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JavaScript is indisputably the biggest fuckup to ever hit computing. Yes, it's even worse than Microsoft Windows. At least you can choose to avoid Windows, and software from Microsoft. That's just not possible with JavaScript.

JavaScript has embedded its tentacles into every major web browser, and most minor ones, too. Then just to fuck everyone over one more time, it's the basis for ActionScript, used in Flash. And in this case, it has even lodged itself in a goddamn PDF viewer!

JavaScript needs to go. It's a pathetic excuse for a scripting language, let alone a full programming language (like many stupid fools seem to use it as today).

JavaScript has brought performance problems, security holes and shitty programming wherever it has been used. It's a disease that has severely infected the current generation of software developers and software.

Why JavaScript is bad for you and your company's health:

1. All the UI code becomes open source. This is not desirable and it gets worse as more of the code moves to browser in order to build RIA apps.

2. UI code is monolithic. No components, not even namespace or classes.

3. No first class IDE support. Very poor productivity.

4. Difficult to debug (or understand esp. if someone else wrote it).

5. Inconsistent behavior across the various platform/browser combinations.

6. Syntax, even paradigm is quite different from languages like C, C++, C# or Java. Needs developers retraining unless you are a JavaScript only programmer.

7. Security problems. It will only get worse as you consume untrusted services from browser.

8. JavaScript memory leaks? Back to future.

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