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Chim Richels was born on a dusky rainy saturday in rural New York City. His mother was an ox-pecker and his father was never around. Many credit his fathers abscence to his rather pungent odor that always wafted about him wherever he went. When Chim grew up he always had an ambitiion to die. He eventually got his wish, but not before writing The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, and The Jungle. He also directed Star Wars 1-3 and 5-6, and pioneered the series True HollyWood Story for the Entertainment Network. Chim's life partner was the actual Joey Tribiani, not Matt LeblancofFriends, or of even less importance the short lived series Joey. Sadly however Joey died in a tragic smelting accident at the hands of the dynamic duo of Matthew Perry and Goldmember. His death ripped Chim apart, literally throwing all of Chim's limbs from his body, and absolutely tearing out his sphincter and reversing his rectum so that it protruded out of his body. Everybody then referred his rectum as his ass tail, but Chim never had to live through this ridicule seeing that he died from getting stabbed in the heart by a trident. his funeral consisted of his body being placed in a shopping cart then being rolled down a ravine into the Mississippi River where he still lies to this day.

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