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A candidate you can vote for!

Romartus is the best candidate cuz he doesn't waste time on frivolous things like finding articles funny. He votes against articles and doesn't afraid of anyone. He is not a faggot like all the other candidate, although if he was he would be an awesome faggot and would get all the rectum he wanted. Vote Romartus.

Romartus' Policies

  1. No more VFH. Romartus thinks featuring articles is the sort of thing a terrorist would want to do. For too long, our wiki has been featuring articles that Romartus doesn't even find funny. It's time for CHANGE.
  2. No more cyberbullying. There's too much cyberbullying on this wiki. Too many users make pages mocking other users and their voting habits. This needs to stop. Romartus promises to triple the number of permabans under his Triple the Number of Permabans Programme.
  3. Lots more users. This wiki needs more users. Romartus will breed new users in his secret underground lab in his BASEMENT.
  4. Transparency, not opacity. Everything is too opaque.
  5. No more sockpuppets. Romartus, like many Americans, is confused and frightened by sockpuppets.
  6. Existential dread. Romartus has recently been contemplating his own mortality and is currently filled with a profound existential dread.

How do I get involved?

Add this userbox to your userpage:

Vote This user is voting for Romartus.
EMC is a shrimp fisherman.

Using: {{User:An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays/romartus}}

Make a poster, or a banner, or start a slanderous rumour about Electrified mocha chinchilla.

Have an idea for a policy? Romartus wants to hear from you. He finds it hard to come up with ideas of his own.


Please print out these posters and put them up in your neighbourhood.

Romartus Emcisafag

NewAttackAd MorningInUncyclopedia

RomartusPerpetualMotion RomartusDebate


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