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“Oh, man, how I envy that Jesse Morrin. I don’t know who the hell he is but he sounds pretty awesome.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Jesse Morrin
“I have the flu.”
~ Jesse Morrin on Sickness
“I have Jesse Morrin.”
~ Sickness on Jesse Morrin
“That Jesse Morrin is some character. I guess whoever created him must be living the high life, what, kicking off his shoes each day after work to watch his 80-inch plasma TV and to play his Playstation 3 and X-Box 360 simultaneously… but not the Wii, because the Wii sucks, and whoever created Jesse Morrin is a legend.”
~ Captain Obvious on Jesse Morrin’s Creator

[[Image:Jesse Morrin Sign.jpg|thumb|left|This sign has become rampant throughout the world. When you see it, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE!!!]]

Jesse Morrin is the most awesome human being ever to grace God’s green Earth. He is a rebel, an entertainer, and an expert at all fields of science. He has never lost a fight. In the battle between Chuck Norris and Mr. T, he stepped in and defeated both!

edit The History of Jesse Morrin

Jesse Morrin was born in an RPG, but quickly outgrew this ad moved up to an FPS. He became skilled in handling guns, and then assassinated Kennedy. He was hired by God as a hit man, whacking Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton, and Seth MacFarlane all in his first day. His career came to an end when, in his last mission to protect Jesus from Hitler, he was called away by nature (wink wink). Jesus died and Hitler had few drinks.

Ashamed, but not for very long, Jesse Morrin then went on to create South Park, a show that would make history. Trey Parker and Matt Stone bought the idea of him, and Jesse decided to start a new show, Family Guy. He scripted all 500 episodes himself, but sold them to Fox for ten bucks and a few Cuban cigars. Using his newfound creative skills, Jesse invented Matt Groening, who would make classic shows like Three’s Company, Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Jim Henson’s Fun Variety Hour (a.k.a “the Muppets.)

Jesse was at a high point in is life. His latest achievement has been to implement the Statue of Liberty Destruction Regime, a regime set up to help destroy national landmarks, as well as create a little competition for the Chasers. He now works as part of the Justice League of America, where he is honing his Super Powers and making fun of the communists because they wear funny clothes.

edit Jesse and Famous People

Jesse Morrin, being the kick-ass big shot he is, knows many famous people. Among others, Godzilla, Chuck Norris, Bill Gates and the other stereotypes (Mr. T, Spongebob Squarepants, God) are all close friends and enemies of Jesse Morrin.

edit Jesse Morrin and Godzilla

Jesse Morrin knows Godzilla very well. Rumours are they went to high school together, but this is untrue as Jesse Morrin needed no education. They used to be flatmates while Jesse was living in an apartment in Nevada. When Godzilla was called away to destroy Tokyo, Jesse left the apartment. When Godzilla returned, he was shocked to find Jesse was no longer living there. The truth is, Jesse and Godzilla are good friends, but they don’t return each others calls or wash each others dishes… anymore.

edit Jesse Morrin and Chuck Norris

Jesse Morrin loves a good fight, often resorting violence at the drop of a hat. In one of his better battles, Jesse squared off against Chuck Norris, the poor man’s Sylvester Stallone, who is believed to be the manliest man alive dues to a small Internet following. In his battle against the original Texas Ranger, Jesse was given a gun – bad idea, as Jesse is extremely well adjusted to using firearms. Norris went down at the first second, after breaking out into a sweat and collapsing due to the shock of being in the presence of Jesse Morrin. Norris and Morrin are now good friends, but Norris lives in fear that Morrin will strike from under his bed and kill him.

edit Jesse and the Chimera

He came. He saw. He slaughtered. ‘Nuf said.

edit Jesse and Darth Sidious

For a brief period in 1980, Jesse was one of Darth Sidious’s possible Apprentice’s. However, when it came time to pick an apprentice, Darth Sidious forgot to put on his contact lenses and picked Darth Vader because he was big and black. Jesse was far superior to Vader, but due to being surrounded by the light of his own awesomeness, Jesse was never seen. Interesting story, actually – Jar Jar was a potential Apprentice but Vader killed him at the front door. Jesse had nothing to do with the atrocious new Star Wars trilogy (that’s the one without Ronald Reagan.) He did, however, send some nice hate mail to George Lucas. [[Image:Jesse Morrin Plane.jpg|thumb|right|Jesse has his own private jet. (Note: Not edited in Paint)]]

edit Jesse in Fiction

Since Jesse is a fictional character, you’d be surprised how many references to him have come up in the past few months!! For instance, some n00b from Uncyclopedia did an article about him. But that’s not all – he also participated in the Olympics!! Though someone may need to cite that source because I.P.Freely doesn’t sound like a very reliable source.

edit Relationships

Jesse has never been involved in a serious relationship in any way. He had a homosexual attraction to one of the Beatles once, but it passed. He was involved in the O.J. Simpson Trial, as the defendant’s spiritual guide, but again this relationship didn’t last too long. He went out with Paris Hilton for three months, but after posing nude for her in their French love nest, she broke up.

Because of this humiliation, Jesse wrote the ‘’Life in Hell’’ comic strip featuring Akbar and Jeff that confronted nudity. The comic strip ‘’Life in Hell’’ then sunk underground and never came back up, mostly because it wasn’t even remotely funny and because it was by Three’s Company creator Matt Groening.

==Trivia You May Not Want To Know, But Should]]

  • Jesse Morrin also loves penguins. Killing them, that is.
  • Jesse Morrin also loves Oscar Wilde quotes, because they’re so damn funny!!
  • As you know, Jesse Morin is a fictional character created by the government to implant into Uncyclopedia, until he has such a following he replaces Oscar Wilde, Captain Obvious and all the other standard in-joke material that makes you laugh for 49 times then the 50th time its just plain boring.
  • Jesse Morrin has been deleted numerous times. He always come back with a smile on his face and and added quote on his page.

edit Jesse Morrin Quotes

“Yeah, I wrote it. What’s it to you, bitch?”
~ Jesse Morrin on The Bible
“It’s lonely alright. So lonely, I feel like kicking it in the balls for being such a wimp!”
~ Jesse Morrin on Planet A
“What a stupid show!!”
~ Jesse Morrin on The Chasers War on Everything
“I ate him!”
~ Jesse Morrin on The Most Perfectly Destroyed Spider’s Web
“That game has won my seal of approval, but for what it’s worth, I’d play it again and give it a slightly lower rating.”
~ Jesse Morrin on Jesse Morrin’s Space Invaders
“I’ll have what she’s having.”
~ Jesse Morrin on Orgasms
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