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edit *cough*

*turns you into a newt*

Good day. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20100923 - 13:08 (UTC)

edit WTF!?

What the fuck has happened to Uncyclopedia? Mr. Wango 13:56, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

edit Another crappy dust-gatherer to shove into the cupboard and forget about

edit Your talk page es

all borin an stuff lately. u gotta liven it up & stuffs. Big crash cars BLAM! n junk. fireworks 2. pppppffffzt boom! brings ina tiny migget ands mak im juggle. make em wear bells. jingle jingled BOOM! he he.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  24 Sep 2010 ~ 23:29 (UTC)

edit MUCH Thanks!

--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 09:17, Sep 26

edit Halloween

I'm comtemplating going forth with that Halloween-themed writing contest. Care to co-found it? -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 12:52, Sep. 26, 2010

I thought the same thing, and was going to contact you, but then I saw that MadMax is starting a major new writing contest. It actually starts tomorrow, and has a staff of judges and all lined up. I was going to expand a user page article of mine for Halloween, and maybe do another fresh one, so I did have the theme and contest in mind. With the time limits remaining to get something on VFH and up, we could maybe talk to Max, and if it's OK with him announce a side-contest to Max's with the timeslots of October 28 to 31 reserved for our VFH winners (if admins agree)? Thoughts. Aleister 13:02 26 9
I dunno. With Max's thing (which I've been waiting for like a Harry Potter book) and the Aristocrats Turkey Ball in November, it might cause contest fatique, but it would be interesting to see how it plays out. To quote Dr. Victor Frankenstein, "What the hell?" -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 13:12, Sep. 26, 2010
Yeah, the Turkey thing too. And colonization starting up again. I dunno either. Spreading the contest thing too thin might hurt them all (or go the other way). And if both of us think the same about it, others will too. In any case, I'll do some Halloween writing (you too?) and we could informally spread the idea around to those who'd like to fill up VFH with some Halloween stuff around October 18 or so (informal "contestants" can nom each other's works if we feel they're good enough, but that may be considered deal-making, so maybe put things on pee review on October 18th and wait the seven days if nobody noms the stuff). Getting too complicated as I'm describing it, so I'll log off now and run away. Aleister few minutes later
Yeah, it's probably for the best. Maybe next year. I can't say I have any Halloween writing planned in the foreseeable future, unless inspiration suddenly hits. -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 14:07, Sep. 26, 2010
It turns out I've spent the day writing a Chanukah-themed article. I'm sure you're aware of that Adam Sandler song. -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 22:12, Sep. 26, 2010

edit The Manassa Mauler Saves!

Al, brilliant! I could have answered your editing question without even looking (but I did look). I hope you took a shower, cause Jack is now in your hands. It's heaven for me when you edit anything I do. And I think this is my best ever. It just flowed out. But it needs your expert polish. And If my couple of edits earned me a share of Tantra, then you sure deserve half of this. I'd rather have 50% of a winner rather than 100% of a loser (for reasons various and sundry). Please edit all the way. Now you nommed it the time is right to get it perfect. Jack deserves it, and you're meeting him all makes sense now. Cheers!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 16:54, Sep 27

No, no, a nillion times no on 1/2 credit, this is your page all the way. Polishing is not writing, and Tantra was jointly written by the two of us, both adding pics and everything else. The one thing I'll remove if you aren't in love with it is the Uncyclopedia mentions in the lead, the Gene Tunney relative stuff, as that seems to take away from the overall piece. You created a masterpiece here, and Jack Dempsey is rumored to have risen from his grave to come shake your hand. What's that knock on the door? Aleister 17:02 27 9

edit Spam spam spam spam spam

Kate bush leotard Thank you

from Black flamingo & Sog for joining the Kate Bush fan club.

Now as promised, here is your own personal copy of that image,
to treasure forever.

edit Coulter

Did the review. ~~Sir Fightstar Rocks! CUN 02:47, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

edit Weird

Were you planning on contributing to Weird any time soon? With Skinfan AWOL and Matfen suffering an irrational fear of Weird Al you seem to be the only other active frat member. --Black Flamingo 07:56, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

Link is here. --Black Flamingo 10:32, September 28, 2010 (UTC)
Bullshit. It's here. Al, moments from now
Cool, I'm in no rush to finish this. In fact I was secretly happy to write it all by myself and get all the glory. Then I ran out of ideas and the whole brotherhood thing started looking a whole lot better. --Black Flamingo 10:53, September 28, 2010 (UTC)
Bro, brother in arms. You can have all the glory, mom always loved you best anyway. I'll start on it later, this month or next, yeah. Thanks for reminding me of its existence. Must do something now. Keep up the good fight. Yeah. Aleister on hiatus

edit Are you the guy...

....who is maintaining this? If so I wrote a code which shows age in years and days and thought it might come in handy. If you're interested then drop me a line and I'll explain the inner workings to ya. If you're not the guy I'm looking for, well..... uhhh..... you have lovely curtains. Now I have to go. --John Lydon 18:31, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

edit Coulter

I love the way it turned out. Just one thing: I'm not sure if Ann is a Colbert-esque persona, or a double life. I assume that it's a persona, but conservadopes don't know that. Please clarify. ~~Sir Fightstar Rocks! CUN 20:30, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

edit Axis of Evil

Did you know that the term "Axis_of_evil" was created by George W. Bush in 2002 to refer to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea? (Although it appears that Syria is only a 2nd tier evil nation, along with Libya and Cuba) Anyway, I don't care if they are on or not, just a point of information. --Mn-z 21:42, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

Hi! Yes, I know that, but if the template is open to any country (Syria) that people want to add, it would be a geography category. I'd include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Afghanistan, the U.S., on and on. But I really don't care either, just should limit it to those three and maybe not as the first three on the template? I like that Fred Phelps leads off the names. Hee hee. Aleister 21:49 28 9
I was thinking Syria was in the real axis of evil when I added it. At any rate, its in the six member broader axis, so its not like I added a random nation, but I digress... --Mn-z 21:56, September 28, 2010 (UTC)
Oh, I didn't know you added them, I thought it was that same guy who's been piling tons of pages onto the template recently and had to be reverted many times. How about adding them down the template, in the political section or somewhere (religion?). Glad you pointed that out. Al minutes later

edit Hey buddy

Yeah, so I've been very busy. VERY busy. I need you to take over USS for the time being as it seems nothing has happened while I've been off gallivanting about doing school work and such. I'll probably be around a bunch more next semester, but my schedule this semester doesn't leave me with much free time... Anyways, thanks! -- SirSf13 (Talk) Upsilonsigmasigmacrest CUN RotM FBotM VFH SK Maj. ΥΣΣ 0049 EST 29 Sept, 2010

edit Xylophone on VFD

The text is not "pretty good." It sucks. I've reformed the entire list into Section 1. Everything else is now Section 2, History; and tag, you're it. Spıke Ѧ 22:51 29-Sep-10

You did so well there was little to add, but I did subtract. Perfecto, feature. Nice work. Aleister 23:19 29 9

Heavy-handed! guess you didn't really think the text was "pretty good." At any rate, it's definitely Keep now; pleasure doing business with you. Spıke Ѧ 23:31 29-Sep-10

All in two days work. And compared to your changes, all else paled. By the way, if you come back, do you have hotcat for categories? Mine is on but it's not showing up on the pages. Just me or my computer or everybody's? (Never mind, mine is back now. The weather?) Aleister 23:33 29 9

