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“I once met him, he seemed alright, a little okay, but not dandy.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Michael

“George Bush doesn't care about Michael.”
~ Kanye West on Michael

Michael Looking for some excess mold to use on the mirror.

edit Origin

"Michael" was originally born and christianed Albert Einstein, and was thought to have died on April 18, 1955. But in fact discovered a way of reconditioning his body so that instead of aging he grows younger. It is common place knowledge that Michael spent those many missing years in North Carolina with a family that he stole from a Kentuckistan Chicken house, and it was thought for many years that he was developing a new way for blind children to recite cryptic messages recieved from pentagonal shapes concealed within brown gravy.

edit Truth

However he was training in the art of Togakure Ryū. A primitive ninja style of decapitating people and not even caring about it. He currently maintains working relations with Nancy Hanks (Abraham Lincolns mother), Kim Pyong-il (Kim Jong-il's brother (Related on the side of his father, (different mother(I think abuse of the "()'s" is a little over done don't you think?(especially on uncyclopdia))))), and Georges Méliès' (Be wary of expensive prices to travel to the moon)

edit Life as a Farmer

Using all his accomplice's as gardening tools, he has managed to cultivate the next great generation of Ducksheep. Other animals and plants he is known to raise are:

edit Anything Else??

As well as being a well know prodigal in most the western edges of the east, Michael is also an accomplished actor. Most of his best work is considered to be working the crowds in packed NFL stadiums. Although it has never been proven truthful, it has been said that he currently does research with mold and is attempting ways of growing houses for people to live in.

edit Where is he now?

It is often assumed (though no one can say whether or not the existance of Michael can be confirmed or not) resides in a Beverly Hills estate, and evidence is often concluded to point to this conclusion. Other places where he is thought to exist are:

edit External link(s)

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