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{{Title|[[UnBooks:The Old Man and LV|The pancake softness scale measures the softness of pancakes. It also measures the softness of turtles.]] - the totality of an IP's huffed article}}
{{Title|[[UnBooks:The Old Man and LV|The pancake softness scale measures the softness of pancakes.]][[Guidebook to the Voting Rights Movement related faces in the cloud|It also measures the softness of turtles]][[Uncyclopedia:Hall of Shame/Aleister in Chains|.]][[user:Aleister in Chains/Stuff| -]] the totality of an IP's huffed article}}
[ My Uncyclopedia user page where video's will actually play on the page]
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[[File:Imagens escritor1.jpg|center|300px]]
<center>[[File:Blackmore's Night - Times they are changin|425px|center]]</center>
<big><big><center>'''[[Animals with feet war with animals with no feet|What this site will do to your mind''']]</center></big></big>
<center><big><big>'''For those who haven't seen this, [[user:Funnybony|Funnybony]] says it's the best drumming he's ever seen (for those who know what that means, that's saying something), including the world's fastest-ever drum solo at 3:30'''</big></big></center>
<center><big>'''Watch this Sun Dance in full screen for lasting effect'''</big></center>
<big>'''photos of my backyard, taken with a Cell phone:'''</big>
[[ of psychedelic illluminations.jpg|center]]
[[Image:Plank.jpg|frame|right|250px|<center>[[wikipedia:History|'''Back to basics. Puppy was the first one to finally tell me what this is and wins no prize.''']]</center>]]
<center>[[user:Aleister in Chains/Stuff|'''My dubious award stuff. Bring a fork.''']]</center>
[[File:Stonermonkeh.jpeg|thumb|right|400 px]]
'''Pages created by this semi-literate idiot'''
*[[Mortal Sin|Mortal Si]][[Talk:Mortal Sin|n]] [[nsvpengv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Corpsearian|Corpsearia]][[Talk:Corpsearian|n]] [[rgnerpg|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Chicago Seven|Chicago Seve]][[Talk:Chicago Seven|n]] [[rhgergq|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Giant Jew Band|Giant Jew Ban]][[Talk:Giant Jew Band|d]] [[rgp4gvged|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Warm piss water|Warm piss wate]][[Talk:Warm piss water|r]] [[jvnifpnv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[HowTo:Get a suntan|HowTo:Get a sunta]][[HowTo talk:Get a suntan|n]]
*[[Cemetery of the Absurd|Cemetery of the Absur]][[Talk:Cemetery of the Absurd|d]] [[ijirdd|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Why?:Reinvent the wheel|Why?:Reinvent the whee]][[Why? talk:Reinvent the wheel|l]] [[pnjnefn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[UnPoetia:Well-Oiled Birds|UnPoetia:Well-Oiled Birds]] [[nvepned|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] <small>'''with Guildy'''</small>
*[[Ghosts never seem to play fair|Ghosts never seem to play fai]][[Talk:Ghosts never seem to play fair|r]] [[nvenvee|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[UnBooks:The Old Man and LV|UnBooks:The Old Man and L]][[UnBooks talk:The Old Man and LV|V]] [[ngpenwev|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[People Who Like to Fuck Naked|People Who Like to Fuck Nake]][[Talk:People Who Like to Fuck Naked|d]] [[eiviep|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[HowTo:Turn nature into collectibles|HowTo:Turn nature into collectible]][[HowTo talk:Turn nature into collectibles|s]] [[bvnhruihep|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[A pizza a day keeps the doctor away|A pizza a day keeps the doctor awa]][[Talk:A pizza a day keeps the doctor away|y]] [[righriogh|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[UnBooks:My Daddy Has Two Yachts|UnBooks:My Daddy Has Two Yacht]][[UnBooks talk:My Daddy Has Two Yachts|s]] [[hnphgev|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[UnBooks:Fishing For Children|UnBooks:Fishing For Childre]][[UnBooks talk:Fishing For Children|n]] [[pnfinvpf|<small>'''featured'''</small>]]
