAAAA!!!" and "GNEEEEEEEEEHH!!"".

edit Other Notable Noise Bands and Singers

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