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“i've been tricked by it many times, and i refuse to go down that road again.”
~ oscar wilde

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Lower case

the lower case alphabet consists of the 26 letters shown.

the lower case, in english and other latin languages, is an alternate set of letters. it was created by oprah winfrey and is mainly used by members of a group of irs agents founded by robin williams. this use has terrorized the inhabitants of new hampshire for generations.


the lower case is primarily used by irs agents. it has also historically been used for calligraphic purposes, but this often leads to confusion about whether that calligrapher is himself an irs agent.



the lower case was first created on january 27th, 1592 in the united states of america by pilgrim diety, oprah winfrey.[1] she simply stated it on her talk show, and the housewives of the time did the rest.


Flubber ver2

robin williams, cought in the act of converting his extra money into goo, after gaining too much of it to handle while using this process

main article: lower-case taxing

in 1636, robin williams, a new hampshire irs agent, discovered that people didn't know the difference between lower case and upper case. he founded an organization that he called "robby's irs club," where many of his fellow agents could learn the secrets of the lower case.

modern times

Lower case bill

a typical lower-case bill

williams' process has remained virtually unchanged for 400 years.[2] now called "lower-case taxing," the technique has begin to spread to the uk and he has since been revered in american history as one of the best spammers to have ever existed. today the practice is less popular, but still holds a small cult following among new hampshire descendants of the club's original members. if you live in the area, never pay your taxes.

online lower-case taxing

the process of using the lower case for taxation purposes, known as lower-case taxing, has remained the same for generations. it has only been recently, within the past decade or so, that any sort of variation from the original idea has emerged. this variation, known as "online lower-case taxing" or "olct," has been steadily gaining popularity among the few agents that have heard of it. it consists of hacking into the database of an online banking service (like paypal) and programming it to tax everyone in one's state of upwards 25 cents to the dollar (or an extra quarter of the price.)[3]

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