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Antique contributor of Frikipedia Antiguo contribuidor de Frikipedia

Vivo en chile, y como diría:

Pico conchetumare
Súper Taldo about Alexan (and everything)

¨ You can find me at Enciclopedia Libre (in spanish)

  This user is not a clearly-defined native speaker of any commonly-spoken language.

Frosty beverage This user enjoys drinking beer. They may be afflicted with not giving a fuck, and extreme hangovers.

Boredkid This user is a Registered User and they can upload images and move pages, whoopdie freakin doo.
Vodka redbull This user enjoys drinking anything. Please hide any perfume, petrol or white spirit.

Firefox Logo This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla.

Watching This user is a scary stalker and is probably watching YOU right now!
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