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The following is a list of articles that I contributed to the vast well of knowledge that is Uncyclopedia. Unfortunately, none of them are funny. No, I'm serious. They're not funny (does Jedi mind trick). As a result I'll list them in order of what I think are the funniest, to aid you to find the best (that is, of my material) as quick as possible. That's how nice I am.



  • Cetacean Levees Theory: Not particularly the best thing on this site, but a fine read if you take it in for what it's parodying (not the hurricane and the tragedy after, which I am totally sympathetic to-but the idiotic conspiracy theories spawned from it).


Like I have previously stated, I am not going to waste your time by showing you the low end of the quality totem pole. This section will be devoted to showing you the best images I have produced. And here it is:

Lee 's Fatal Error

NOTICE: This is the best out of two images so far, so stop laughing at me! Regardless, I think it is a good parody of those military tactic maps.

Best of Wishes!

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