*[[California Marijuana Initiative|California Marijuana Initiativ]][[Talk:California Marijuana Initiative|e]] [[fpnfenf|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Rock and Roll Hall of Fame|Rock and Roll Hall of Fam]][[Talk:Rock and Roll Hall of Fame|e]]
*[[HowTo:Create a sandstorm|HowTo:Create a sandstor]][[HowTo talk:Create a sandstorm|m]] [[pvvfvb|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Dennis Kucinich's wife|Dennis Kucinich's wif]][[Talk:Dennis Kucinich's wife|e]] [[jijw|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] <small>&</small> [[kvnene|<small>'''''good'''''</small>]] <small>'''on'''</small> [[gjijjg|<small>'''vfg'''</small>]]
*[[HowTo:Blow a dog|HowTo:Blow a do]][[HowTo talk:Blow a dog|g]] [[enfijpnfj|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Above Top Secret|Above Top Secre]][[Talk:Above Top Secret|t]] [[pnfvpefn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Anne Hathaway|Anne Hathawa]][[Talk:Anne Hathaway|y]] [[vnqpru|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Snow Angels|Snow Angel]][[Talk:Snow Angels|s]] [[pfngpn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Bing Crosby|Bing Crosb]][[Talk:Bing Crosby|y]] [[npngvgn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Viking Metal|Viking Meta]][[Talk:Viking Metal|l]] [[vpfbenbpe|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Garage Sale|Garage sal]][[Talk:Garage sale|e]] [[vfepeghrn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Tombstone|Tombston]][[Talk:Tombstone|e]] [[ijmgripwg|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Sideboob|Sideboo]][[Talk:Sideboob|b]] [[vnpfv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] <small> &</small> [[gmvregi|<small>'''''good'''''</small>]] <small>'''on'''</small> [[ehivpe|<small>'''vfg'''</small>]]
*[[Peacock]] [[vjprng|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Rolex|Role]][[Talk:Rolex|x]] [[nufuiep|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Bed|Be]][[Talk:Bed|d]] [[nfvnknek|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Skunk|Skun]][[Talk:Skunk|k]] [[gvinerv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Festivus|Festivu]][[Talk:Festivus|s]] [[vnjfej|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Disguise|Disg]][[Talk:Disguise|u]][[Disguise/disguised|is]][[Talk:Disguise/disguised|e]] [[fnpjene|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Dreaming|Dreamin]][[Talk:Dreaming|g]] [[npenbas|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Phil Ochs|Phil Och]][[Talk:Phil Ochs|s]]
*[[Todd Palin|Todd Pali]][[Talk:Todd Palin|n]] [[nvfnvef|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Bipolar Girl|Bipolar Gir]][[Talk:Bipolar Girl|l]] [[nvpjennv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Laugh track|Laugh trac]][[talk:Laugh track|k]]
*[[James Bevel|James Bev]][[Talk:James Bevel|e]][[James Bevel/James Bevel's face in the cloud|l]] [[nvpefnv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Will Harridge]]
*[[Britainy Spear|Britainy Spea]][[Talk:Britainy Spear|r]]
*[[Oz (American TV series)|Oz (TV series]][[Talk:Oz (American TV series)|)]]
*[[Whale (colour)|Whale (colour]][[Talk:Whale (colour)|)]] <small>'''born and ''featured'' on Illogicopedia'''</small>
*[[HowTo:Beet off|HowTo:Beet of]][[HowTo talk:Beet off|f]] [[njvifrg|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Find the Froggy|Find the Frogg]][[Talk:Find the Froggy|y]]
