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The Royal British Legion roughly translated to the Terrorist OAP club, is a club for old aged terrorist pensioners of the United Kingdom.

edit Foundation

The tea party club was created by a very well known British terrorist OAP, the Rt Hon, Rev, Dr, Sir, Saint, King Ian Paisley I of Northern Ireland MP, MLA. It was created after World War II to commemorate fellow terrorist OAPs that sadly lost their lives in wars gone by.

To help the returning heroes deal with post traumatic stress Ian Paisley invented LSD and the kipper tie - spreading peace, love and understanding through the populace. Even today in the 21st century all British Legion clubs have psychedelic wallpaper and swirling patterned carpets - just order a half-pint of brown'n'mild split, stare hard and you're banjoed.

edit What is it?

Well the true meaning for the group is not known but some critics say it is just another excuse to sit on your fucking ass, drink tea and eat bloody biscuits all day while having a yarn about your garden or what you got up to 90 years ago.

But then on the other had other critics say that they promote terrorism behind the walls of their many headquarters throughout the UK and of course they have an office based in the Republic of Ireland, the IRA usually disrupt gatherings in the republic by setting off nice bombs and shooting non lethal automatic machine guns.

edit Funding

The funding for this Terrorist group is sourced through charity donations, or scams as we know it by. They will regulary get the begging bowl out and follow you about the street until you stick your had in your pocket and pull out at least a fucking tenner.

Other notable donations are found by selling poppies which are made by 6 year old children in Thailand getting paid 20p a day then sold in the UK for near 600 times the amount.

edit Allies

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