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{{Title|[[:Category:The Full Hilary|When I was arrested I was dressed in black]]}}
{{Title|[[:Category:The Full Hilary|Mitt Romney rots in bad reputation hell, hahahahahaha!!!]]}}
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<big>'''photos of my backyard, after planting a landmine:'''</big>
<big>'''photos of my backyard, taken with a Cell phone:'''</big>

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Little oxen

photos of my backyard, taken with a Cell phone:

Tranquility of psychedelic illluminations




Back to basics. Puppy was the first one to finally tell me what this is and wins no prize.


My dubious award stuff. Bring a fork.


Pages created by this semi-literate idiot


Major rewrites by an illiterate cowherder


Frat, Colonizations, and other collabs talked into by workaholics

Special Cookie

Several coats o' paint on these and others

And then there's...Bagga

UnStuff reported by this unscribe

“How can I describe the feeling of having a feature? Let's see. It's like washing your face in gold, getting some in your eyes, and then washing the gold out of your eyes with whores. Something like that.”
~ SireSir Aleister of Hempstead on the Thames, Earl of Stanley laurel, House of the Rising Sun, on having a feature.

Contemplating my next edit.

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