I perceive Hotcat to be a method of batch editing; if I'm right, it should not depend on your view of the page; the category was either added or it wasn't. I see it in Change Summaries but never had it. What do you mean by, "if you come back"? Where did I go? Spıke Ѧ 23:38 29-Sep-10

I meant if you come back to this page, you may have gone anywhere in the cyber space after leaving here. You can turn on Hotcat by going to your preferences, schroll way down the page until you see Hotcat, and choose it. Then on the categories list on the bottom each category has a + or -, as well as a + at the end which adds new categories when you click it. Thus, Hotcat. My pluses and minuses were missing just then, so I marked it again, saved my preference page, and they came back after the computer logged me out. Mysteries. OK, I will now go back to cyberspaces myself for a few minutes. Al minutes later

Works for me--but I don't want it. If I want to change the page, I'll go in and change the page. (Old-timer.) Spıke Ѧ 00:04 30-Sep-10

edit Angling for Infants

Your Pee Review has been completed amidst waves of laughter and shrieks of kids. It pulled me in hook, line, and sinker; but being too old it threw me back. It made me feel like <Fishing joke applied to children>. Great article.--Sirrah CatshirE Chess the Striker2117 18:21, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

Liked what you did with it, if you need someone to nom it in the future (like after some other articles clear out) I'd be proud to do it.--Sirrah CatshirE Chess the Striker2117 23:49, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

edit You win too

edit Congrats - looks like you're a winner at UnBooks, too

Al, you're such a cool bro! Thanks a heap, and I mean a bloody heap. Cheers!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 18:39, Oct 1

Good show, tally ho and all that sort of thing. --ChiefjusticeGameCube 06:38, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Good stuff, you deserved it (even though I voted for someone else) --Black Flamingo 07:06, October 1, 2010 (UTC)
Thanks everyone. I'm glad Monkey won it too, that was very nice, and I certainly didn't want to win it without tying. Funnybony, I don't know what you're talking about, that microwave popcorn tip? Anyway, thanks again! Aleister 18:43 1 10
BePrepared Uncyclopedian of the Month September 2010
I thought you both deserved it, so if there was a tie breaker, I was all set to unbreak it. WHY???PuppyOnTheRadio 21:51, October 1, 2010 (UTC)
Thanks Why. You are a God among men. But yes, ties are best. Aleister 1:27 2 10
It'sa me, Gompy! Vulcan He'stan 15:56, October 2, 2010 (UTC)
Are you banned, I haven't heard either way but you've been gone. If so, please try to get back into the good graces of your banner. Al, minute later

edit So, I decided to poke the disguise...

Finally got a spot of time, really. Bloody awful week. Though it also helps that the disguise ain't a thing deadlining tomor... er, today. *shifty eyes*

Anyhow, actually reading through it properly, a few things I'm finding bothering me... is it disquise or disguise here? It seems almost completely at random to switch partway in... is that intentional? I changed them, but... granted, the whole thing seemed to use a proofread. Which I did, but it probably still does, so you're not off the hook.

And the bit about the disguised-duck-fellow jumping out still has me at a bit of a loss. It feels like an entirely solitary incident the way it is, but at the same time like it's not supposed to, and I'm not even rightly sure what point you're making. I dunno.

Disguises lead back to crime? Really? Hmm... okay.

Other stuff.


The tone seems to jump around a bit, too, from serious to manic and various other stuffs... although not to the extent those adjectives would indicate. If it did, I'd probably be able to fix it myself, but as is I'm pleading incompetence and leaving it to you, if you even care. Which you may not; I might be overreacting or imagining it.

And the groucho thing or whatever, does it look better or worse smoothified and slightly transparent, do you think? I mean, it's almost legible now, but I'm not sure what that does to the value of the mask itself.

Anyways, very nice article. More polishing and who knows where it'll wind up... ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101003 - 02:29 (UTC)

Hello, and to have this mini-review from you is an honor, being as you are Reviewer of the Month and your time is now taken by banquets, ticker tape parades, and children begging for your autograph on the street (I sign mine Neo, and they run screaming). Let's see. Disguise is the spelling but I'm a very bad speller so disquise slipped in sometimes (the word exists in two places in my brain apparently). The Donald Duck uniformed guy was just something I thought of as I wrote, like, you're just walking along and this guy in a disguise comes at you, a moment of confusion for the person confronted, but it was in Disneyworld and all. I';; see if I can put some episodes like that into a secion and make it readable. The mask should be solid enough, that's one of the jokes of the page is that there's writing behind the mask, which is a brain shock to the normal way of looking at text. If someone really wants to read it, they can go to edit and read from there. Grocho "is" the page on one level, I would think, and was the only thing the page was written for by someone (I don't even know its history). Yes, I wanted to polish the page, so this helps tree-mend-his-Lee. Thanks. And I like your wrist. Well, not your personal wrist, although that probably has it's good points, or pointy bones, but your article wrists. They hold up hands, so they are very useful animals. Aleister 8:38 3 10
Heehee, mini review... although I think you should know that in reality, what happens after someone get RotM is that they promptly wander off and don't review anything for awhile. I mean, look what happened with HELPME and John Lydon after they got it... and even the Falcon seems to have disappeared recently. I wonder where he could have gone... But yeah.
What, no spell-checker? I mean, it doesn't catch everything, but some things... that just seems odd to me. Last browser I used that didn't have a spell-checker was Links, I think... but then again, different systems, eh?
Maybe another case of disguised person jumping out would help, then. Two examples of the what the? Or not. I dunno. And I'll set the thing to full opaqueness, then.
Heehee, the wrist... thanks. I needed to write something quickly, and that sort of nonsense comes easiest to me. On that note, I need to run and do the other too. Like, now. Like... eeeek! *panics and runs away* ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101003 - 18:57 (UTC)


THANK YOU for fucking voting me the motherfucking writer of the month!!!1 You rule!!!1 Fuck yeah!!!1 !!!!! You rock, man. It's Mrthejazz... a case not yet solved. 04:18, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

If I knew you were going to go all freak and fuck your mother just because you won I would have voted for Maniac1075, who already fucks his mother on a regular basis. But thanks for the thanks, or I guess a "Your welcome" would surfice. But the wotm cabin is now at your disposal, as is the clubhouse and the sauna house. Aleister one day in the future

edit Moar Cat nagging

You seem to have placed Category:Horses in category:Horse Images. I'm assuming that you accidentally did the sub-cating backwards: category:Horse Images should be (and is/was) a subcat of Category:Horses.

Therefore {{subcat|Horses}} should go on category:Horse Images, NOT {{subcat|Horse Images}} on Category:Horses. --Mn-z 13:58, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

