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edit Rs2underground

“What the hell is this?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Rs2underground
~ Juka/Ruka/Eiri Yuki and every other name he has ever had on Rsunderground
“Ya rly.”
~ Blank the Rs2underground founder on Rs2underground
“Their is just SO many in there!”

Rs2underground or "r es 2 u" for some people is a community based of excessive amounts of posting of spam, and occasionally in a millenia an actual RuneScape cheats, although scarce, sightings of Administrators have been reported, and the rare sight of the iDork is a spectacular demonstration of human evolution. normally around a greater amount of porn being posted, and as some would say "Un-healthy" social status in the Real world.

edit Rs2Underground the beginning

In the late years of 1944 (Which by the way I don't think years really exist in an actual year) a user on the Intranet named Blank had forged a new weapon that would be almost in-measurable in power agains't the allied Jagex forces, he made an entirely new (Of which weapon was not already created (Obviously (No, really.))) RuneScape trading site, which later people who joined acclaimed that there was infact a cheat on the site, which people only discovered after the popular and coincedentally infamous "Omg t3h sploiter" fad was created/discovered, where as many of the people in the Rs2U Shoutbox (See contents) only then came across it with a red URL with the text as "oMG i FOUND A SPLOITER WHICH MADE MY CAPS LOCK A RETARD!" linking to a section which only those with over 1500 posts or more could view, and thus the forum was spammed, and in attempts to control the outrageous spammers that would riddle the boards with their useless and annoying post's, Blank in all his wisdom invented "Mod's".

Soon after the system became a complete success in removing more or less an index of spam for the entire internet, that the post's were simply lowered to 1,000 to view the cheats, the original idea was 100 but was soon moved to the Trash-dump of the forum (Because not all the moderators, despite the calculations of Blanks F- Maths paper in having mod's around the world for a time-zone advantage system were actually on at the time which some users managed to spend 3 days continously spamming the forums for the 1,000 required posts.)

edit Rs2Undergrounds moderator team

Not including the last £"%332% mod's


Someone who is encountering a mod

  • Face101 (The founder of modern day jackassery, later to be questioned about accepting bribes by various member's, which were mysteriously deleted from the database of the forums shortly after doing so.)
  • Pissed-Root (Later deemed an Admin due to Blanks famous quote "BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!")
  • Juk4 (An infamous 1337 speaker on the internet)
  • Spiderboner (Famous for boning spiders.)
  • Fatman (Because all great internet admins have to fit into the criteria of "Fat" if they choose to steal marvel comic ideas and disguise them with a clever .:.:Fatman:.:. pattern in attempts to make sure the copy-right lawyers do not accidentally find him on a Google Search for "Judges Un-sued".)
  • Messyboy (A ridiculed GFX user, who was later modded for making Blank a spectacular Forum theme in MS paint)
  • Boredom (Modded because the Administrator that modded him was bored, and I was to bored to look at who that bored Administrator was.)
  • EyePhish (Shortly after joining was found out to infact, be an actual, real Girl. Blank decided that out of courtesy for actually having a girl on his site, he would give her special powers, at first in the lines of laundry cleaning powers, then the feminist group was called in and he had to settle for giving her a moderator position.)
  • Some guy (Some guy is a secret moderator who is no longer secret, but secretly is secret on the forums of Rs2underground as a secret moderator, unfortunately due to him being recently not-so-secret anymore, he decided to become a really secret moderator, and to this day, he is a secret moderator on Rs2underground. Truely ingenius is he.)

There have been reports of a secret moderator on "r es 2 u", this is secret, you do not know of this.

There has also been a use of overly sarcastic comments on that same moderator, on this very page, the creator of the topic would like to say, you're wrong. Because let's face it, the customer is never right, and neither are you.

Manhunt2 banned

What normally happens in an Rs2underground Ban

edit Historical facts of Rs2underground

When something happened in 1949 on the Intranet, it was suddenly making re-occuring glitches on Rs2undergrounds forums, whereas as (As) soon as, the post button was clicked you were inexplicabally tele-morphed into the recent year of 2007, with a can of pepsi and ranting about how pepsi is so much better than coke, when you know damn well that pepsi is BETTER than coke, when you're wrong, and pepsi is shit, and you fail, and die, and make some random shitty article about n00b's on some random crap anti-wiki society on the intranet. What the hell was I saying again? Screw it, I'm so finished in this argument, coke is BETT- ENOUGH! Next topic!

edit Phrases often frowned upon in "r es 2 u"