*[[Damaged goods|Damaged good]][[Talk:Damaged goods|s]] [[vnrpnp|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Claudette Colvin|Claudette Colvi]][[Talk:Claudette Colvin|n]] [[vnjfjed|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Never on Sunday|Never on Sunda]][[Talk:Never on Sunday|y]] <small>[[uvnfepev|'''''featured''''']]</small>
*[[December 23, 2012|December 23, 201]][[Talk:December 23, 2012|2]]
*[[HowTo:Make it drink|HowTo:Make it drin]][[HowTo talk:Make it drink|k]]
*[[HowTo:Go into the light|HowTo:Go into the ligh]][[HowTo talk:Go into the light|t]] [[npeenbv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] <small>'''four days in a row!'''</small>
*[[Homophones (grammar)|Homophones (grammar]][[Talk:Homophones (grammar)|)]] [[nvppa|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Poop throwing monkeys|Poop throwing monke]][[Talk:Poop throwing monkeys|y]][[Poop throwing monkeys/photo|s]] [[vienjepb|<small>'''''good'''''</small>]] <small>'''on'''</small> [[vfip|<small>'''vfg'''</small>]]
*[[UnBooks:Luck of the Irish|UnBooks:Luck of the Iris]][[UnBooks talk:Luck of the Irish|h]] <small>'''born on Illogicopedia'''</small>
*[[Welcome Party for Noobs|Welcome Party for Noob]][[Talk:Welcome Party for Noobs|s]]
*[[Uncyclopedia is almost full|Uncyclopedia is almost ful]][[Talk:Uncyclopedia is almost full|l]] [[vpnrnpbn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[UnBooks:A new lease on life|UnBooks:A new lease on lif]][[UnBooks talk:A new lease on life|e]]
*[[UnBooks:Stairway To Heaven|UnBooks:Stairway To Heave]][[UnBooks talk:Stairway To Heaven|n]]
*[[UnTunes:Troops on the Ground|UnTunes:Troops on the Groun]][[UnTunes talk:Troops on the Ground|d]]
*[[Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!]]
*[[UnBooks:My Pal Stanley Kubrick]]
*[[The Wingfield family photo album]]
*[[I must stop editing and go to sleep]]
*[[The USA versus the primitive Taliban|The USA versus the primitive Taliba]][[Talk:The USA versus the primitive Taliban|n]] <small>'''with 90s Kid21'''</small>
*[[HowTo:Put the toothpaste back in the tube]]
*[[UnBooks:Did you ever lock horns with a goat?|UnBooks:Did you ever lock horns with a goat]][[UnBooks Talk:Did you ever lock horns with a goat?|?]] <small>'''''born and ''featured'' on Illogicopedia'''''</small>
*[[Animals with feet war with animals with no feet|Animals with feet war with animals with no fee]][[Talk:Animals with feet war with animals with no feet|t]]
*[[UnBooks Biography:The guy who invented soap|UnBooks Biography:The guy who invented soap]]
*[[Uncyclopedia:Dance like you've never danced before]]
*[[HowTo:Teach a six-legged lame man how to jump rope]]
*[[That time I took a sojourn to visit my friend Jim Freklowski|That time I took a sojourn to visit my friend Jim Freklowsk]][[Talk:That time I took a sojourn to visit my friend Jim Freklowski|i]]
*[[That time I nearly drowned during my sojourn on the Titanic|That time I nearly drowned during my sojourn on the Titani]][[Talk:That time I nearly drowned during my sojourn on the Titanic|c]]
*[[As generals gathered in their masses, just like "witches at black masses".]]
'''Major rewrites by an illiterate cowherder'''
*[[Tantra|Tantr]][[Talk:Tantra|a]] [[ikenbomfke|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] a guy thought we were Wikipedia. Add'd humour, pics, data & links, with Funnybony.
*[[Ann Coulter|Ann Coulte]][[Talk:Ann Coulter|r]] [[viebnd|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] rw of a GerryCheever rw
*[[Marilyn Monroe|Marilyn Monro]][[Talk:Marilyn Monroe|e]] [[fnbefp|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] VFD save of Claudius Prime's page, later with Black Flamingo.
