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“The magic sponge has ...many uses.”
~ Some Guy on The Magic Sponge
“If it can clean up this mess, it can clean up anything!”
~ Some Guy on America
“Mmmm... that sponge is some goodd magic *vomits*”
~ Drugee on "magic sponge"
“Magicku Spongeru very disaraspectfull to Japanese peoples. Wesa not very happy with the Magicku Spongeru!!”
~ Mister Sparkle on "Magicku Spongeru"

The Magic Sponge (otherwise known the the Japanese as the Magicku Spongeru!!) is a spong of infinite awesome. It can clean any mess, it can take any form. If you spill milk on your goat, the Magic Sponge shall clean it!!

Forged by Japanese professors in the haert of Fujitsu Mountain, the Sponge carries with it grave responsibility. Whoever weilds the Sponge must use it to clean up the shit that is injustice. The original weilder of the Sponge was so enhanced by its power that its sucked the very soul from his body.

It is this responsibility that saw Frodo cast the Sponge into the firey inferno of Mount Doom. For the Sponge can take on any form it chooses with it inifinte Awesome Power. The Sponge, however, was cast from Middle Earth into "Real" Earth. It sits today in the Organization as they plot a way to destroy it once and for all. But it didn't use to be like this...

edit The Sponge and its Purpose

The Sponge was originally designed to be an aid for cleaning kitchens

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