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[[Category: Things that may be out to get you]]
[[Category: Things that may be out to get you]]
[[Category: Fictional Monsters]]
[[Category: Monsters]]

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Stegasooras - Created by Warrior Chieftain Korangar in the year 2101. Often used in the phrase "YOU ALL FFALL TO TTHE STEGASOORAS!!1one!"


Its eating habits vary, but it especially loves to devour 17-year-old girls, although it is known to eat: * * chickens


The stegasooras lives in the internet or eastern half of Korangar's mind.


Appearance is black body with green spikes, blue fangs, and green scales. Looks like an Ankylosaurus/Stegasaurus crossmix.

Stegasooras in the year 20XQ

Authority of handling with this creature was given to Abwayax (also known as Nemesis) in year 20XQ, and used to help the downfall of Megamitzimyrna, a cross between the Octo 3000's owner and Charmin Girl.


More information on this creature is unknown, but being looked into by Omegaman, Sigmaman, and Gammaman, rulers and pwners of 1337.

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