*[[Kitten Cookbook|Kitten Cookboo]][[Talk:Kitten Cookbook|k]] [[efjgjen|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] VFD save, nice assists by Romartus and Zana Dark.
*[[Mohandas Gandhi|Mohandas Gandh]][[Talk:Mohandas Gandhi|i]] [[vnpeifbv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] editaddits, pics, with MrN9000 & Ryuken.
*[[In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida|In-A-Gadda-Da-Vid]][[Talk:In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida|a]] [[nvpfjgir|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] existing page by PF4Eva, accidental collab.
*[[HowTo:Frighten small children|HowTo:Frighten small childre]][[HowTo talk:Frighten small children|n]] [[vnfepnen|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] expanded idea and pics pics pics!
*[[Jesus was Christian, NOT Jewish|Jesus was Christian, NOT Jewis]][[talk:Jesus was Christian, NOT Jewish|h]] [[nvpenfn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] <small>'''two days'''</small> --- VFD save of a 92 vandal page
*[[Great Library of Alexandria]] [[nvfpeijnfjvef|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] joined Spike in this VFD save.
*[[Pearl necklace|Pearl necklac]][[Talk:Pearl necklace|e]] [[dnvjkndfn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] rw & pics, VFD save.
*[[Puddle of shit|Puddle of shi]][[Talk:Puddle of shit|t]] [[rfnhvuiwerhu|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] a shameful VFD save
*[[Spider|Spide]][[Talk:Spider|r]] [[npinier|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] rw with Fredd after a deluded user put it on VFH.
*[[Yoda]] [[nvijpfn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] with Xamralco
*[[Evil Jesus|Evil Jesu]][[Talk:Evil Jesus|s]] VFD save of an IP ravaged Zim page, editsaddits and pics!
*[[Star of David|Star of Davi]][[Talk:Star of David|d]] from a stub, expanded existing twisted idea.
*[[Eve|Ev]][[Talk:Eve|e]], [[Unununium|Unununiu]][[Talk:Unununium|m]], and [[Phoenix Islands]], kept some, lots-o-addits, pics.
*[[Communion|Communio]][[Talk:Communion|n]], [[Bob Marley|Bob Marle]][[Talk:Bob Marley|y]],[[Mark David Chapman|Mark David Chapma]][[Talk:Mark David Chapman|n]] likewise.
*[[A Most Urgent Notice For The Fair Citizens Of Uncyclopedia|Fair citizens]] 'cept for the first paragraph left by a troll IP - some o[[HowTo:Become A Rapist|']] the same with [[Australia's history|Australia's histor]][[Talk:Australia's history|y]].
'''Frat, Colonizations, and other collabs talked into by workaholics'''
[[File:Special Cookie.gif|right]]
*[[Chicken|Chicke]][[Talk:Chicken|n]] [[iepnje|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Frat collab
*[[Dinosaur|Dinosaur]][[Talk:Dinosaur|s]] [[pvnfgv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Colonization
*[[Friday (song)|Friday (song]][[Talk:Friday (song)|)]] [[iepnje|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] added to's page.
*[[Jack Dempsey|Jack Dempse]][[Talk:Jack Dempsey|y]] [[jifiwfi|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] played along with Funnybony on his page.
*[[Science fiction]] [[vneged|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Colonization
*[[Nintendo|Bruce Wayne]] [[fnvvnn|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Colonization
*[[Dead Dicks|Dead Dick]][[Talk:Dead Dicks|s]] [[nvjfgj|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] played on Funnybony's extremely good anti-war page.
*[[Mike Tyson|Mike Tyso]][[Talk:Mike Tyson|n]] [[nvrgpngr|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] played along with Funnybony on his page.
