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Leucémique infirmiere

Lung cancer ? It's super !

Chick poussin


This monkey eats dozen of chicks like you every morning.

So think carefully before looking him straight in the pixels

edit Let's talk about me

45px-Medium dieu This monkey is a major God on other planets. But not here. You can throw some beers at him

Alcoolic, neurotic, asocial, schizophrenic, misanthropist, kleptomaniac, surrealist, nymphomaniac, condescending, stupid, horrible, young, proud, foolish, mad, absurd, execrable, solitary, shameless, egocentric, junk, perv, strange, etheromaniac, thougthless, great, idealist, non-euclidian, anthipatic, human.

I also got a big penis.

45px-Louis 14 This monkey loves himself, and wants to marry himself once gay marriage is allowed.

edit The Facebook minute

I like to listen Ghostwriter while lying down closing my eyes, to take a walk under the rain, to drink cofee, a lot of cofee, to do smoke circles, to keep my sunglasses when I'm bored in a party, to be still drunk when people are going to work, not to sleep during days and days drinking a lot of cofee, to tell stupid jokes and to be the only one laughing, to philosoph when I'm drunk, to take a bath while drinking red wine, to watch documentaries at night and comment them when I'm alone, to say that I'm in another spatio-temporal plan when someone is boring me, and so on...

Microscope This monkey helps fight starvation in the world by not giving to lung cancer research.

Actually, I am typing on my computer, to fill up my user page. And I feel terribly nude, but it's ok because I'm alone. Even if I had prefer to be nude but with someone. But in that case, I guess I wouldn't be on my computer.

45px-Louis 14 Ce monkey est French. So him don't write a English correct.

Anyway, all your base are belong to us

edit Feeling of the instant

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