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YourSpace logo

The creative yourSpace logo.

Remember MySpace, the cult made popular by Emo teens? It was a great idea. People would log on, and write about their lives, then some sick pervert would read about it and use it for their own sick reasons. If MySpace is autobiographical, then YourSpace is the polar opposite. Unlike MySpace, in which people would write about their own lives, YourSpace allowed people to write about other people’s lives. Let’s learn more about this.


It all started in 2006, at the height of MySpace, Gumbie (of Tremulous forum fame) noticed a few things MySpace was doing wrong. First of all, there were lots of people who would post lies about themselves. So a fact-checking device was added to YourSpace. He also noticed that some people didn’t have any nude pictures of themselves on their MySpace pages. So a mandatory “nudey pic” was included into YourSpace. In 2007, YourSpace began functioning as many people clambered to write about their best friends or to make a good first impression to their girlfriends (what? Writing a YourSpace page that includes “this is my girlfriend, she’s the greatest” isn’t a half bad idea to get laid).

The Beginning

In March of 2007, YourSpace was officially opened. At first, it was peaceful. Most people would only write nice things, like “I like my friend heaps” or “We’re Pen Pals forever!” But soon YourSpace became a good area for bad, sickening thugs to converse. YourSpace turned from the glitz to the ghetto. Soon such unorthodox posts such as this became rampant:

“Julian Marrow. I could write on and on about him. But I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to write about his comedy style. It sucks bullock’s balls! he’s a terrible comedian with no sense of humour! he thinks he’s funny, but he’s not. Just because he is part of The Chaser, that does not make him as funny as he thinks. Incidentally, that jacket is not his. He stole it from my mother goddamn f—ker.”

-Posted by Andrew Hansen, 21:40pm, 4th July 2007

“Megatron is a Decipti-f***ing-jerk! He smuggles cocaine via his ass and hits his boyfriend, Bumblebee, about twice a month!! And guess what? Bumblebee still transforms into a VW Beetle!! For God’s sake, Bumblebee could maybe adopt some style? So, here we are fighting the Decipticons and we’re doing a great job kicking their asses, when Bumblebee drives in as a VW Beetle, and for Christ’s glory we all stop and we are so f***ing embarrassed! Shit, I hate Bumblebee! Megatron also smokes pot and touches himself at night. That’s why the dinosaurs died out.”

-Posted by Optimus Prime, 00:00am, 1st January 2007

The administrators of YourSpace didn’t know what to do. The icky, destructive posts kept coming through. So they did what any good admins would do. They ignored them all, letting them clog up YourSpace’s servers. By June, YourSpace had completely transformed into the Internet’s worst site. Today, YourSpace has not changed, and nothing has been done about it. There are an increasing amounts of the friendly posts like “Mike is alright!” coming through, so for now, YourSpace has some hope.


Average yourSpace user.

YourSpace Today

The current admidistrator for YourSpace, Gumbie (of Tremulous - see [1]) tried to calm the hectic life of the average YourSpace user down. Today, YourSpace is a semi-respectable, decent peice of alternative veiwing, even if some people use awkward misspellings and somewhat defunct out-of-date Transformers references, even if the new Michael Bay movie was good. YourSpace is average, let's leave it there, and even if only a slight portion of Planet A use it and it has more swear words than an episode of South Park, the truth is, the Internet is getting worse every day so who gives a fuck.


Following the success of YourSpace, the creators decided to take another site in another direction. Based on YouTube, MeTube is one of “those” sites. On MeTube, you take pictures of yourself and put them onto a folder that no-one but you can access. Kind of like the My Pictures folder on your computer, only this time you pay $14.95 for broadband access (its more if you only have a LAN or have to operate through a Broadband Router). Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, MeTube became the #1 Alternate Views Internet Site among retards and idiots.

Notes of Interest

  • 50,000 people visit YourSpace every day
  • Only 3 of them are under the influence of drugs
  • 49,994 of them had just clicked the wrong link on MySpace site and found themselves there by coincidence
  • 2 of them were editing and reading posts
  • Plus, one of them was an amoeba

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