I've done that... but that was on Illogicopedia, and there nobody cares about categories, at least not that I could tell. Not sure they care about much of anything. Why do people care here? I think having horses be a subcat of the images would be funny. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101003 - 15:23 (UTC)
Because the categories and the like are here to find stuff, not act as jokes in and of themselves. Also, disorderly cats really aren't that funny. --Mn-z 16:30, October 3, 2010 (UTC)
Lies! And stuff. Do they actually help for that? I've never really found them to be useful on either site. On wikipedia, yes, but not these two... ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101003 - 16:34 (UTC)
The reason I did or do that is to link all the related topics. Horses and horse images. Someone looking up horses can then see that their is also a category of horse images, and vica versa. Wouldn't they be subcategories of each other, in terms of finding related things? Zebras too. I see categories as useful for people who are writing an article on, say, horses, and want to either link other articles to it or find pics for it. If you are a noobie and want a Star Trek pic and are ignorant, you go to Star Trek, then you can see, oh, there are images too, and vica versa. That's my reasoning. Aleister 17:31 3 10
Eh, if something's a subcat of something else, it shows category:... at the bottom, and categories have listings of all of their subcats at the beginning, so that won't be necessary. So, say, the horse images and zebras would both be in the horses thing, and the horses thing would list them. And whatnot. And they'd link back at the bottom, same as anything else categorised. You know? Unless something ain't working right. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101003 - 18:13 (UTC)
See how convulted that is? Why not just link all of that together like a ball of twine and then when one piece is pulled they all can be equally seen. Like in the movies. Aleister moments ago
Eh, from a structure standpoint, it's not that convoluted. It... it's like a singly-linked list that that functions as a doubly-linked list by tracing back on itself. That way, it only needs to keep track of one direction and the other direction just sort of follows implicitly... if that makes any sense at all.
I admit, it took me awhile to figure this out, myself. But after working with the systems a lot, such things tend to make more sense. Usually. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101003 - 18:21 (UTC)
Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I'm looking at it from the viewpoint of a new user who just wants to find pages and pics on a subject, and if everything is simplified, and listed at the top of the page for easy access, then it's easier for them to see what's here in the quickest possible way. I like your wrist page by the way, looks like a winner in progress. Aleister 18:25 3 10
A new user should figure out how to use it properly. Like I figured out how to reprogram programs by rewriting their binary... o___O
So tell me, do you have nice wrists? Also, why'd you go and give up on that bed one? I'd have thought you perfect for writing on such a topic. So why don't you write it? *shakes fist* ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101003 - 21:52 (UTC)
I make my living as a wrist model. I've worked on Disguise, and put a red link in for wrist. And have you seen this page? Linkable. Time, didn't think of a clear theme, and I couldn't do it justice in the time allowed. Plus I haven't yet learned how to grab pics from somewhere and download them, and I couldn't find any bed images here. Still have the page though Aleister moments have gone by
Ooooo, then I must admire these wrists that... wait... what?
You know, you're rather amazing. Rather amazing. I wonder if it's a good thing or a bad thing that you didn't do what I resorted to... have you seen that other one I did, the... eh, I forget. The really, really strange one, at any rate. I came up with that at three in the morning and still have no idea what it's supposed to be. Do you know? Anyways, would you have resorted to such nuttiness? What about wikipedia? They sometimes have some good images... and they're all ripe for stealing, practically. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101004 - 01:09 (UTC)
Thanks yous, takes ones to know ones. It is a bad thing I didn't resort to what you are talking abot, although I don't know what you are talking about. A very bad thing. And there are plenty of great bed images around I just don't know how to get them from there to here. It's probably the easist thing in the world to do, and a couple users have tried explaining it to me, I just don't know how. It's like the spellcheck, I don't know if I have one or not that's able to read stuff here, and you did a very greatness job at spellchecking Disguise. Getting almost happy with Disguise now, please check it out again if you have a minute (and take a peek at the long linked sentence in that section with the Mickey mouse disguise you suggested I expand.) Tell me what the really strange page is, I like strange pages. Wrists, how many bones live in a wrist? Quite a few, if the average wrist is to be believed. I must go now and play on Disguise again. Aleister 2:20 4 10
...lies. Dang. Oh well, next time, perhaps? I drank 2L of mountain dew and stayed up until four in the morning and hatched the ideas for this, which, as I said, I have no idea what it is. Or why I thought it was a good idea. Or even if it actually was a good idea or not. All I know is it is odd. And that the page keeps being cached; you may have hit the purge thingy for it to show the right version. (The right one has pictures, although I'm not rightly sure what those are doing there, either.)
Hmm... what web browser and OS are you using? Even if getting a viable explanation of the hows across is out of the question, I'm curious at this point.
Mmm, disguise... ooo. Yes, it flows better now. And I love the bit about James and Capone... nice.
Wait, spoiler alert? Eh? Fall for... what? Crap, it lost me. I think I'm falling asleep again. Nuuurg. Happy to help with spelcheckery, though, and the thing is looking much nicer.
And I don't even... *passes out* ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101004 - 03:26 (UTC)
Thanks, I'm going to sign off too. I took a very quick look at your linked page and it looks reallllyyyyy good (to me at least, and my strange tastes), and I'll read it in-depth next time I logs on. My web browser, I have no idea which one I have. Thanks for comments on Disguise. Did you see the link I talked about in the disguises leaping out at you section (heehee)? Later, Al now and then
I need to wake up before I do anything, though... eh. And it does? Neat. I'll wait for you to change your mind, then. So what does the icon it uses look like? Surely it has an icon; they all have icons... Aye, it... pops out. *shifty eyes* ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101004 - 03:49 (UTC)
I have left the building. More much later. . . .fades, fades. Al not here for 'while

edit Here

Unbooks mousepad UnBooks Author of the Month September 2010

I hope this makes you feel better. --ChiefjusticeGameCube 06:31, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

As happy as a clam in butter. Aleister the Author 12:16 4 10

edit Jet speed thanks from tomorrow-land

--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 19:18, Oct 4

edit WANGO!!!

Yay! I'm back! Have not one but TWO cookies! Gomphog 20:43, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Newcookie Gomphog has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.
Newcookie Gomphog has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.
I can't edit my userpage!? Gomphog 20:43, October 4, 2010 (UTC)
It must be locked. Go tell Mordillo or another admin, but you will be able to in awhile. I don't know how you are getting banned so often, but maybe each time you learn a little more of what not to do. Hey, thanks for the two cookies! One for me and one for Dolly. Welcome home! Aleister 20:51 4 10


--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 09:02, Oct 6

Thanks for the bud, bud. Aleister 10:08 6 10

edit Here's our thanks: Jack Dempsey thanks you


Uncyclopedia vs. Wikipedia --- and much thanks for making Jack a hit on VFH – from humble servants of the farce, Aleister and Funnybony

--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 21:45, Oct 6

edit Yes, you do have new messages...

...A funny way to vandalise wikipedia is re-direct pages to pegging (sexual act). The picture is sooooo funny, I did it to saint patrick, enimem, and potatoes. 11:31, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Gomphog, is this you? First of all, vandalizing Wikipedia is pretty stupid, and why would you want to? Secondly, saying that you vandalize wikipedia may get you banned here again, also pretty stupid. Why do you insist on stupid? That said, I will go see what pegging is, as I am a virgin and think women are other worldly beasts of burden. And poor St. Patrick, why pick on such a jolly old soul who rids the isles of snakes? Aleister 11:43 6 10
p.s. Yes, the picture is pretty funny. And a ginger to go with it. Doesn't mean you should vandalize any wiki though--remember that Wikipedia isn't a comedy site but an information depository. Information about things like Pegging.
I'm sorry (yes, it's very childish). But, anyways, what do think of the south park me on my userpage? You can have alot of fun with the south park creater. I once made Anton LaVey, you know--oh and what about St. Patrick? You know, my ambition is to reintroduce snakes back into ireland. Gomphog 12:01, October 6, 2010 (UTC)
Yes, I do see the resemblence. I put a hyphen in your LaVey sentence, because that is probably the first time in history that Anton LaVey and St. Patrick appeared in the same sentence (and this is the second time). That might be a good article, reintroducing snakes into Ireland. Go for it! What are you working on lately, aside from promoting Pegging? Aleister few minutes later
Okay, firstly, what am I working on? Well, have at look at Life EULA, and Life GLL, I'm thinking of creating Bob's brother in life (spot the pun), Robert (Bob is a contraction of the name Robert). Gomphog 12:26, October 6, 2010 (UTC)
Oh sorry, dinners ready, see you. Gomphog 12:29, October 6, 2010 (UTC)
Hey wait, come back, I was just going to peg you! Aleister 12:43 6 10
Hey I'm 15, you pedofile! Gomphog 13:43, October 6, 2010 (UTC)
Whats red and silly?
Yo commie momma. And 15? I thought you were 13, you are much too old for me. Besides, when a kid goes around vandalizing Wikipedia pages with Pegging links, you've given up your right to scream "Cyber Rape" when someone turns it on you. St. Patrick would be chasing you out of Ireland! Aleister 16:14 6 10
Err... right. I try it again. Whats red and silly?
A bloodclot. Gomphog 17:24, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

edit Don't

You hate it when you get all excited at the thought of having a message only to find out its something very dull? -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb (talk to me)

Not that dull, by adding the "very" you made it interesting and thought provoking. And, look what came next! Aleister 20:56 6 10

edit The cat commands!


