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“George Bush doesn't care about AgentSeethroo.”
~ Kanye West on AgentSeethroo


AgentSeethroo's Katamari of Doom.

Agent Seethroo is an elite Super-Ninja and evil Administra-TOR. He is world-renowned for his ability to become completely transparent, or "See-throo" as some might call it. He first rose to phame by becoming an administra-TOR for the Homestar Runner Wiki Forum, a place where people with clever usernames such as "The Experimental Film","The Japanese Geek","Señor" and "Acekirby" come to worship Homestar Runner. As he began to administrate teh forum alongside JoeyDay and that interrupting guy, he became famous for his power to Banninate people and to come up with witty one-liners.

Today Mr. Seethroo resides in Forumopolis with his dog Toastpaint, constantly searching the 7-odd (and 54 even) moons of Jupiter for a new hat. He's been Internetting longer than you. Just ask your mom. Or his mom. Whoever really, they all know.

Rumor has it The Agent picks up small childrens with his Katamari of Doom and then he stores them in his bowels for eating later.

He is a BIG FAN of Canada. But not Canadexico. Eww.

edit The Early Days

AgentSeethroo was born Jos- Ge---y in a Megatexas log cabin in 1959, during the Just-Okay Depression. It wasn't great, but his parents were forced to sell all of little Jos-'s visibility. According to Megatexas law at the time, all visibility-impaired people had to change their name to something invisible-like. After weeks of trying to decide, his family decided to re-name him AgentSeethroo; in words of his parents, the name was "awesome."

edit Ninja Days


On a raid as a new Ninja. He's the one you can't see.

While visiting his High School counselor, AgentSeethroo was questioned about his skills. He lacked those sweet skills that can attract women, but possessed one skill that made him unique: invisibility. Based upon this he decided to enlist in the Megatexas Ninjarmy.

Because one cannot see him, he doesn't even have to sneak up on 'em, just BAM--mission over. His Command-AR saw this and appointed him to the Super-Ninjarmy. AgentSeethroo quickly ascended in the ranks.

However, he has exactly one fatal weakness: Orange juice. It has killed him several times. Each time he has been killed, he has returned, but OJ continually escapes conviction because the gloves didn't fit.

edit Fall From Fame and Fortune

But alas, all this glory was not to stay forever. In the great battles of Pirates versus Ninjas (occurring a few months after Seethroo's famed conquest, Robot Assimilation Day), Seethroo bravely led the ninjas against the pirate horde in the cold desert of Antarctica. Though the ninjas took the upper hand for most of the battle, they were cut short by the arrival of the Penguin Pirates and a few Clinjas as well. AgentSeethroo nearly died at the hands of Captain M'Lady, Queen of the Lady Pirates (and quite a few Cs). His glory tarnished, he returned to his home in Forumopolis... where he was killed by OJ several times more.

edit Notable Quotes Regarding AgentSeethroo

  • "There's no one driving that car! AAARRRRRGGGGLLLBLBLLBLBL!!!" - AgentSeethroo
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