*[[Blockbuster]] [[pnvpend|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Frat collab
*[[Tim Burton|Tim Burton]] [[vipnvnip|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Frat collab
*[[Ron Paul]] [[njvirnir|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] lots of edits with MrN9000 on page mostly shaped by Jocke Pirat
*[[Nintendo]] [[ipjriv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] First Frat collab
*[[Weird|Weir]][[Talk:Weird|d]] [[nbfevjndo|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Frat collab with Black Flamingo
*[[Inbox]] [[bnrjpegiqef|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[Chicken|Taco]] [[gbuprgh|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Frat collab
*[[Lonely Hearts Column]] [[vnvefbvf|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] Black Flamingo's page, as one of his gang of ten.
*[[UnNews:FED cites plight of Kennedy, Jesus to warn dissenters]] [[virngvf|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] editsaddits to Funnybony's very good page.
'''Several coats o' paint on these and others'''
*[[Frankly Disappointing Telescope]] [[nvprnreg|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] added lots of PicsnCaptions to a great NicknNora page.
*[[United States Emperors|United States]] [[Talk:United States Emperors|Emperors]], exorcised the soul of Dick Nixon, crowned [[Sinead O'Connor|Sinead O'Conno]][[Talk:Sinead O' Connor|r]] as the once and future Emperor. At times reverted by [[Hippies|citi]][[Jack Nicholson|zens]].
*[[Clara Bow|Clara Bo]][[Talk:Clara Bow|w]], [[Aleister Crowley|Clara Crow]], [[Uncle Tom's Cabin|UncleTom]], [[Corn snake|Snake]][[Responsibility Land|land]] [[Thainglish]], [[Pineapple titties|pine]][[Anaconda Plan|anaconda]], [[Rastafari|Rasta]][[Zzaardvark|zz]][[Does the Pope shit in the woods?|woods]], [[Photon|ph]][[Great Ape Project|o]][[John Scherer|sher]][[Stub|b]][[Dogs|dog]][[Men in Black|w]][[Buffy Summers|a]][[Night of Broken Glass|t]][[Boone's Farm|c]][[UN:10COM|h]][[99th Red Balloon Infantry|i]][[Vatican City|n]][[:File:Pa neh 38.jpg|g]]
*[[Chicago Cubs|Chicago Cub]][[Talk:Chicago Cubs|s]] back to its original theme, editsaddits.
*[[The Camera Obscura Collection of Hans Helmuth Saltzman (1602-1668)|Camera Obsura Collection]], a one-time user's extremely good article, editsaddits&pics
'''And then there's...'''[[Bagga|Bagg]][[Talk:Bagga|a]]
'''UnStuff reported by this unscribe'''
*[[Unnews:Marijuana Legalized in Florida for Even-Numbered addresses|UnNews:Marijuana Legalized in Florida for Even-Numbered addresses]] <small>'''''lead UnNews for four days'''''</small>
*[[UnNews:Pope Benedict Tackled, Demands Rematch]]
*[[UnNews:Kennedy Assassination Solved]]
*[[UnNews:Brett Favre Commits Harakiri]]
*[[UnNews:Doll takes the world by storm|UnNews:Doll Takes The World By Storm]]
*[[UnNews:Animals the size of tanks spotted in large cities]]
*[[UnNews:Earth gains on Mars for sandiest planet]]
*[[UnNews:Comcast fires Keith Olbermann for knowing too much]]
*[[UnNews:First Pet Rock passes away]]
*[[UnNews:Abraham Lincoln was an asshat, historian concludes]] [[vnfepng|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[UnNews:Wisconsin governor introspective as thousands protest]]
*[[UnNews:5-year-old tricks Wisconsin governor]] [[nvvepvnv|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] <small>'''with a great "Madison Movement" audio by Dexter and Mrthejazz.'''</small>
*[[UnNews:Body of last World War I veteran to be shot to moon]]
*[[UnNews:"You Belong in a Zoo" man turns 100]]
*[[UnNews:Wheelchair-bound grandmother rescued from Reactor No. 4]]
*[[UnNews:China perfects gibbon arm transplant]]
*[[UnNews:911 conspiracies explained by a sandwich]] [[rnhjriopfkgnjk|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]] <small>'''three days in a row!'''</small>
*[[UnNews:To honor Earth Day, man goes over Niagara Falls in teacup]]
*[[UnNews:Kate Middleton's Pa readies shotgun wedding]]
*[[UnNews:UnNews obtains Bin Laden death photo]]
*[[UnNews:U.S. releases bin Laden home movies]]
*[[UnNews:Mobster enters weak GOP field]]
*[[UnNews:Occupy Uncyclopedia]]
*[[UnNews:Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor Again!]]