...or something. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101006 - 17:50 (UTC)

edit Seemingly pointless random question...

What's the strangest policy you know of around here? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101008 - 01:35 (UTC)

Good question. I don't know. Will think about it. Al moments after
The policy of truth always gots me wonderin'  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  08 Oct 2010 ~ 02:00 (UTC)
Well, thanks... if you do come up with something, hopefully I'll remember by then why I wanted it. >.< ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101008 - 02:07 (UTC)

edit Jack Dempsey would kick Yogi Berra's ass..

But Yogi has a baseball bat. Must remember how I was intending to finish that article so I can forget about it again. --Sog1970 12:45, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

edit Announcement...

...Wangernumb! That is all. Gomphog 11:18, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

edit Joke

Could you help me refine this joke: "asda smart price butter tastes like spunk" --Gomphog 20:22, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, you can refine it by deleting it! Ha ha ha ha ha Aleister later that month
"Asda smart price butter - all the taste of spunk but with added trans-fatty goodness".

Gomphog, when this secret user, likely the next Big Fish unfried, helps you refine your joke, you should listen. As for me, I still think you should delete it. Ha ha ha ha ha (cough) ha ha ha ha, hee hee ha. Aleister 12:47 10 10

edit You have aided in the fight against the manholes...

Lyrithya has deemed you worthy of a hug as thanks for voting for Crossbow on VFH. Thus, you may now consider yourself hugged.

At this point, you may also want to consider checking your pockets so as to ascertain that everything is still there.

You have been rewarded with a hug. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101010 - 23:33 (UTC)


edit Yeoman work against the vandal

Aleister and Magic Man, your work this evening tailing the all-caps-and-vertical-bars vandal and undoing his changes is one of the unsung jobs that keeps this site humming. So I am singing. And he is banned for two weeks, thanks to Modusoperandi. Spıke Ѧ 03:17 12-Oct-10

edit You also get a ninjastar

You didn't think I'd leave you out, hmmm? Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 03:47, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Huzzahas! all around!  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  12 Oct 2010 ~ 05:25 (UTC)

edit Masks and other disappearing things...

I tried to make it disappear. I have no idea if it worked; testing it caused my brain to implode. Thought I should let you know, though. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101013 - 16:52 (UTC)

edit Image for disguise?

Found this in Special:UnusedFiles in case you're interested. MadMax 05:22, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks. That was the original entire page! And it was actually on VFH awhile back, which is where Lyhteriya took the moustache-mask and made it a stand alone item, then the article evolved around it. I'm glad you're keeping your eye out for all of us, and your other eye out on a paperweight on your desk. Thanks again. Aleister 11:11 14 10

edit Mars Climate Orbiter

You've cut too much regarding the mission. The page isn't just about the screw-up, and it could have more than one joke--It had better, or the result is going to be tiny. Spıke Ѧ 12:27 14-Oct-10

It was the failure that makes the mission memorable, and that's what the page is about as I read it. If it had been a success it would have been known for the measurements, but isn't. I think we collabed on the mission summary nicely without taking away from the point of the page. Al, minutes later

You read it that way because the page tells that joke in the intro! It needs a third section.... Spıke Ѧ 13:23 14-Oct-10

Have reorganized it so the launch payload is no longer in the First Stage. Someone else is in now adding categories. I see on VFD that you have punched out; talk to you when you get back. PS--Does Lyrithya's misreading merit a {{Q}}? Spıke Ѧ 13:40 14-Oct-10

edit Bumass

Have a look at Chiefjustice facts. Year, what SHE said. Gomphog 21:48, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

Yo, bro, ya go mo. You see my comments on Lyhth's page about your run-in with the wikipedian yesterday? yo Bro mo later
You make it out like everyone hates him... I, for one, don't hate him. And while he may annoy the hell out of me sometimes (mostly be being nice, the inconsiderate jerk), I really don't understand what others seem to have against him, either. Seriously, what is it? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101014 - 22:03 (UTC)
Gomphog just doesn't know Chief's sweet side. He's only met his dark side. And you don't want to meet his dark side. Uh uh. Aleister moments later
What's his dark side? I've certainly tried hard enough... ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101014 - 22:09 (UTC)
Oh, we're being serious. I don't know. Chief is very nice and extremely hard working here. Maybe he's banned Gomphog once or thrice, and will probably do so again. So Gomphog may hate the ground he edits on. I dunno. Al minute after that
Seriousness is what happens when the lake monster eats my shoes. It ate my shoes, I tell you! Ate my shoes!
Oh. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101014 - 23:39 (UTC)
Those were socks.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  15 Oct 2010 ~ 01:20 (UTC)
Chiefjustice facts is no more, anyway:
Q: What do you get if you cross bo derek and a nigger? A: Ten of Spades. Gomphog 11:22, October 15, 2010 (UTC)
Ewww, socks. Ick. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101015 - 14:18 (UTC)

edit yeah

Enjoying the clubhouse. I have some half-finished articles I've been looking to finish here. Also, I may be getting a "real job" so I may be here less often. We'll see though. It's only an interview at this point. It's Mrthejazz... a case not yet solved. 02:52, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

edit War...

Is annoying. Seriously, this nonsense is not helping my get things done ability, not one bit. And if it proves we truly must take up arms and fight... I'll never get anything done! Why are people such inconsiderate jerks?! *flails* ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101016 - 04:34 (UTC)

Buck up Soldier. /slaps face, very lightly, like a butterfly's wing But I'll have to sign off soon to get ready for battle. Hopefully the admin's will "take up arms" (this could be fun, while annoying) in the next few hours. /Salutes. Aleister 4:39 16 10 A Day That Will Live In Infamy
Well, cheers, then. I'll let you know the score come morning. Or evening... or whatever. What time is it? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) 04:57, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

edit Images and stuff

I've noticed that you're quite enthusiastic about categorizing images. I've lost some of my categorization enthusiasm lately, but I thought I should tell you about Special:NewFiles, which shows all the recently uploaded images. Have fun categorizing! Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 18:11, 16 October 2010

No, you. You do it. So there. I know about the list but haven't looked at it too much, usually just do random page and come across good ones. Other sources, such as MadMax, have good lists of pics (I haven't really been in those too much.) On the Soldier and War Images I mainly went through every article on War, Wars, etc. and got most of them. Haven't even started on cat:Military, which may have quite a few more. Anyway, thanks. But you. You do it. Yeah. Aleister 20:31 16 10

edit Science fiction

Murfle. o__O ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101016 - 23:49 (UTC)

Okay, so where are the reviews? Do you know? I want to see. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101017 - 15:10 (UTC)
I don't know. Paizuri did one, and HELPME did an unofficial review. Does the talk page list them? The official one might be under the name Imperial Colonization/Science Fiction. I'll scrounge around and look (opens toolshed. nope. bottom drawer of dresser, moves porno aside. nope. I'll check the attic later. goldfish to kill, must go.) Aleister minutes later

edit Thanks

AKiedis This is Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, delivering a message from LongLiverh3.