  • n00b - (We had decided that ch00b is better at this forum.)
  • Ch00b - (We decided we are retards, and anyone else who said this, was also a retard, and promptly slapped the back of our hands in shame and disgust.)
  • Ban hammer - (Unless you are a moderator or higher, this word of power may never be uttered by you.)
  • 1337 - (Pissed-Root is expected to be the continous year awards champion for the use of 1337sp34k on "r es 2 u", he is currently as of yet, un-touched.
  • MC Hammer - (Face101 will most likely immediately ban you for reason "Can't touch this".
  • Travis - (Reason is yet unknown, P.S To those of you in the Uncyclopedia that are now hitting the "CALL ADMIN A N00B IS POSTED PERSNAL STUF!11", this is not a personal piece of information, this is just a name of which a certain Mod may, infact, ban you for. Like I said, do not utter this word of power.)
  • Spam - (Don't.)
  • Ass - (Because we often enjoy our relatively cheap ass service, no, not THAT type of servicing you lewd person.)
  • Dick - (One of our moderators is a homosexual who will not only ban me for linking homosexual to an article named "Fag" because he is just one big sensitive faggot, will find this word as porn due to his flaming homosexuality. And then follow through after the kleenex to ban your ass, after sodomizing it.)
  • Vagina(Or any form's of) - (The homosexual moderator will not find this as porn, but offensive to his gendre for some in-explainable reason, please bare with us whilst we tell God to smite this whore.)
  • Uncyclopedia - (Because the moderator who just happens to be gendre confused, and a protestant bastard will ban you, because upon going to the uncyclopedia you will most likely find this page. Here is my advice, abuse the personal message system, atleast that way he can live oblivious to the fact he is being ridiculed.)
  • Me - (Luckily no-one knows which person on "R es 2 u" posted this article about Rs2underground, and I hope it shall stay that way, so I am not shouted at by our slave master Plank for insulted a user's homosexuality, espeacially his man-slave.)

For obvious reasons, those of whom know the truth of the origination of this thread, I urge you. Do NOT tell the homosexual about it, or let's just say this, Y'know those people who got banned for asking me about accepting bribes to un-ban users on Rs2underground? Yea, those guys, remember what happened to them? Now think of sodomy and "The mafia", yeah, that's what'll happen.


edit Various sections of the Forum

After much ridiculous arguing about the meaning of life, and whether God was on a shitload of doobies, (As sketched by some members) Plank and iDork, decided on making sections to post on this forum after coming to the conclusion that being able to actually post on a forum would be a good thing. Despite all the spam that would occur afterward.

This sections were divided into 4 corners, the corners were as followed, the corner, the other corner, the other-other corner, and the corner that no-one really liked so they simply deleted it. These corners 4 (Or the 3 left after the sad demise of the rejected corner) of the forum sections, multiplied after a short phase of ecstacy addiction, and now have come to form the following forums and sub-forums of the forums.... if that reeeaally made much sense.

edit The N&A

News an Pronouncement's (Since Plank could not spell Announcemtns, he simply Pronounced it, and here it is shining and gleeming with passion, looking donw on all those foolish enough to looking for a thesaurus and having stumbled on a site even remotely related to RuneScape.)

edit Contest's and activities

Normally this is filled with a lot of orgy anouncements in RuneScape, all relating to cybersex if anyone was to be found in need of some good ol' sexing he'll often end up here.

edit Official Rule's

This is normally in relation to something this is not there, and does not exist, this is a part of the forum where members have blatantly put as "A lie", or more of "An elaborate deception of order". Nevertheless the Administrators placed this section here with a thread, mainly comprised of Chuck Norris quotes, as a futile attempt to enfore reality. The experiment failed, and as a result God dis-appeared in a puff of logic.

edit Introductions and Suicides

Normally people come here to join "The order" as we call it, once you have posted in here you are officially a member of "The order" and if banned, you will have an iressistable urge to use a proxy, and re-post so we may add that proxy to the ban-list. Fag. Although it is actually named "Farewells" the admin know's the only possible way to purge your eyes from the forum once you have posted in this section is to first purge yourself of all life-force. We are sorry to inform that, you are now as we like to say, ... "Lol i pwnd ths n00b in areess once n nuw i jined this sit cald es 2 u nd nuw i am lyk adictd tu it lol so i cnt leve." However horrifying the truth may be, you must face it, once a user of r es 2 u, always a user of (Of fuck that God damned name.)

edit Suggestions that will not be read

This is the place where most people come to rant on certain aspects of the forum, normally that one of them got scammed after giving someone their username and password on a certain game expecting 99 on all stats, and then receiving an invalid password message at trying to log into the account. Besides that, this is probably where some of the most informative and completely ingenius ideas go to complete waste, because the administrators are to busy playing WoW to care about something related to RuneScape.

edit Public CV's

Carefully prepared CV's for all of you lazy fuckers who cant be assed to simply lie about having a degree.

edit General off-topic

This consist's of 3 layers of fillings, first comes the bread, which is known as the "Off-topic" discussion, second comes the "Forum games", which as we all know on (If I have to say that thing one more GOD damned time, I'm going to kick you in the ass harder than Chuck Norris.) as the spam forums which is the middle layer, the 'spam' layer and finally the Secrets and Desires sub-section, which makes up the other piece of bread and butter. So in terms, this is the "Spam sandwich" function of Rs2underground.

