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Sock Puppet

You calling me gay? You're the one with your hand up my arse.

NoNewcookie You have -2 cookies.

Drifter has stolen a cookie... when you get a cookie you must send it to him... good day.
Why don't you die, Andy of Comix, Inc?

Oh noes! Bold text!

My name is Andy, and I am glad to be in this glorious nation of Uncyclopedia!! I am from Australia, so my humour may not appeal to you Americans and English, and at times my spelling nad punctuation need work, but that's because I'm living in Tasmania. And yes, Tasmania is that little island that pokes off mainland Australia and everybody is dating their cousins. Of course, I'm from WA (the best state) so Tasmania is a big difference for me. I hate Tassies forests!! Viva la Western Australia!

If you're reading this, I'll assume you want to know more about me. So, what do you want answered? Well, I'm the guy who wrote the "Spider Pig" song for The Simpsons Movie. I then wrote the stuff on the side of the BETTA Milk cartons.

I am a huge fan of the Chaser. I'm part of the grue army, which is pretty rad. I haven't done anything with the Grue Army, I just kind of piss fart near the door and throw grenades at my feet. I'm cool like that.

I am a self proclaimed avant-garde cartoonist and I'm trying to get my cartoons published on the Internet. Some cartoons get dumped here if they're not good enough. Keep your eyes peeled (not literally of course - that would be painful!)

I'm from Australia so naturally I hate Americans. I hate everything about America except their animated cartoons. Aw! :) Take that America!!

Halo 3 Preveiw

I've played Halo 3 all the way through. I has a Time Machine.

I like that template above - it's funny and stuff. But don't pay any attention do it, it's merely there to stop this page from being to ugly.

edit Contributions

Some idiot reckons I'm a nice contributor. I'd like to beleive him, but I'm just not open to new ideas. Lots of my pages involve bagging out my relative Uncyclopedia user Drifter, who doesn't seem to mind. However, many of my articles have been deletionated.

edit Hounarable Mentions

edit Dishounarable Mentions

aka Deleted Articles - Those Uncyc. Admins. Work Like Doctor Who's Cybermen!

edit Coming Soon (If I Can Get Around To It)

In case of deletion: User:Andy of Comix, Inc./The Chaser's War

edit Comix, Inc.

Comix, Inc. is a comic book series created by me and developed by Freakin' Random! Productions Pty. Ltd., my production company. This excellent comic series is availabe here: [1].

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