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A man, his wife, his daughters, aged 12 and 4 and his sons aged 15, 13, and 10, and their dog, lie dead on the stage covered in blood, shit, piss and cum. A bloodied crucifix sticks out of the four-year-old's mutilated vagina, while the 15 year old lies dead with his cock in the mouth of a rotting corpse that was exhumed from the cemetery, blood dripping from his anus. The twelve-year-old lies with her dead father's still erect penis in her mouth, cum dripping down her throat, her nipples cut off and lying on the floor next to her. The mother has choked to death on her 10-year-old son's amputated cock and balls, while the 13-year old lies with his throat cut, his dead pet's entrails draped across his chest and face, and his scrotum cut open and filled with his dead sisters' shit.

The talent agent turns to his Assistant and says: "What did they say it was called?"

The Assistant replies: "The Aristocrats, sir."

"That is seriously fucked up," the talent agent says. "Whoever wrote that has some serious issues."

"Definitely, but what I don't get is, if they all end up dead at the end, how could they possibly expect to do a tour?"

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