edit Geek stuff

This is obviously made by geeks, for I can not even comprehend the variable for the name of this forums name, the name is simply, ... I'm baffled, what is it? God please tell me! In any case, this is only understood by those who actually had signed up on the forums, and could try to translate it for themselves. Good luck, brave soul.

edit GFX

This has 3 Categorys, Art, Ask for art, and comparing your shit to another user's shit on Rs2underground. But you could just say, that I was really confused at what this GFX stoof for, and got lazy of describing it, in any case, show my your account name on the forum so I can tell you, if you tell anyone that I am not 'All knowing and powerful' that I will proceed to banning your account and all of your IP's. You have been warned, I know all, understood? Fine, let's move on.

edit Trading of pixels

We are sorry to inform you that the maker of this article was confused at the amount of numbers that this section of the Rs2underground forums displayed. We are sorry to inform you that he is back after a seizure, and has had another seizure, and recovered, and we are also very sorry for confusing the younger viewers of this article with our advanced, complex way of making it seem that the maker of this thread has uj-fortunately suffered something and confused me on something or other and I cannot continue this sentence, because I have just had a seizure ... oh yes, if you haven't moved onto the next subject we seriously suggest you read this.

And we are sorry to inform you that this will more or less, be huffed. Because of our excessive use of being bold, now wheres my wig...

edit h4x

This section is full of "h4x", as we discussed earlier about a certain section of the forum, and that it occasionally possesed as kids these day call "cheats" this section is responsible for many or if not ALL of the spammers on the forum, the 1,000 post cap was said to be too high, but if lowered to 999 a lot of people were predicted to complain that it makes it easier for "n00b postrunner's" to obtain "h4x" for RuneScape. So we deemed it neccesary to reply to those user's, with a kind and sudden 'STFU, or GTFO', and they kindly did so.

edit RuneScape section

Ironically one of the most un-active sections of this RuneScape cheating community. Period. With the combining of all the sub-forums, the Administrators took several hours to realease an official post amount of that entire forum, "0".

edit Other Games

Unlike the RuneScape section, we have discovered traces of posts linked to RuneScape in here, we later discussed and (Or) (Both) questioned the mentallity of our users...

edit Another Contest's section

Apparantly the administrator's enjoy making this section so much they had made a section about it, that was in the past used, it's now only used for archiving the past pornographic pictures of users posted over 4 months ago so users will never be short of porn, also as a way of making people stay on the forums rather than using google, but then a smart person could of said that nobody ever uses google in the first place, and an even smarter one could of said "maybe the administrators just forgot to delete this section after making one in N&A".

edit Plea's

Home to the Trash compactor of Rs2underground (Which mainly contains post's that had no pornographic content in them), this section also has a subsection used for people to plea for mercy, and to generally un-ban their account which had been banned. And then later coming back to be banned on yet another account using a proxy, then later repeating that same process. We 'the mod's' have yet to discover why this section even exist's other than to simply piss us off.

Because we came to the conclusion shortly after, "If he was banned he probably didn't post any porn".

edit Rs2underground's spambox

As a gift to many of the mod's as a "Thank you" for deleting their 100,000,000Th spammer, they were awarded with the Shout Box, cleverly designed to keep the spammers confused, and to generally keep most of the spam in the shoutbox, this was a new invention developed by a helpful user, originally the designs of the shoutbox were a type of system on the forum un-which the users could post and chat to each other but now ofcourse that idea was scrapped and replaced with the new idea of making the shoutbox a spambox, so the spammers would often waste time shouting at each other in the spambox and un-wittedly realizing that they had fallen victim to the trickery of the mod's, they had spent 4 Months posting in the spambox before realizing that they had a userpage which contained a post number, after many years of vigorously translating the text "User post's:" into n00b format, they had cracked the code, this was a dark day for many of the mod's at Rs2underground, many of them soon realized that they would discover how to actually attain post's in the next 2 decades, and since have been prepping the caffiene store for an emergency raid.

Your average day on r es 2 u...

edit The Rs2underground text-based game

After Rs2underground was at a peak of 10 users in the userlist, the community felt it needed a game, not just any game, a game that would simply rule over all over games.

Banned page

Rare footage of the Rs2underground Text-based game.

After roughly 2 Minutes of game production it was finished, and the only user to play it was ironically the user who had suggested it in the first place. As you can see, this is the rare game footage to your left,(and/or) right.

edit Conclusion

If you need a community that wont reject you for posting un-neccessary amounts of porn or making complete violation's to the dictionary, we urge you. Come to Rs2underground, we only require you know basic Engrish.

edit See also

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