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The itch from a mosquito bite can be soothed by cutting open a clove of garlic and rubbing it on the bite, much like delightful new user Acronomical...

edit Who?

First discovered in 1994 by Sir William Acronomical, Acronomical devoted the first fifteen years of her life to donating generously to various charitable organizations and assisting those less fortunate than her. Upon being introduced to Uncyclopedia, however, she promptly abandoned all prior causes in order to focus her attention on the art of spreading misinformation.

Having registered as a member recently following intensive surgery, she is best known for offering absolutely no contribution to the Uncyclopedian community.

However, Acronomical vows to amend the situation at her earliest possible convenience, and guarantees that she will eventually begin to make the possibility of her contributing positively to the site an improbable reality. Much like any good politician, Acronomical will also lie through her teeth to gain public acceptance and expecting her to honour her vow would be ill-advised.

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