He says, in between fantasizing about his teacher and gobbling nutmeg in a pathetic attempt to get high, that he thanks you for your vote.

The asshole is too lazy to tell you himself, so he sent me.

~~Sir Fightstar Rocks! CUN 02:24, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

edit JB

Al, I moved the JB work HERE. Before starting we should decide. I feel like doing a JB article... screw SNL. And take the readers through his varied life, when he WAS all the different characters. Like JB was a clown, a samuri, etc. Same as I did with Joe Pesci. I don't think it funny that JB was an actor who played a Samuri ... I think it funny that he WAS a samuri, etc. - who had neighbour problems, etc. What do you think?--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 10:17, Oct 17

Ah, so you want to do him. Can I watch? Sure, anyway you want, go at it and don't think of me. The character I know best is his Animal House role, so he could be a frat boy and we can go into parts of his college life that weren't shown in the documentary (like when he had to pay for all the food wasted in the food fight, and had to work it off by doing the cafeteria's dishes for a month (where he spat in the food and stole tips off the tables). Possibilities. How would the overdose be handled? Aleister 10:29 17 10

edit hey

Well.. We remember it otherwise but at least Germany helped us to rebuild our capital city. In order to rebuild you have to destroy. At least we had the dismantling for free ;D PoliszSir Ptok-BentonicznyPisz tutaj KUN 16:05, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

edit In other news...

I got really sidetracked this morning and was looking at the pee review records... according to that, you're horribly clueless but not actually that unhelpful when you try reviewing things. And you sure do submit a lot of requests... could I, by any chance, badger you into trying your had at reviewing again? *shifty eyes* ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101017 - 16:55 (UTC)

In other other news, I broke a forum. *shifty eyes*


Oh well. Thanks for the platters. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101018 - 00:06 (UTC)

I couldn't make out what you said above the "In other other news", you must have broken that too. Some words are there but they make no sense. What's a "badger you"? Is that a sex position, and if so, a proposition? I wish I could make out what it is you wanted, so I can take you up on the "badger", but I can't. Too bad. Oh, and the platters was my something something edit, as I explained in the caption, and wanted to find a fun use for it. I'll dream of badgers tonight. ummmmmmm. Aleister 23:29 18 10
Well, them platters are all mine now. All mine! Badgering is a form of torture, but I need to try it on someone without a cat. You don't have a cat, right? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101018 - 23:40 (UTC)
Wow, that's a lot of edits. Yes, it took this long for it to sink in. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101018 - 23:43 (UTC)
Many of those were categories, or short bursts of one word edits, or voting. The only cat I have now is a picture of one, that red one, up there. I've had cats, but the hawks seem to enjoy them greatly. I guess it doesn't help that I tie squirrels around their necks, a two-fer. That page you asked about yesterday, one of my pages that Socky came across and left a talk page note. Can I use the red cat on there? Pretty please, with a badger on top? Aleister 00:01 19 10
Yeah, but that's more 0s than I initially realised... those must be some large hawks, though... eeks. Er... oh. Ye-eah... don't try that with Terumvra, though; he might not just swallow the squirrel but might try to swallow you as well. That's never fun. And of course you can; I did shove a cc licence up the image's butt for a reason, after all. But whatever is the page? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101019 - 00:25 (UTC)
Thanks. Wouldn't dare tie a squirrel to Terumvra, who probably eats hawks for breakfast. I'll go use my wrists and these things on the end of them to talk to you on that talk page. Aleister 00:29 19 10

edit News about TAW

Hi Aleister. I just wanted to give an update to everyone about their entries. I haven't heard from either of the two judges so I'm trying to get a consensus from the remaining participants on what to do. I see three options.

  1. Wait for the two last judges to score the categories.
  2. Judge the entries as is without the third judge.
  3. Enlist two new judges as replacements.

Or as a last resort I could judge them myself. I'm really sorry about the wait and I'm trying to resolve this as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience. :) MadMax 08:34, October 19, 2010 (UTC)

Thumbs up2

This user created Bed, an article originally requested on Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. Good for them us!
(If awarding yourself please update the award statistics)

ArticleWhisperAwardSilver Article Whisperer Runner-Up Winner
This person won second place in the 1st The Article Whisperer Competition (2010). They did not win but they wrote the article: Bed
Thanks for making this year's competition a success! (Your set of steak knives is in the mail..)

edit Help ME!!!

In hindsight, that header may have been a little dramatic, but I do need some help. I've lost all confidence in my ability to tell what's decent and what's crap lately so I need your opinion. Can you look at this and let me know if it's a concept worth finishing out or not. I don't need a review or anything, I'm just wondering if it's worth finishing or if it's too silly to bother. Thanks in advance and I'll owe you a cookie or something. --John Lydon 13:33, October 19, 2010 (UTC)

edit Various misreadings

Ignoring your instructions on how to see the recent Wikia debacle is not the first time this week I've breezed over a note from you; my recent tutorial on how Edit Conflicts work was because I didn't read the word "not" in your note on my talk page. Rather than complaining about getting conflicts, you were expressing amazement that we were successfully playing ping pong with our edits to the page.

Further to Wikia marketing, I use local standing orders (CSS) to disable the Wikia banner and the three ads at the bottom of the page. (In the most pernicious web sites, the code to throw ads up on the screen is not visible in the page code, but is built on-the-fly after your PC receives the page, possibly depending on further dialogue with the server.) For a while, Wikia changed something that made the ads shine through, but it's changed back at the moment and the entire screen is the way I want it. Spıke Ѧ 02:15 20-Oct-10

edit "I actually am on the fence about global warming (not about the horrors of deforestation though)"

Couldn't agree more, old bean. --Black Flamingo 14:14, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

By the way, forest preservation works best when the land is in the hands of many small owners, most of whom love forests, than having its use dictated by pro-forest bureaucrats, who under some political outcomes will become pro-full-employment bureaucrats, or pro-business-creation or pro-win-this-war or pro-relocation-of-populations (as in Brazil). In the U.S., Republicans helped create the National Endowments for the Arts, Humanities, etc., etc., and were horrified when power shifted and the arts weren't their arts. So if you love forests, buy a little and cherish it; don't depend on governments and movements that can easily spin out of your control. Spıke Ѧ 16:05 20-Oct-10
Well said... although property taxes in the US at least would make that rather difficult. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101020 - 16:09 (UTC)
Yes, they do, especially because the property's "valuation" partly reflects not just what it's worth, but what it would be worth if developed. New Hampshire has a thoroughly evil institution: You can get your property valued only based on its "current use" if you give up, forever, your right to develop it. This doesn't lower the town budget and everyone else's tax goes up who does not sign away his rights. Imagine how much happier Americans would be if Washington cut your income tax in half for just giving up, forever, your right of free speech and your vote--necessarily raising taxes on those who didn't. Spıke Ѧ 16:14 20-Oct-10
They haven't done that yet? Odd... ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101020 - 16:33 (UTC)
I own an acre of rainforest in Peru. You should come down sometime and make rude hand gestures at the surrounding lumberjacks. --Black Flamingo 16:54, October 20, 2010 (UTC)
Ah. Speaking Truth to Power. Spıke Ѧ 16:57 20-Oct-10
What is ths strange place you call "New Hampshire", is it something like De'l-o-wear or Main, or even Virmint? I'm surprised forests aren't at the very top of everyone's activism list. And I know someone who a couple of years ago bought a few acres and a home, mostly wooded, who would never develop it, sort of what you're talking about. Hug a tree, man. Shag it if you like it enough. This let's it know you mean it. Aleister 16:55 20 10

edit Thanks

Hey, Aleister thanks for putting me at the noob voting. It's nice to see that you I have someone who cares for me(at Uncy). Once again, thanks. -------Mimo 16:00, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

You're welcome, but/and/although you well deserve a nom and my vote. You've done very well here, except for getting on Chief's case, and it's nice you decided to come here from your home uncy in Greece. I hope more people see your contributions, esp. the fine pics you've posted. Yay! Aleister 16:50 20 10

edit Alfred E. Neuman voted for you too


Alfred of Arabia on an Afghani ‘black’ run via ‘tax free’ Mecca?

