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Random tags are <choose><option> fun and easy to use! </option><option> a simple way to utterly confuse your friends! </option><option> something I regret creating every goddamn day. </option></choose> But whatever my position on the topic is, random tags are <choose><option> an integral part of Uncyclopedia </option><option> a pain in the neck </option></choose>. You'll do best just to keep away from the lot of 'em; you'll poke your eye out. Yeah, what is it, kid?

Q: Uncle Al, why can't I make my own random stuff? Aren't I funny?


Q: That's not very nice! I'll bet you haven't even seen my stuff!

Amazingly, being an admin for 10 months hasn't completely drained my compassion, so if you really really (really!) think you have a good idea for random shit, here's how you do it:

  1. Look at the first paragraph. See those tags? That's how it works.
  2. If you figured out step 1, hooray, you're done. Otherwise, keep reading.
  3. Get the fuck out.

Q: But what about the fancy tricks you use with it? That can't be everything!

If I say it is, will you leave me alone? No? Eh, it was worth a shot.

  • To give weight to an option: <option weight=10> gives this option ten times the default weight. Weight=20 gives twenty times. What would weight=30 give? You guessed it!
  • Random content can be placed in templates so that it can be embedded elsewhere. Mad Libs is a good example of this.
    • NOTE: if you decide to go this way, DO NOT use subst: on the templates. There's nothing more annoying than trying to edit a 100kb page that's flooded with random tags. If an admin comes across it, it'll probably be deleted.
  • Seriously, that's everything. What, you want a Porsche?

Q: Why can't I do blah blah blah?

Because the software doesn't allow it. Popular examples of things the software doesn't allow:

  • Putting an extension inside double-brackets. This results in Naodw-crap. You do not want Naodw-crap.
  • Trying to access context specific variables (like {{{1}}}) inside options. No can do, pal.
  • Putting random tags inside random tags. Anyone who does this is bad and should feel bad. Adjust the weights instead.

Q: Hey, wouldn't it be funny if I put Goatse inside random tags so only one person in 1000 saw it?

Yeah, kinda. But I'll still fucking ban you.

Q: So if these are random tags, why aren't they called <random>?

Shut the fuck up. Get out. Stop recording, I'm done. I said stop recording, you fu

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