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If you have ever used Uncyclopedia or consumed excessive amounts of alcohol, you are not required to take this test. The point value of each question is listed in parentheses (parenthese = "(" BTW). Unlike in Golf the higher your score, the more addicted you are. New questions are unwelcome — this is standardized testing and cheating will result in nation-wide blacklisting.

Give yourself at least 30 minutes (even less for the literate) because there are more than 8.999 questions!

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edit The test

edit Starter

  1. Will you take this test?
    • No. (1 point for honesty)
  2. Have you taken this test before?
    • Yes (-1000 LIAR!)
    • No (-1000 LIAR!)

edit How often you use Uncyclopedia

  1. Have you ever used Uncyclopedia?
    • Yes (-1000 LIAR!)
    • No (500 points)
  2. Do you feel guilty about not having a computer to vandalize Uncyclopedia with?
    • Yes (100 pity points)
    • No (Great! 101 points!)

edit What you do on Uncyclopedia

edit Vandalization

  1. Do you think "vandalization" is a real word?
    • Yes (150 - one for each IQ point)
    • No (-1000 TRAITOR!)
  2. Do you vandalize Uncyclopedia on a monthly basis? (10)
    1. Weekly? (20)
      1. Daily? (30, + a thumbs up from ChiefjusticeDS)
        1. Hourly? (39, plus a point for good luck)
          1. Minutely? (50, insane)
            1. Secondly? (60, super-insane)
              1. Millisecondly? (70)
                1. Microsecondly? (80)
                2. LIAR!!! (-81)
                3. Really? (82)
                  1. Nanosecondly? (90)
                    1. Picosecondly? (100, + Bill Gates' credit card number)

edit Uncyclopedia knowledge and opinion

  1. Do you love Wikipedia? (-1000000000 ÜBER-TRAITOR!!!!)
  2. Do you know what WoW stands for? (10)
    1. Or are you annoyed, since that also stands for Willy on Wheels? (-200, nimrod.)

edit Post-test questions (don't question me)

  1. Did you finish the test? (-1000 LIAR!)
    1. Really? (2000)
      1. Or did you just finish the test for the score? (-99999 CHEATER!!!)

edit Interpreting your score

Red scores are negative. For the time being, just imagine that your score is red, and then bite your tongue trying not to freak out about how it looks like a red link.

Score Result
≤ ∞ You fail. Bye-bye.
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