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Written by Aethix.

Welcome, Guest.

The world is in dire peril... again!

And only YOU can stop it!

Take control of your favorite Nintendo character/iconic third party character and fight evil and save the universe.

Good luck. You're going to die.

edit The Rules

  1. Do not die. If you break this rule, it is an automatic Game Over
  2. Do not just enter random page names into the address bar and hope you find the winning screen. Because then something horrible may happen to you.
  3. Do not cheat.
  4. Do not just hit the back button on your browser whenever you lose. Unless you have obtained the Stone of Temporal Distortion. Then you can hit the back button on your browser once for every stone you have.
  5. Do not ask stupid questions. If you do ask a stupid question, I will give you a stupid answer. And then I might kill you, causing you to be in violation of rule #1. It depends on how I feel.

You will see a variety of screens that present different scenarios. After the scenario, you will have to make a choice. If you make the wrong choice, you may end up breaking ruled number one. If you consistently make right choices, you will eventually win. But that's a big "if".

edit Let's Begin

A new enemy threatens the universe. A mysterious evil lurks in Donnport City The world needs a hero. And that hero is you! First, you must select your character.

edit What would you like to do?

*[[Game:SSBD/Mario|<span title="Mario">Play as Mario</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Luigi|<span title="Luigi">Play as Luigi</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Peach|<span title="Peach">Play as Peach</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Bowser|<span title="Bowser">Play as Bowser</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Kirby|<span title="Kirby">Play as Kirby</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Meta Knight|<span title="Meta Knight">Play as Meta Knight</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/DDD|<span title="King Dedede">Play as King Dedede</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Link|<span title="Link">Play as Link</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Zelda|<span title="Zelda">Play as Zelda</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Ganondorf|<span title="Ganondorf">Play as Ganondorf</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/YL|<span title="Young Link">Play as Young Link</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/BL|<span title="Baby Link">Play as Baby Link</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/TL|<span title="Toon Link">Play as Toon Link</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Pikachu|<span title="Pikachu">Play as Pikachu</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/PT|<span title="Pokemon Trainer">Play as Pokémon Trainer</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Samus|<span title="Samus">Play as Samus</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Pit|<span title="Pit">Play as Pit</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Fox|<span title="Fox">Play as Fox</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/CF|<span title="Captain Falcon">Play as Captain Falcon</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Ness|<span title="Ness">Play as Ness</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Resetti|<span title="Mr. Resetti">Play as Mr. Resetti</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/PL|<span title="Professor Layton">Play as Professor Layton</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/ROB|<span title="Robotic Operating Buddy">Play as ROB</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/GW|<span title="Mr. Game and Watch">Play as Mr. Game and Watch</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Snake|<span title="SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!">Play as Snake</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Sonic|<span title="Sonic">Play as Sonic</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Megaman|<span title="Megaman">Play as Megaman</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Pacman|<span title="Pac Man">Play as Pac Man</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Cloud|<span title="Cloud">Play as Cloud</span>]] *[[Game:SSBD/Yourself|<span title="A loser">Play as {{Username|an unregistered loser}}</span>]] *[[Special:Random|<span title="Can't make a simple decision on your own?">Random</span>]]

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