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Yellow people are an ancient Asian people who have settled in China, Japan, Korea, Thaïland and other countries that we don't care of. A little known fact is that this ethnic group did not originate in these locations, but in fact came from Viking cross-breeding experiments with the local animals. Those crazy Vikings! They'd breed with anything!

Common names for these peoples include “lemon faces” (or “ching-chong” to other members of the yellow people race). Yellow people are well known for their massive numbers despite their inferior fertility and for their history, punctuated by wars, heroic acts of suicide, and major discoveries all of this in spite of the fact that they have only one small dick between the lot of them.

Despite all of this, yellow people aren't happy with just living in Asia any more. Yellow people need space (or lebensraum). We must, at any cost, keep the Yellow people away from here.

edit We're under attack!?!?!

Palais bourbon jaune

Good lord, the little-dicked men have already taken Westminster!

Please, it's too early to panic. From Wikipedia, I have learned that yellow people never fight, because they have such small dicks. In order to colonize a territory, they don't act like White people (who destroy everything with expensive toys), like Arabs (who kill themselves for God's glory), like Aztecs (who have never actually won any wars), or like Black people (calling dibs on the lower-class and breeding plentifully).

edit Yellow people colonization strategy

I have been watching them, though, and you know what? Yellow people use all of these methods! They are supported by a fucking huge national army (in Japan or China or something), they're totally crazy about video games, they're selling their "cultural artifacts" for White Man's gold, and they're overflowing our society's lower classes!

They will first immigrate in mass. They will then build lots of little shops, helped by the Yakuza (a kind of "Yellow-mafia"), and they will sell weird crap, like dogs' weiners, long-distance pre-paid phonecards, or simply drugs like meth or Prozac.

Three generations at a time will work themselves to death to earn three times the amount of a normal, lazy white family, and instead of playing and drinking it as is the proper way to behave, the fourth generation will invest their money in the next social class.

- Industry? Yeah, I'm getting to that.

edit Yellow people's aggressive strategy

Tintin chinois

Nooooo! Dear God, not him!

The second part of Yellow people's strategy consists in launching cultural warfare to promote the yellow cause. And so they created WoW, Tokio Hotel, Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon.

The crowd, oblivious of Yellow people's dangerous ideology peddled by these products, fell into addiction, and developed sympathy for them, before considering their own race!

edit Parasitism of Education and Financial system


Good lord! They've taken over our cartoons, now!

Once a strong part of population has become "Yellow-lovers," most of their work was done. The Secretary of Education, who not only has all the Pokemon games, but the card game as well, can now pull string for the Yellow "persons" and place them at the head of the biggest universities!

And now, it's a like a hideous, yellow landscape that can decide political, cultural and economic decisions in our country!

- What the... Who are you?

edit Modification of the past

Have you ever read 1984? Well, Yellow people act like this! They modify our history... they delete our past. We have no wars anymore, we have no national identity anymore, we have no culture anymore. They assimilate us, fucking bastards! Like the Borg, they are assimilating us!


edit We're under attack!

Ok ok, I hear you saying "you just said we were fine"... Well, obviously I don't know everything, otherwise I could be writing on Wikipedia, instead of here...

Holy shit!

But I won't give up! We resisted the germans, Polish, blacks, arabs! We won't be beaten by small-dicked dog-eaters, oh no! I'm going to lock myself down into my cellar and carry on our cultural heritage, whatever the cost!

My plan is to take food and water, to create a resistance radio channel, to take my old Game Boy to hold out...

Hum... Which game should I play? This one is supposed to be pretty good...

Cartouche pokemon bleu
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