Much thanks, as always appreciated. The least you deserve for this is Alfred's voting for you too.--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 13:13, Oct 22

Pard! Al made it! Yea! BTW: Disguise flows really well too as it sounds effortless. I'm waiting for after the weekend to see what Sog wants to do with THIS <--You have any ideas?? This is some of Sog's best ever free-flow brilliance. Cheers!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 19:56, Oct 20
No, but thanks. Just assisted on this with a few edits, not enough. You shone like the sun with Alfred E.! Aleister 9:54 21 10
HAAA! Really, I learned along time ago that to keep friends then take them seriously. But you did make it perfect, which it wasn't. So, you, me, and what's his name, we know the truth. Hehe. BTW: Did you see my SF / Uganda UnNews HERE? Har har. But its no joke in Uganda. Cheers!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 11:54, Oct 21

edit BOOM!

That is all. -- 11:00, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

edit Milne=

Gave it a proper start. Does it make more sense now? --Sog1970 11:25, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

edit Hi

I laughed really hard at the animation on your userpage. What is this 'war' thing, everybody is talking about? --Uncyclomancer 15:42, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

edit Upsilon Sigma Sigma October Newsletter


Ok guys, my bad. I was gone for a long time there. I found some free time recently so I'm hoping to get Upsilon Sigma Sigma started up again along with my other project, UnReviews.

At any rate, We're going to keep Weird, the August collaboration open. We're also going to go ahead and open up a November collaboration. The article on the queue that has the most votes is "Blockbuster" so that's the one we're going to do. You can find the collaboration page here. I'm probably going to disappear again because of school in a few weeks, so hopefully we can build up enough momentum here to keep our collaborations going. If you haven't noticed our previous collaborations have been huge hits, all have been featured on the front page. Hopefully "Weird" and "Blockbuster" will too in their own due time.

Looking forward to seeing you guys around the frat!

P.S. we have a FBotM nomination this month, make sure you go vote!

Founder -- SirSf13 (Talk) Upsilonsigmasigmacrest CUN RotM FBotM VFH SK Maj. ΥΣΣ 2104 EST 22 Oct, 2010

edit A couple questions

Al, bro! I have completely rewritten and added content and jokes to the two following articles. And I’m ready to Nom one of them. Which one should I nom: THIS or THIS? It’s Full Moon today. Please have a peep and let me know if either one is VFH worthy now...Cheers--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 09:48, Oct 23

Yeah, man! Please fix anything here. But I better Nom it as myself because your name is on VFH 4 times right now. Plus it's eithr tonight (fullmoon) or wait 15 day of waining Moon. That may seem like a short time to kids like you, but at my age it's like 15 years. Specially when I have over 260 articles many of which I have been working on to perfect. And when I get it right - then there's nothing to do but Nom it. You know, "So many articles, so little time!" Cheers!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 11:14, Oct 23
Only four times! Damn, I'm slowing down in my old ager (one nom is for someone else, and another Epic Failed and has drowned). I'll check out that graph in Punji within minutes! Aleister 11:54 23 10

edit User:Unregistered User

Ahhhh, Mordillo just closed the VFH for Unregistered User. Nice to see you're a fan too, we'll have to try again in a few months à la Filial Piety. I thought the guy had done a terrific job at making a nonsensical article funny (and it is really funny). That and Zombiebaron's zoo adventure are both underappreciated comic masterpieces. --Black Flamingo 13:15, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

I know! First through tenth time I looked at the page and finally scanned the caption links I l and l. Wondering if the words are nonsense, or if they have meaning. We should find out before next time. He never answered my notes on his talk page, but did use a pic on the page that I posted there. Zombiebaron's is surely another one. Maybe it will be featured still, but it did earn him a nom for Author of the Month. I had another favorite in Fluffy Bunny World by Ape, and finally nommed it and it passed! That was nice. And not at all Weird. Aleister 22:30 23 10

edit I don't believe

...I've pointed out how awesome you are lately. Like, extreme awesomeness. Or something. So, er, yeah. *points*

Now that that's done, I need to properly plan out an endeavour in smacking people with frying pans... this should be fun. Toodles. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101023 - 18:07 (UTC)

I thought the brand name was, "I can't believe it's not Aleister." --Learn something new everyday I guess.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  23 Oct 2010 ~ 18:16 (UTC)
Blushes. Hands behind back, stepping side-to-side. Oh shucks. Thanks L, but you are awesomeness-in-a-bottle. And yeah, frying pans, smack them. Best fun you can have with your clothes on (or off). Smack!!!! HappyTimes! Yay! Watch out for flying frying pans. Aleister 22:25 23 10
And lichen... when I was smaller, I collected frying pans, you know. Only one I remember was the lichen-encrusted one.
I suppose a question is, though, which is better? A flying kettlebell or a flying frying pan? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101023 - 22:47 (UTC)



Lord Christopher Monckton finally discovers Greenland. Although he totally denies ever being featured in Uncyclopedia, but he appreciates the sentiment and does thank you for voting.

--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 19:11, Oct 23

edit re: thanks

that reminds me of a user on [1] called vipara.--Poiz, look in my info? 17:35, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

edit HotCat


Give the poor thing a break. Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 22:54, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

When you use it, does it suggest categories when you start typing? Like on a pop-up? It suddenly started doing that just now on Illogicopedia (which, admittedly, is probably the most unstable website I've ever used that I wasn't trying to debug), and it's so insanely useful I decided to pop by and see if, perhaps, it's supposed to do that here and I just broke something else. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101025 - 19:02 (UTC)
No, my Hotcat doesn't suggest categories, I wish it did. Suggesting categories for links when editing is extremely useful, esp. for those of us who can't spell. Why doesn't wikipedia have it? One of the mysteries of life. It would make it so much easier to edit there. Aleister 22:08 25 10
No, the Wikipedia one does. So does the Guild Wars Wiki one... and, in fact, I'm starting to see a common element to these ones that work. A rather strange one, indeed.

You'll never guess what it is.

No, really. You won't.

