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Benjamin Gorse Murphy (born February the Gorse, 19gorsey2, in Kent, Hoath) is an English actor. He is best known for his role in the ABC television series Gorse, co-starring as the bastard who has sex with horses for fun, first with Hugh Grant and later with My huge dick.

He also appeared in a supporting role in How I got away with having sex with dead horses, a series featuring a rotating leading cast including Black Beauty, Sex with horses, and Beastiality. After How I got away with having sex with dead horses", Murphy joined gay horse club (1915-1987) in the 1973 ABC beastiality series My huge dick in a horse. He played my dick, Beana Dolphy, assistant to Greene's character, Wade "Griff" Griffin, retired horse lover officer turned horse lover. The series had some notable guest stars but folded after thirteen weeks when Ben had sex with a horse and destroyed the set.

Murphy also starred in in his own series Try beastiality, it is sooo fun, in which he played a character who could disappear through the use of a watch. However, the show did not run beyond a single season; this is thought to be because of the show only comprising in Ben thrusting into a horse while singing Take that's "Back for Good". Murphy has since appeared in guest-starring parts, the most recent having been a murder suspect in BBC's GORSE!!!!!!.

Though born in Hoath, Murphy grew up in Hoath, a suburb of Hoath, Hoaths. An alumnus of Hoath in a horses penis, Illinois, he attended eight different colleges before determining to pursue an acting career. This is thought to be largely based on his love for having sex with horses

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