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edit The Twilight Zone: More than just "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ..."

~In a place where men fear to calculate, where women and children come last, a dimension full of opprotunity, there is ... The Twilight Zone~

Do I exist? Who knows. Does God exist? Maybe. Does the Twilight Zone exist? YES! YES, it DOES! We LIVE in the TWILIGHT ZONE, people! I mean, come on! We got, uh ... well, none of the cool stuff in the Rod Serling show (the Old Twilight Zone show ... the good one). But, really think about it for a second. Just think:


Gollum is stricken by the curse of The Ring, calling it his "Precious". How are we so addicted to material objects that we seem to love them? An important lesson is to be learned in ... The Twilight Zone.


Only one with such a soul as does Robin Hood can steal from the rich and give to the poor. Many live like Robin Hood in The Twilight Zone.


Eye for an eye. Pupils may need to visit each other to ask for help in The Twilight Zone.

edit Think!

Hundreds of thousands of galaxies. We feel inferior. Well, don't you think the life in other galaxies feel inferior, as well? And wouldn't we be in the same life? I believe that to each human, we have an alien doing the same, somewhere out there, perhaps in another dimension, where the streets are paved with gold and poverty exists at the same time. A crazy dimension.


edit How weird!

Everything is weird. So, is it really possible to have a Twilight Zone, where everything is much weirder?

Maybe it's just weird because it's ordinary.

Holy shit. I never thought of it like that.

And as you read this page, just think. You could either be:

A) Really interested.

B) Have no opinion.

C) Have a hangover and really don't give two fucks.

D) Your head exploded.

The majority will probably by "C", but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Unfortunately for me, your head probably won't explode, and I won't be able to have the supreme satisfaction that I avoided a lawsuit (once again, thanks to these crazy skills).

Zoidberg dance animate

Decapodians cannot dance! Well, just in one place: The Twilight Zone, where anything is possible.

Zoidberg dance2 animate

Another dance! Watch in amazement as he does ... whatever he does.


Yoda, a much more philosophical character in Star Wars than anything else. It is said that this takes place in a galaxy, far, far away. But then how could we be able to film such an event as jedi warriors in battle and creatures of such interest? Only from the latest technology from The Twilight Zone.


Nonsense? Nonsense! It's certainly possible ... in The Twilgiht Zone.

edit Conclusion

But anyways, how are we able to coprehend such a place of wonder? Surely, there has to be some proof such a place even exists. Though I'm sure countless experts have avoided such an unusual and what they call a "made up subject". However, I'm willing to risk life and limb to figure out about the place. There are stories to be told, secrets to be whispered into people's ears, and ancient civilizations that might help us in such a time of peril.


This piece of work, called the Sphinx, was made by ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdom. Only in such a place as The Twilight Zone can we bring stories and mythology to life physically. Next step: life.

The Twilight Zone can be the most interesting, fascinating friend you ever meet - or the most perilous flight with your worst dream. Let's just hope that Some how we can live in it. That is to say ... Earth is The Twilight Zone. If not physically, maybe mentally: it alters your mind; emotionally: a wide range of emotions come with it; socially: you sure do meet a lot of weird and interesting people, and The Twilight Zone is full of them; and spritually: it takes impact on your life.


This image conprehends perspective, something that is vital in The Twilight Zone. In real life, Bush is neither a puppet nor being physically controlled by Cheney. But in The Twilight Zone ... this is how it goes.

Typing monkey

It is said if you put so many monkeys in front of typewriters, one of them will produce the great works of Shakespeare. Only in The Twilight Zone.

I'm not saying the Rod Serling script is best, but that we must live our own lives - without acting like it - to be in ... The Twilight Zone.


Einstein, one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th Century. Are we to say that his presence in this world is uninvited, that perhaps he is not from the planet Earth, but from the Twilight Zone?

edit Conclusion of a Conclusion

Earth tranny

A creature that allows itself to be treated with a variety of drugs, who wallows in his own filth, who lives off of precious Mother Earth just for the publicity. These creatures known as hippies respresent the dark side of The Twilight Zone.


It just goes on and on and on and on and on and then it ends and on and on ...

And for dinner, The Twilight Zone!

edit The Start of an End of the Start which will never End

R Crumb

Mr. Natural, one who makes The Twilight Zone and all of its inhabitants possible.

There are those who help The Twilight Zone, and those who use and abuse its great power. Those who seek wisdom and guidance in a world of confusion seek only their foolish fate, where as those who keep quite, keep still and shut their mouths will gain everything. To let everything in The Twilight Zone happen just for the sake of it happening will make everyone better. Do not change what should be, or you are in danger of learning a lesson. <<------Do not listen to this propoganda.

The Twilight Zone needs help. It is diminishing as those who dare not to speak do not speak. We need speakers, we need thinkers, not those who keep still and deny all existence.


Holy shit! He's ... WATCHING?! Ahem. Big Brother is watching you. In The Twilight Zone? Eh ... only half-watching (someone is stealing his pens).

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