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S***! Well, I originally wanted my username to be [super*cool*alternate*grammar], but the computer wouldn't let me. I don't know. That's life. Maybe I could just alter my username like every single freaking person on here does. I'm gonna need to learn how to do that first, though, aren't I? I'll just hire a trained monkey to do it for me. They're better than that dumb trained cat I hired last time...

ANYHOO, besides it already being apparent that I am a beginner in the feild of humor, I probably won't be terribly active. Just wanted to put that out there. Not gonna be very active, probably. I just want one of my articles (preferably more than one) to get a permanent spot on the Uncyclopedia palette. Before making this account, I made two articles and posted them: Elbonia, and later, Teen Pop. Teen Pop lasted signifigantly longer than Elbonia, eventually succumbing to the horrors of a dead ICU. As well as some guy in a hockey mask.

Now I will give them loving foster homes in the form of my account. And hopefully I'll also get my stinkin' username changed!

Oh, and if you could review any my articles (links are below), that would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Tootaloo, if that's how you spell it...

Signed, [super*cool*alternate*grammar] (who else?). Just wanted to show here that THIS is what I wanted my username to be.

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I'm just gonna keep this image here until I can upload it onto my Teen Pop page. I'm not gonna lick it or anything...

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