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Dawn is an enigma of time and space. Nobody is entirely sure who, or what, Dawn is. Only a few solid facts are available on the subject of what the hell Dawn is.

edit Kinds of Dawn

edit Dawn of Man

The Dawn of Man is best known for starting off the race of monkey creatures that eventually pinnacled by creating Uncyclopedia. Codenamed Prometheus, it presented us with the main advantage over our brethren, namely that we have opposable thumbs, which are perfect for firing plasma cannons at inferior beings.

edit Dawn of Time

The information on this Dawn has been classified by the Green Lantern Corps.

edit Dawn of the Day

This is one of the only Dawns that we have any real information on. This dawn is incredibly beautiful, and therefore we think it's a female. She only appears early in the morning when the sun is near the horizon, and she's so huge she fills the entire sky. She is also rumored to be the one who gave birth to the Giant Space Baby.

edit Dawn of a New Era

This dawn only shows up when the world almost ends. For example, when people discovered they could do more damage when they covered their horses and bodies with metal, the world almost ended but fortunately crystallized into the Medieval Age. This leads us to believe that this Dawn is intended to keep mankind from totally f***ing up everything.

edit Dawn the Verb

Whenever a complete moron finally gets something completely obvious, Dawn the Verb saves the day, by having comprehension finally Dawn on them. This is an integral part of society, as everyone except me most of society is a are complete morons.

edit Pokemon Dawn

#REDIRECT User:Administrator/Dawn (Pokemon) She's a bitch. That's all you need to know.

edit Dawn the Maid

Also known as Dawn the Detergent, this Dawn likes to clean stuff. A lot. Seriously, it almost seems as if it gets sexual pleasure out of it. Be careful, though, as it may unleash Bleach upon you if you're not careful. Yes, both varieties of it, including the redhead with the ridiculously huge sword.

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