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This is the page for the Bios Improval Project, creted to make The Bios match FAL (Famine Acceptance Level). Also, this page's talk page will be used for discussion between the people improving them.

edit History

I created a page with bios about the Uncyclopedia notable members and it got deleted because it was random. However, it was said that the idea had a lot of ppotencial and that to make it work, the bios should match the user's history on Uncyclopedia. So this is what this project is all about.

edit How?

edit First Step (Current)

The first way of improving the bios is to search notable edits, created pages and User Pages of the cited users, mix it all up and add it to the current biography, taking some of it out, in preference.

edit Second Step

The second step consists of analysing the users' personality on the site (e.g.: Banner, Against Voter, Reverter), and add it to the then current biography.

edit Third Step

Still workin' on that one. For suggestions or volunteering, please send me a message.

edit Current Improvers

Join the select group of improvers!

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