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The system of international maritime signal flags is a way of representing individual letters of the alphabet in signals to or from ships.

There are various methods that the flags can be used as signals:

  • each flag spells out a letter of an alphabetic message.
  • individual flags have specific and standard meanings;
  • one or more flags form a code word whose meaning can be looked up

edit Letters

Lt   phonetic           Flag     Representing phrase

A AAAAAAAAA! 50px-ICS Alpha.svg A/S/L?
B Balls 50px-ICS Bravo.svg I have herpes.
C Cuss 50px-ICS Charlie.svg Free Cuba!!!
D Doorbell 50px-ICS Delta.svg I am out of syrup. Assistance Required.
E E 50px-ICS Echo.svg I see dead people.
F Fab! 50px-ICS Foxtrot.svg I think Matthew McConaughey is a fine actor, but I don't think he's all that good-looking.
G Gnomes 50px-ICS Golf.svg Fuck.
H Hack 50px-ICS Hotel.svg Baby on board.
I Irish 50px-ICS India.svg I'm having seizures due to the Japan flag.
J Jjkjdshf 50px-ICS Juliet.svg "I am a Scorpio." or "I hate you"
K Kebec 50px-ICS Kilo.svg I wish to have sex with you.
L Lame 50px-ICS Lima.svg You should stop being a jerk :-(.
M Mom 50px-ICS Mike.svg I am going to bomb Scotland.
N Nucular 50px-ICS November.svg "Nooooooooo!" or "YES!"
O Olivia 50px-ICS Oscar.svg I want a Big Mac.
P Pervert 50px-ICS Papa.svg "I am a White Supremacist", or "I am a well known member of the KKK".
Q Qwert 50px-ICS Quebec.svg I am homeless.
R Rap 50px-ICS Romeo.svg I am Antonio Banderas.
S Soviet 50px-ICS Sierra.svg I am in the Blue Man Group.
T Tilt 50px-ICS Tango.svg Baguette.
U Unabomber 50px-ICS Uniform.svg Pirates ahead!
V Vulva 50px-ICS Victor.svg You have been voted off the island.
W Wilde 50px-ICS Whiskey.svg I require whisky.
X Xatu 50px-ICS X-ray.svg Turn down the music, punk.
Y Yogi 50px-ICS Yankee.svg I am a virgin.
Z Zen 50px-ICS Zulu.svg I am carrying marrowana.
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