Well, okay, yeah, it's just that the ones that have it, they aren't... well, wikia-related. Seriously, I bet that's what it is! *flails*
And Hyperbole, that's... adorable. o___o ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101025 - 23:17 (UTC)
That cat used up about seven of its lives pretty quickly there. It is a nice pic, and put together fast. Wikia. (this comment brought to you by Crest Toothpaste. Crest, for when you need to smile.) Aleister 00:08 26 10
>.< ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101026 - 00:25 (UTC)

edit On a related note:

I stopped using HotCat 'cause I didn't like it, but when I add categories (when editing a page) it does pull up terms for me. (Firefox)  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  27 Oct 2010 ~ 00:10 (UTC)

edit HowTo:Be absurdly funny and not just a content freak

Yeah, it may take some time to get votes. BTW: I totally cleaned up the above article, user friendly, and now a potential FA. Concerning your my daddy article, my son is a registered Uncyclopedian. He's going to to look at that article tonight, and if he laughs he'll vote for it, them presto: FA. Too bad he can't vote for my nominations. But he has a mind of his own, and is a rising star on YouTube as a stop-motion and VDO director. I hope he likes your article - hope the humor is not too subtle. Thanks for helping Punji Stick. It is a real subject. Cheers!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 12:27, Oct 26

I'm glad you got your son interested in Uncy. If you passed along the funny gene to him he would be a great addition here. Will sign off soon, but will look at your page later, I remember reading it long ago, back when Dinosaurs roamed the site. As for My Daddy Has Two Yachts, thank your son for reading it. One of my personal faves of my pages here, but it is subtle on the psychopathic level. That reminds me, I must now go kill small animals. Aleister 12:32 26 10

edit Are you insane?

I finally saw the animation, and it was the worst thing on the entire page! ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101026 - 20:05 (UTC)

I am insane. On what page, Cemetery? You really think so? I thought it was funny. Please argue with me and talk me out of it if you hate it that much, but it seems to fit well. Not needed? Aleister 20:09 26 10
No, on Science fiction. Cemetery has remained blissfully still for me...
That star trek thing, it's dumb, tasteless, doesn't make any sense in context, and just... it's ugly. I dunno. Maybe I should come back after my brain's done being dead... ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101026 - 20:18 (UTC)
Ah, that. I'll explain in complete detail in essay form later, but must go too. Until later, under the stars. . .Aleister 20:28 26 10
The reviewists didn't like it, either. And they actually had sensible reasons. ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101026 - 20:36 (UTC)
Wait 'till you read my essay. later, later. must go nowww... congrats again. Aleister 20:38 26 10

edit I need you!!!11

Well, your creativity anyway. Mind dropping by the Blockbuster collab and bombing it with your pearls of humorous wisdom? -- Sf13 Upsilonsigmasigmacrest 2009 EST 26 Oct, 2010

You fuckers and your non-linking ways. That is all.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  27 Oct 2010 ~ 00:12 (UTC)
Do you have something against that frat, or does not linking things just sort of... does he do that a lot? ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101027 - 00:18 (UTC)
I forgot all about it. So many pages, so little rum. Will come by very soon, I've been busy with nomming my own stuff, that's taken up all of my free time. Maybe we can link something to Dinosaur, the Colonization collab in progress. Rum, where's my rum? Aleister 00:29 27 10
Oh I love the frat. Best parties this side of sobriety. It's the non-linking I jate, LOS-LINKS!!!  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  27 Oct 2010 ~ 00:42 (UTC)
They don't even get drunk?! ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101027 - 00:49 (UTC)

edit Re: "red link fixy"

You edit conflicted me when I was fixing that. But your version was way better than this The Birds, so damn you all to hellp, or something.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  27 Oct 2010 ~ 01:43 (UTC)

Didn't know you were working there. And I also didn't know uncy had that page, but after looking at it, Ehhhhhh, VFD, VFD please. I played with some of the flow in the lead, but will leave it alone now so as not to conflict. It's too bad that when someone edits a lead it edit conflicts the entire page and not just a section. I'm actually getting close to signing off soon, and have to hide from Skinfan or else he'll grab me for the frat page. Shhh, is that him coming???? Gotta go. Aleister 1:55 27 10
"VFD, VFD please" = lol.
You just edit conflicted me again(s) but I fixed it... now off to watch T.V. for an hour, so have at it! (Tell SF you're busy! At least until he begins linking stuff anyway.) Cheers! :)  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  27 Oct 2010 ~ 02:17 (UTC)
Funny how we both start to work on something that is left alone for days at a time huh? Stupid conflicts.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  27 Oct 2010 ~ 02:26 (UTC)
I need to put in a few hours on that page, not now though. I usually edit sections and not the entire page, so it doesn't create an edit conflict (as often at least). The Birds page has been put up on VFD, you and I may have killed it with this talk section. Really have to log off now, TV to do too! Aleister 2:29 27 10

edit Thanking...

Your thanking is crimping my thanking. *shifty eyes* Oh well. At any rate, thanks again for your aid with those two, you know the two, same as any other one... you're always helping. And I'll proofread it later. ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101027 - 16:43 (UTC)

Why are you thanking me? I voted no on both of them, and will vote no on Protaganist too, when it emerges. And proofread? Mind you own business, and where's that lawn mower you borrowed? Jeez. Aleister 16:46 27 10
It's in the lake. Along with your truck; I help the Janus boys hotwire it. I hope you don't mind. ~ Lyrithya sig daji Lyrithya *shifty eyes* (words) (actions) -- 20101027 - 17:11 (UTC)

edit Robert Stack style update

Hey, I've only had time to jump on and jot down a few ideas for the last 2 days, so I just looked at your messages. I read over California again and have to say it is indeed a great piece of writing. I will be voting on it shortly after this unnecessarily long update. Also, sorry to hear about your truck and lawnmower. Those fucking Jonas brothers! I knew that nothing good could come from 20 something year old virgins! One more thing. I finally got past my writer's block! Check out my new project I'm working on. I'm pretty excited about it. It's not even half done but there's already some pretty good stuff in there. Anyways, good work on the California article, and good luck on VFH. -- ~ Batman vote *You can be Robin* (talk) 12:07, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled talk page.

Thanks! It needed your blessing, that was the last piece in a giant puzzle made by a giant jigsaw maker. I've seen pieces of your new page(s), and will go further into the game later today. Promised myself to do a bit on the frat project, and then must sign off to see if the sun is still shining. Thanks again. Aleister 12:13 28 10

edit The youtube cemetery vid

Can't say I'm a fan honestly. - ho scopato tua madre nel culo - 19:39,28October,2010

Alright, if Lyrth has a phobia against it, and Skinfan hates the ground they walk on, I'll take this one off of cemetery. A sad day for funny flash. Thanks for your comment, and I'll go look at the page to see what needs moving around. Sniff. (tears of a clown) Aleister 21:34 28 10
I think people should make their own videos specifically for the articles. Sort of like they do with the sound files. - ho scopato tua madre nel culo - 22:20,28October,2010
I do that all the time, but youtube won't let me put up "mature" content.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  29 Oct 2010 ~ 02:58 (UTC)
Tried... er... nevermind. *hides behind a plant* ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101029 - 03:03 (UTC)

edit Are you aware...

Mordillo set the Cemetery to be featured not on halloween, but on the day before? And Dolly is set for halloween... is that what you'd intended?

