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Did you mean Chrome OS?

edit Google Chrome

Chrome is racist

Obviously "Chrome" is a secret password for "racist". Just type in Obama and see how google predicts that you are racist, so look for yourself. (seriously, do it)

Wii chrome

Nintendon't Google Chrome

“The logo looks like a Poke Ball”

Chrome is Google's latest attempt to assimilate the Internet. Manufactured from Indian mined Chromium, Google's new Chrome is set to brighten up the internets to the extent of blinding Interweb Exploder. To complement its Pr0n Engine, Google released Chrome to be teh Pr0n Browser with purpose built Pr0n mode, that prevent everyone except Google from knowing about your illegal kiddiepr0n fetish you sick paedo!

edit History

See: Konqueror and Safari

edit Features

See: Safari
It's really a dumbed down Safari with the added oomph of an overpowered JavaScript engine dubbed V8.

  • V8 Engine Executes JavaScript so fast you'd think it comes with its own CPU. It's really really really really fast.
  • Misplaced Tab bar for some odd reason.
  • V8 Engine It's really really really really fast. As if it comes with its own CPU.
  • No AdBlock This way Google can profit out of your browsing habits.
  • V8 Engine Did I mention how fast it is?
  • No NoScript It sorta defeats the purpose of Chrome, doesn't it?
  • Speed It'll blow you away.

edit Chrome 2.0

This is Google's latest parody, which is basically just like the ones before it except it encourages you to switch to Windows to use all the features that it copied from Opera, unless you are already on Windows. (Does this even make any sense?) In truth however, like all interweb browsers, it is based upon the 1400s Viking computer program, Operous aux Browserous. Operous aux Browserous was originally designed solely for raping and pillaging.

Sadly, like many Google innovations, Chrome's features are regularly stolen and illegally copied by open source projects, most notably Mozilla Firefox.

Chromium Pokemon

edit Chrome 3.0

Whoa! That was quick!
Now GNU/tuxtards and mactards get to experience Google's orgasmic browser while revealing all their fetishes to Google to help improve Google's search results.

edit Chrome 4.0


edit Chrome 5.0

“We've passed Firefox and Safari in version numbers”
~ Eric Schmidt
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