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“There is nothing to fear.... ....period. So just relax. Kick your feet up. Have a few beers. Maybe even a little weed. What ever you need to do to slow your racing heart and lead you to a state of sweet, calm bliss. Trussssssssssssst me, I shall not exploit you in your vulnerable state of repose.”
~ Barack Hussein Obama on How get the American Public to Listen to his Political Demagoguery

Political demagoguery runs rampant, be on your guard. Maybe you don't know what Political Demagoguery is. I'm guessing that's why you're here. I am honored that you would come to me for advice. Thank you very much my friend and ally. By then end of this incredible article you will be well aware of what Political Demagoguery is and you will have no problem recognizing it when it threatens you. Then, banded together, we can appose those who would use Political Demagoguery to lead our great country astray. Together, we will stamp out this foul plague.

edit The History of Political Demagoguery

Political demagoguery has threaten our country suplifitous times in the past. It has happened again, and again and again. They are out to get us good people. They will not stop unless we stop them. These times are no different so let us continue on to the curr.....

Whoa, hold up a sec. Don't press that search button yet. Listen to me. Why is it so hard to get through to you? Why are you so stubborn and defiant. Wake up its me talking, your trusted best bud, remember? I'm telling you, it happened. Come on now.

There is no need for you to go looking for past examples of Political Demagogery. The past is vague and confusing, and history books are often full of lies. It would take you a long time to sort through all the information, consider all points of view, weigh the pros and cons of each position then use your own conscious and reason to develop your own rational belief.

That's a lot of work. Whew, make me tired just thinking about it. You're lucky I'm here to do the hard part for you. Now where were we. Oh yes.

edit The Current Situation

We live in a very scary time in the history of this great nation of ours. In a very short while we will elect our next president and there is a good chance that that person could turn out to be Barack Hussein Obama. How could that possibly happen you ask given all we know about his dark past?

That is an excellent question. I’m glad you asked. The truth is that many voters are not aware of the facts. They are ignorant about Barack Hussein Obama’s dark, dark past.

Barack Hussein Obama is fond of climbing up on his precious; sweet precious, soap box and preaching against “the politics of fear”. The American people are not fools Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, no matter how strongly you believe they are! It is blatantly obvious what you are up to!! We will not stand for your Political Demagoguery!!! Anyone with a brain to reason things out can plainly see it!!!! They don’t need anyone to point it out.

You are trying to rob us of our fear so that we will let our guard’s down. Well, the great patriots of this country will not let you get away with this. Anyone who loves this country knows that fear is our friend and has served this country well. I would suggest that we begin handing out Congressional Medals of Fear but we all know full well that the America haters that are trying to destroy this country would never let that happen.

edit Facts About Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama (Or what ever your real name is, the one you go by when you congregate in secrete with your minions) we will not let you corrupt the American public with your demagoguery. We shall deliver the truth to those who love this country. Here are a few of the facts about Barack Hussein Obama that he desperately wants to keep from you. (Yes you, he specifically mentioned you in a recent speech? Isn't that weird? Don't you wonder how he was able to divinate your name?).

  1. His father was a government official in one of the most corrupt and violent governments Kenya ever had.
  2. He frequently lies about being a law professor.
  3. He's a Muslim who practiced the religion daily while in grade school. He kept that faith for 31 years, until his wife made him change, so he could run for office.
  4. He was once caught drowning kittens as a child.
  5. Is a life time member of a secret society called 'The Great Lodge of Baby Seal Clubbers'.
  6. Owns a string of Tijuana style donkey show franchises.
  7. In college worked as a door-to-door salesman selling boxes of chocolates with partial birth abortion fetal filling.
  8. Has said he wishes he had John McCain's experience in Viet Nam for two reasons 1) He's a connoisseur of S&M who appreciates good torture 2) He would have loved to drop bombs on women and children from the safety of a fighter jet.
  9. Is a silent partner of a Colombian factory that produces cans of bottle nose dolphin.
  10. Once went to a job interview where he was asked "If you were having a dinner party and you could invite any ten people, who would you invite?" This was Obama's guest list 10) Ossama Bin Laden 9) Beelzebub 8) Tomas de Torquemada 7) Carl Marx 6) Maximilian Robespierre 5) Caligula 4) Ed Gein 3) Judas Iscariot 2) Paris Hilton 1) Vlad the Impaler
  11. When he was asked why Hitler wasn't on his list he said, "Hitler was a pussy that was soft on crime."
  12. Wants to sell California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico back to Mexico…. ….for half a peso…. ….and is willing to defer payment for twenty years…. ….with an option to extend that deferment for another ten years if they can't raise the cash…. ….and if they act now, he'll throw in Texas.
  13. After being elected to the Senate in 2004 he celebrated his infiltration of the US Government by fulfilling a life long dream. He threw a small private party with only ten guests, guess who showed up.
  14. Once tried to get legislation passed making it mandatory for kindergartners to smoke crack while at school. They would have been required to light their crack pipes with burning pages ripped from the bible.
  15. Kicks little old ladies in the head just for fun.
  16. Frequently hosts gay orgies with illegal immigrant gang bangers.
  17. One time when he lost an election, he invited his opponent to a victory feast. He then had the opponent's children kidnapped, murdered and baked into a pie. Then he served that pie to his opponent at the feast. This is an old Obama family recipe call 'Shepherd's Pie a la Andronicus'.
  18. Served as a technical advisor to the 2008 Z.O.G. special committee to revise and update "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." His specialty of consultation was "Current methods and techniques in US flag burning."
  19. Attended a black mass hosted by the Local Wicca’s Union Chapter 134. There he greeted Satan with the Osculum Infame. That’s right, you heard correctly he literally kissed Satan’s asshole. Barack Hussein Obama then went into negotiations with the Dark Lord. They reached an agreement. To Satan, Barack Hussein Obama delivered Sarin nerve gas and in return Satan showed Barack Hussein Obama how to lie to the American public. Satan revealed to Barack Hussein Obama the Black Magic of Demagoguery
  20. Once shat in his own hand, used the fecal matter to paint his face like a clown, set his hair on fire, stapled his dick between his balls, then ran naked through the streets of D.C. with a dildo up his ass screaming "I must raise your taxes. I must raise your taxes."
  21. Is a nigger lovein' flag burner.

edit The Future is in Your Loyal Hands/What you can do

The first thing you must do is be afraid, be very afraid. The second thing you must do is copy these facts down, put them into e-mails and distribute them to whoever you can think of. It is only through efforts like these that we can put an end to Barack Hussein Obama’s Demagoguery.

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