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I am ajhuncyc. I strive to be an ideal uncyclopedian, one who really sets the standard by which others may live by. When I say ideal, I mean that I rarely bother to give any time for uncyclopedia, I never keep my commitments, and I have a history of useless, destructive and outright malicious activity on uncyclopedia (a rather incomplete history, since some moderators are doing a great job at covering my tracks).

It may seem like I'm trying too hard to impress the admins, but really, I am just that good. Setting high standards comes naturally to people like me. No really, just because it looks like I'm sucking up to them, I really don't. It's just my magnetic, charismatic personality.

My lifetime goal is to be banned forever from uncyclopedia for my good work, and possibly also arrested, but even I have much improvement to make before I am worthy of such honour.

I need a template for users being tracked by the UnFBI...

Ajhuncyc (talk) 08:20, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

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