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edit Articles

Wand of Gamelon

Nintendo DSi

Plastique surgery (WIP/stub/crap)

User:Aethix/HowTo:Write a C++ program (WIP)

User:Aethix/UnScripts:Attack of the Cyber-Terrorists (WIP)

edit Templates

Ganon wand of gamelon This article is GANNON-BANNED

It probably contains numerous typos and/or may anger rabid Zelda fanboys. Exercise caution while editing this article, or else you will DIE!


Every statement below is true, because the adjectives used are all relative terms, and therefore carry NO REAL MEANING, and now my brain hurts a lot. It also hurts a little. It also hurts... aw, who cares?
Aethix is big

Aethix is also incredibly big and ugly, too.

Template:Grue Clock To make this page accessible, I am providing a link instead of the actual template.

edit Awards

Atrophy This user cannot follow any orders!!


edit Userboxes

Mario-lo-res This user is a Gamer and therefore creepy.

LV-4 This user considers him/herself an expert gamer and so begs borrows or steals just enough money to pay for their electricity.

451px-Wii Wiimotea This user is a Nintendo fanboy/girl.

Nintendo ds This user prefers the Nintendo DS over the PSP as they have far superior multitasking abilities.

TI-83 This user plays games on a graphing calculator as they live in the Philippines or are extremely weird.
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