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Grampaw josef

Guess who, kids!

HELLO, boys and girls! It's me, your old pal Plastic Willywhiz! Do you know what time it is?

That's right! It's time to go to he--NO!'s STORY TIME! Yes! It's time to have fun with all of our special little fairy friends in Happy Land.

Now, what story would you like me to read today? Codeine and the Annoying Troll? How about The Demented Cartoon Story? Or perhaps--

What's that?

You want me to get bent?

OHOHOHOHO! I'm sorry, kids, I can't do that! You see, this is my only job, and I have to get money to eat. And if I don't get money, I get very, very angry...

You wouldn't want that, would you...?

I thought you wouldn't.

Now, I think I will read for you today the story of The Legend of Awesome: A Link to the Twilight Ocarina Waker of Ages...Majora's Mask.

edit The Legend of Awesome: Insert Long Title Here

Link red

The little fairy boy.

150px-Picture 1

His friends, the Pirate Squad.

Once upon a time, in a far, far away land, there was a little fairy boy and his friends, the Pirate Squad. They loved to frolic outside and have a jolly time.

One day, they were walking along their merry way when they spied a cottage in the forest. Being inquisitive little fellows, they decided to investigate.

When they came upon the house, they found it was...made of gingerbread? That can't be right... Er, just a moment, kiddies...



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