*[[UnNews:Bibowler Girl bowls 900 series]]
*[[UnNews:Man awakes from 25 year coma, gets irritated]]
*[[UnNews:Cuban bicycles to freedom, quickly returns]]
*[[user:Aleister in Chains/UnNews:Tim Tebow routed in NFL playoff game|UnNews:Tim Tebow routed in NFL playoff game]]
*[[UnNews:Newt Gingrich calls kettle black, GOP monkey house continues]]
*[[UnNews:"All Narcissists Look In A Mirror Day" celebrated]] [[pefnbvf|<small>'''''featured'''''</small>]]
*[[UnNews:Gingrich goes all magical on Romney]]
*[[UnNews:Amazonian sea monster emerges from river]]
*[[UnNews:Baby trapped in well turns 25]]
*[[UnNews:Gandhi statue coming to life in London]]
*[[UnNews:Boys who aren't historians celebrate hot Senator]]
*[[UnNews:Rape of pregnant women legalized in Virginia]]
*[[UnNews:Five million 1950s jokes leaked onto uncyclopedia]]
*[[UnNews:Leap year scares old people and children]]
*[[UnNews:Why?:Mitt Romney is a dick]]
*[[UnNews:Sandra Weisenheimer is dating]]
*[[UnNews:U.S. Supreme Court allows everyone to go naked]] <small>[[vnepognqpre|'''''featured''''']] ''' plus lead UnNews for ten days. Resulted in [[:category:The Full Hilary|The Full Hilary.]]'''</small>
*[[UnNews:Surprise winner of Masters Golf Tournament cries "Ow!"]] <small>[[nvfpjenv|'''''featured''''']]</small>
*[[UnNews:Local man drops vase]] <small>(rw for [[Forum:First Pee Buddy Awards!|2012 UnNews Pee Buddy Awards]])</small>
*[[UnNews:"Suddenly French Resistance" destroys net censorship]]
*[[UnNews:Obama cries like a little baby]]
*[[UnNews:PETA demands the right to bear poop]]
*[[UnNews:London braces for attack by UFO and Godzilla]]
*[[UnNews:Canadian women must now wear horns]]
*[[UnNews:Man marries brown rice]] <small>[[infpjeff|'''''featured''''']]</small>
*[[UnNews:Aunt Hildred has the cooties]]
*[[UnNews:David Blaine surrounded and attacked by mythical creatures]]
*[[UnNews:Recovering New Orleans attempts to host Super Bowl]]
*[[UnNews:Father John Murphy assured of elevation to Pope]]
{{Q|How can I describe the feeling of having a feature? Let's see. It's like washing your face in gold, getting some in your eyes, and then washing the gold out of your eyes with whores. Something like that.|[[User:Aleister in Chains|'''SireSir Aleister of Hempstead on the Thames, Earl of Stanley laurel, House of the Rising Sun,''']]|having a feature.}}
[[File:Wikithug.jpg|frame|center|400px|<center><big><big>'''Contemplating my next edit.'''</big></big></center>]]
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[[File:300px-John William Waterhouse - Magic Circle.jpg|thumb|center|600px|'''"Whoops, gotta run. The little missus is cooking something up on the stove."''']]
[[Category:Guitar Gods]]
[[Category:Upsilon Sigma Sigma]]
[[Category:People who own time machines]]

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Blackmore's Night - Times they are changin03:36

Blackmore's Night - Times they are changin

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