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Welcome to the underground! We got fun and games! (not) You can escape at anytime by clicking here wimp

Since you entered, I might tell you a little information about me, this pass, and the mole people.

St00f or stuff, say what you want, but I'm not a noob!
Runescape223 This user is freakin' addicted to RuneScape!
PRUNES! This user think PruneScape sucks crap! Not the page, though.
Y! This user HATES YAHOO!.
ABC This user is a good speller. All mistakes are likely to be typos.
'<html This user isn't used to creating these boxes
TEMP The following box is a template
DESIGN Insert comment here!
!!! This user is starting to understand how to code these boxes.
BUSH This user thinks Bush is one giant idiotic dumbass.
1337 wen c0m3nting on mee, d0nt use 1337sp34k. 1337 suxorz!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!
H*R This user thinks is AWEXOME!
mf This user knows how to play the piano.
SICK This user HATES seemingly intellegent hispanic diabetics who are really stuck-up.
User:Ampi/sig This is my sig. I created it myself!
Cute This user is VERY fond of cats, kittens, and felines.
J This user is Jewish
286 This user has his own computer.
WOOT!!! This user is VERY familiar on how to make these boxes now!
XP This user just realized that the Windows XP logo looks like a dead smiley.
Girdance This user wants Invader Zim to go back on the air.
FSM Cave Drawing This user LOVES pasta!
Hot cross buns If I created Uncyclopedia, I'd name it BUNCYCLOPEDIA
... I take WAAAAAAAAAAAY too many... hiatuses.
Discojesusandthedisciples I like to disco!

Now if only I can get to the bottom of these boxes.Time to do some entering! Pun alert!

This is a test. Finally, now to do something worthwhile. So here you are. In the underground pass of the damned leading to the city of the mole people. Perhaps I should tell a little more about this pass. How about no.

My own little (corrupted) IRS commercial

{A haunted hause is in the background, eerie music plays in the background }

THE DARK LORD DARTH COW: Hello, my name is The Dark Lord Darth Cow, and I am here to tell you about taxing. Anyone Ampi-

AMPI: {His arm is sticking on the side of the screen} Hi!

DARK LORD: Finds rich will be forced to pay one third of all money they make! Mwuhahahaha!

{Cut to a giant logo of the IRS (a bat with "IRS" in it)}

CHORUS: (Background singing) Give us money or go to jail! It's the IRS!

SPOKESPERSON: (fastly) Paid by the IRS corperation. It is required you give us money. Go pay taxes now!

Prison Suicide Songsheet©

If you ever own a prison, you may find it useful to have inmates to sing these songs to have them commit suicide instead of giving them the death penalty. It's a lot more fun to watch them to kill themselves rather than killing them yourselves and having to clean up the blood and corpses.

Song 1:I LOVE YOU (To the tune of "This Old Man")
I love you
You love me!
We're a happy family!
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you! 
Won't you say you love me too!

Song 2:Oops I did it again! (If you know the tune to this, wow, I never knew you were so creepy)
Oops I did it again!
I played with your heart,
Got lost in the game, 
Oh baby, baby, baby!

Oops you think I'm in love!
I don't know the words!
Make up your own crap!


Please note that I copyrighted this, and Darth Cow, you didn't copyrighted copyrighting, the guy who created copyrighting did that. So hahahahahahahahahahahahah

The Complete list of insults I used to my worst enemy and their explanations. Wow, I wonder what the crap this title will look like when I press edit. This must be a new record, "The Longest Title" Okay. I'll Shut up now.

  • Mouse-when my worst enemy, Andrew, was writing, he said "cheese." Weirdo.
  • Poopy Meanie!-when I was in second grade, I played four square and I got a kid out. He called me that when the ball hit him in the "spot." You know, the crotch. Soon after, my 1 hour of fame ended after silent reading.
  • Diabetic Dumbass-my worst enemy is diabetic. No, I'm not a freak who hates people because they are handicaped. I hate people because they are jerks to me. GET OVER IT!
  • Barney-My friend, Darth Cow, and I mock Andrew by saying when he has to take his medicine, he plays the Barney character. He does do that by the way I bet.
  • Andrews 1-INFINITY!-I mock Andrew by saying he dies everyday and a new clone comes soon after. Darth Cow even created a list of all his deaths!
  • B.O.Y.F.A.N.S.-There's this trick that I learned that tells all of the "coordinating conjunctions." Where I live, the word "gay" has gone out of style, so now we say "Boyfan."

The Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Uber-Dangerous Underground Cave With the Stupid One-Way Ladder

Yes. There is another dangerous underground cave. It's located at Darth Cow's house. So, long ago, his house was inhabited by an EVIL lord named Matthew. Yes. His name was Matthew, not something that sounds cooler like Darth Vader. Deal with it. So, he was one of the most EVIL people in the world. He was so evil, he took over the world, much similar to what the Negative Max did to the Negative Zone. He decided that he wanted to build an underground cave under his house to punish all of the handicaped people. He ordered his slaves to do that. The problem was, they built a ladder right where the hole was. Oh man, Matthew was so angry he murdered all his slaves by literally hacking them with a midieval axe. He dumped the corpses in the cave. Moving on. The reason he was angry was because if there was a ladder, anyone could escape any time they want! So Matthew climbed a quarter way down the ladder and hacked the rest off. Thus making the ladder one way. Once you climb down the ladder, you will fall in the cave. The ladder is too high up to reach, so it's impossible to escape. However, before Matthew destroyed the ladder, he installed a magical, yes magical, lever that when pulled, it will take you to a spot deep in the Infernal Swamp, formerly PBS studios, where you are likely to get killed. That is the only way out. He dumped all of the handicapped in that cave and they were stuck there due to the fact that everyone was afraid of the Infernal Swamp, so they never pulled the lever. The victims died shortly after they had heart attacks from being HANDICAPPED! USE YOUR BRAIN! Legend still says that their spirits inhabit the cave as creatures of the night. Matthew's decendants were Darth Cow's relatives. Darth Cow never got around to destroying the cave, so if you visit his basement, you will see this hole in the ground which leads to the cave. So the moral of the story, being evil is fun!

The Infernal Swamp

In the city of Salem, Oregon, there used to be a large forest just south of the city. It was named "The Happy Little Fairy Forest." It was filled with wonderful wildlife and such beautiful flowers, and crap like that. At the northern edge of the forrest, lived an EVIL person named Dr. Infernal. He's like soooooooooooooooooooooo evil!!!!!! He used to be a nice veternarian and even once won the Person of the Year award. His life was ruined when he recieved a call to go to The Everglades to help a poor defenseless rabbit. He rushed to the rescue. However, he tripped and fell into a pit of disgusting swamp slime. His life was ruined. He changed his name to Dr. Infernal and pretended to be a fairy. He said he had big bones. He learned how to do powerful magic crap and he double-crossed the fairies and obiterated them and their stupid little fairyland. He turned it into a swamp. It was then named the Infernal Swamp. A week later, the C.E.O. of the YMCA said something like...
"Hey look! Just south of Salem, Oregon, there is a deadly swamp refered to as the Infernal Swamp! We should move our head quarters to the middle of it! It will give people the perfect impression!"
"Uhh... won't that give people the impression that we are evil?" said the Vice President
"Exactly!" So the YMCA headquarters is now in the Infernal Swamp and everyone thinks the YMCA is evil. Especially me!

To Do List

Completed tasks may be removed or be striked

  • Create Drape-O
  • Create Drape-O logo
  • Fix up some of the pages I created to make them funny and not stupid, hence, HTBFANJS
  • Make The Underground Pass of The Damned longer than Darth Cow's userpage on Wookiepedia
  • Create longer pages
  • Be able to be more familiar with HTML and not have to look up everything on these infenal codes
  • Become more famous here
  • Get Photoshop
  • Get Flash Version 8 or better when they come out
  • Learn how to animate better in flash
  • Survive school until June 16, 2006
  • Make more userboxes
  • Save Plus before it gets Huffed

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