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Yellow people. Yellow people are a vast asiatic nation, settled in China, Japan, Korea, Thaïland and other countries that we don't care of, in fact.

Also called “lemon faces”, or “ching-chong”, yellow people are well know for their massive number in spite of an inferior fertility compared to black people and for their history, punctuated by wars, heroic acts and major discovers in spite of the fact that they have a small dick.

Yeah, but here we are. Yellow people don't have enough place in Asia any more. Yellow people need space. Yellow people are there.

edit To the arms! To the arms!

Palais bourbon jaune

These little-dicked men have already taken Westminster!

Ahah, calm down, Yellow people never fight, we told it, they have a small dick. In order to colonize a territory, they don't act like White people (we break everything with expensive toys), like Arabs (suiciding oneself for God's glory), like Aztecs (because they never won any war), or like Black people (besieging lower-class and making many children).

edit Yellow people method to colonize

In fact, Yellow people act using every method. They are supported by a fucking big national army, totally crazy about video games, selling gold pieces for recollectivising, and besieging society.

They will first immigrate in mass. They will then build lots of little shops, helped by the Yellow-mafia, and they will sell shady stuffs, like dog's sauciss, international telephonic cards, or simply drugs.

Three generation labour will give the forth a nice amount of money. And instead of playing and drinking it as it should be done, the forth generation invests it in the next social class.

- Business ? I'm coming to it.

edit Yellow people's agressive strategy

Tintin chinois

Nooooo! Not him!

The second part of Yellow people's strategy consist in launching huge takeover bids promoting yellow cause. And so were created WoW, Tokio Hotel, Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon.

The crowd, thougtless of Yellow people's dangerous ideology vehicled by these products, felt into addiction, and developed a sympathy for them, before finishing partisans.

edit Parasitism of Educative and Financial system

Tour eiffel jaune

Yellow people demonstrated their mastering of achitecture during China's Universal exposition of 1889

Once a strong part of population has become Yellow-partisan, Difficulties are almost erased. The National Education's minister, who's fond of pokemon during his wasted time, can now pull string for Yellow persons and place them at the head of the biggest universities.

And now, it's a whole yellow landscape that can decide politic, cultural and economic decisions in the country.

- What the... Who are you?

edit Past's modification

Have you ever read 1984 ? Well, Yellow people act like this then! They modify our story, they delet our past. We have no war anymore, we have no national identity anymore, we have no culture anymore. They assimilate us, fucking bastards! Like the Borgs, in Star Trek, they assimilate us!


edit To the arms! To the arms!

Ok ok, I see you coming "but you said that wasn't necessary"... I don't know everything, otherwise I could be writing on Wikipedia, not here...

Holy shit!

But I won't give up! We resisted against germans, Polish, blacks, arabs! We won't be beaten by small dicked dogs eaters, oh no! I'm going to lock down into my cellar.

That's it.

To take food and water.

To create a resistance radio channel.

To take my old Game Boy to hold out...

Hum... Wich game? This one should be ok...

Cartouche pokemon bleu
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