Although I'm suprised he set not one, but two so far ahead of time. Didn't even give me a chance to... er... nevermind. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) 15:29, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

Well, it seems when Halloween falls on a weekend the entire weekend becomes the holiday. There are parties tonight and tomorrow night. This way it should get more viewings too, because it will cover Saturday, and then on Halloween it will be the second story and thus be kind of featured. I think they used to organize the feature que several days in a row 'round here, and now it seems there have been quite a few days where nobody organized the que for the day. What I intended, no, not at all, I intended an entire week of my features qued up, not just two. Very disappointing. And Dolly is featured!!!! Very nice, I love that page. It's actually a good creepy page for Halloween, complete with a psychopathic child, what's more scary than that! Thanks for everything again, you are about as nice a user around here that that some people around the place have actually started to cut the lawn and rinse their dishes! Aleister 15:51 29 10
Huh. Okay. You silly... ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101029 - 16:04 (UTC)

edit Death-Threat Notification #1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Can you help me write Warhammer Fantasy or should I feed you headfirst into a industrial-sized meat grinder? -- HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! --Uncyclomancer 22:36, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

'lo. I'm not a big fantasy player (except for certain fantasies) but, if you don't kill me before then, let me know when you're further along and I'll try to add in a bit. Twanks, and have a great Hallllloooooweeeeennnnn. Aleister 00:18 30 10

edit RecentChanges

What do you make of these several Anons from 82.132., visiting a bunch of articles on edibles and adding unfunny Wildeizms? Spıke Ѧ 12:33 30-Oct-10

I saw that. Just one of my sockpuppets run amok. This seems like vandalism, but isn't, so the sad thing is that many more unfunny Oscar quotes may survive. I'll take down three of them, but can't promise a full-scale protection patrol, must sign off soon. As Oscar Wilde would say, "A bird in the hand has time to look at the scenery". Aleister 12:42 30 10

Happily, each has OSCAR WILDE QUOTE as the Change Summary. I am using my new-found rollback power, and reviewing the result afterward but I haven't seen a keeper among them. Also mentioned it on IRC and BP. Have a good day. Spıke Ѧ 12:44 30-Oct-10

You got them all. Nice work, protecting the low-hanging fruit. Grab six ninja stars from the ninja bucket! Al, a few moments down the road.

Still more happily, all that Anon-blasting put my EditCount above the 10,000 mark. So the Ninja I will be getting is that shiny one with the Latin phrase on it, the one that means, "We don't think you used the Preview button enough." Spıke Ѧ 00:29 31-Oct-10

Heehee, looks like SPIKE has finally realised the power of the fast revert... really ups the editcount, eh? It helps to hide the fact that I really am quite useless when it comes to editing, though, I've found. Pretty much all of my mainspace edits are just reverting IPs and whatnot; nearly everything else I do is inane chatter or Uncyclopedia: namespace, how silly is that? And yes, I am adding to the inane chatter right now. Huzzah! ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101031 - 00:38 (UTC)

We all contribute in different ways, and creative, maintenance, and management are all honored, as you know. If your absence from creative writing indicates an inability, and you want to fix it, collaboration is the thing. PS--Today, I've been mincing words on someone's fantasy history of Ann Arbor, a city near where I grew up. Also showed Lipocram to some guys getting ready to hunt deer, and their reaction is the terms they used prompted the new final paragraph of Section 1. Spıke Ѧ 00:46 31-Oct-10 post-edited

Well, I'm just lazy. You, though... you're crazy. Oh dear... well, that clearly works. O_o ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101031 - 01:05 (UTC)

You are clearly not; just following your preferences, this after all being a hobby. But you never answered my question over on the Chief's page. Spıke Ѧ 01:08 31-Oct-10

My preferences involve wandering around being downright unhelpful. Haven't you noticed? And that was directed at me? Oh... that did seem a little strange. Why would you ask me a question on someone else's talkpage, anyhow? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101031 - 01:19 (UTC)
Ahem, CLEARLY we need an "inane chatter" userbox, or award, or contest, or something. That is all.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  31 Oct 2010 ~ 21:28 (UTC)
Why don't you make one? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101031 - 21:33 (UTC)
Why don't you make me? Phhhhpth! Look at the categories!  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  31 Oct 2010 ~ 21:55 (UTC)
The category doesn't even exist... and dammit all, I need a nap. ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101031 - 21:57 (UTC)

edit Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, my friend! To celebrate this most joyous of festivals, I present to you one of my aforementioned article ideas in living form: It Was A Great Blumpkin, Charlie Brown! -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 09:20, Oct. 31, 2010

edit Al Rules!

Al rules the front page. And many more. Dude!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 16:04, Oct 31

Ah, thanks. Those were fun pages to work on. Creepy too! As for ruling, the only thing I rule is my genitals every day, I measure and measure and hope to God the promised growth has occurred. So far, nothing. So I put my ruler away until the next measurement. Aleister 16:26 Samhain MMX

edit Upper Peninsula War

I agree with your remark in the Change Summary. Wikipedia shows the article was deleted 8 times, the last two, in 2008, for the offense of trying to reintroduce a deleted article. Shall I take it to VFD? Spıke Ѧ 03:05 1-Nov-10 PS--Never mind; it's done. Spıke Ѧ 03:15 1-Nov-10

It fooled me. I thought on a look through the change summary that it was about a real but obscure event and just copied here from wikipedia. Some touch-up on the page would improve it, but after reading Romartus' research about the article I voted to keep on VFD. Thanks for VFD'ing it, thus creating the template for the ensuing research. Aleister 11:38 1 11

Likewise it has long been a professional opinion of mine that the best way to get the truth out of engineers is to be willing to put guesswork and falsehoods in print in the first draft of the manual. Only, at the moment, this is one of two articles moving toward VFD-survivor status through consensus opinion that it is saveable-but-not-funny. Perhaps my resumé also belongs in mainspace? Spıke Ѧ 11:42 1-Nov-10

Feature your resume, please. When I put Camera Obscura up for feature it was a battle of not-funny people and those who got the joke (and I am certainly not equating this one with that masterpiece), and so I funnied that one up attempting to use language close to the original (the author blessed this attempt when I tracked him down via e-mails). This new one, maybe I'll put in a few things, maybe, but I still want to see that resume up and voted on. By the way, I added an entire new section to Camera Obscura recently, the bottom one with the plane. Aleister minutes later

Yes, I was a notorious reviewer who needed the Obscura humor to jump out at me a bit higher, masterfully corrected. What this article needs is linguistic conundrums so that, on the way to pulling off the elaborate hoax, it keeps trying to slip turns-of-phrase past the reader to see if he'll grab one. In retrospect, the illustration with outlandish lines drawn through the Great Lakes was such a hint. Spıke Ѧ 12:06 1-Nov-10

PS--Hilarious vote on VFD to pile on and shame Funnybony into saving Sam Worthington. Spıke Ѧ 13:17 1-Nov-10

Hee hee. I'll look at Upper Pen. more later, as well as archive this talk page later. Must go now to count and eat my Halloween candy. Aleister 13:20 1 11

edit Sincere thanks


WOTM is the heaviest award ever - just see.

--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 14:02, Nov 1

edit The newest Captain

Inspired by Hyperbole's Captain-shoot, especially of Captain Understatement, the article that contains no understatements, plus yesterday's TV sports, I have started an article on Captain Trite. Not sure it is yet trite enough. On VFD I invite you to take the next hack at it. Spıke Ѧ 18:29 1-Nov-10

What? I can't hear you, the noise is very loud in here. Did you say something about fright? Yes, I have rewritten HowTo:Frighten small children. Is that it? Whoops, gotta go. Aleister 19:41 1 11

edit No memory before forgetting...

So, I seem to have forgotten I was going to do something again. I didn't say I'd proofread something for you and leave you hanging again, did I? I can't remember.

Or was there something else? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101101 - 18:57 (UTC)

/still hiding, throwing a piece of metal across the room so you think I'm over there instead of here. Aleister 19:45 1 11
Okay, just what did I forget? Did I kill your dog, or something? ~ Pointy *shifty eyes* (talk) (stalk) -- 20101101 - 21:12 (UTC)
Nothing, it wasn't me. /Throwing dog carcass across the room so you think I'm over there instead of here. Then open the door and run away while you are looking for me there, by the noise, by the dog carcass. Aleister 22:46 1 11
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