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Gay Speedo Muscles

The man Juanfer wants to be

“I love you”
~ Juanfer on a dying cactus
“All heavy metal hearing and chatting makes Jack a satanic boy”
~ Oscar Wilde on Juanfer

Juanfer is a guy from Colombia, but he want to be... well, something that isn't Colombia. He works killing dogs and huffing kittens.

edit Legal Problems

His fathers incredibly accused Juanfer of being satanic, because he heard heavy metal, so fools. By the other hand, Juanfer sued his father because he is a bad man.

Juanfer chats so often in MSN Messenger, that its rumored that he is, in fact, some kind of pedofilical 40 years old fart.

"They discovered me! *runs*"

~ Juanfer

"OMFG I can't believe this!"

~ Andro-lol on Juanfer

edit His loves

He doesn't have anyone ):

edit Is he gay?


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