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Becuase the regular Stalin V. Trotsky is not good enough for anyone.


Leon Trotsky

Paper Stalin


“Who cares if Stalin is evil? I like his facial hair.”
~ Mao on Stalin V. Trotsky
I hate Stalin. He should not be given power.Trotsky is not good at politics.”
~ Lenin as censored by Soviet Police on Stalin V. Trotsky

Stalin V. Trotsky was a epic debate over who would rule the USSR. it was hosted by the ideal host, Oscar Wilde

edit The Debate

“Gentelmen your topic is "Why should you rule the USSR?". This ends WHEN I GOD DAMNED SAY IT ENDS! NO OVER TIME! Stalin you start.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Over time
“Well I think I would be a qualified leader becuase Comrade Lenin loved me.”
~ Stalin on Lenin's Love
“THAT is incorrect! Lenin told his famliy on his death bed that that you should not be allowed to take power.”
~ Trotsky on What Lenin Said
“HEY SHUT UP MOTHER FUCKER! You wait your God damned turn!Stalin, contuine...”
~ Oscar Wilde on Trotsky's interuption
“ I also had a great role in the revolution and my facial hair makes me supior to everyone else. That is why I should rule.”
~ Stalin on Why he is better than everyone else
“Trotsky your repsonse.(Now you can talk motherfucker)”
~ Oscar Wilde on Trotsky's turn
“First Lenin hated you. Second all you did in the revolution was polish MY toilet. Third your facial hair smells like cabbage.”
~ Trotsky on Stalin
~ Oscar Wilde on Stalin?
“Can you prove Lenin hated me? I also cleaned Lenin's toliet, making his infulence over me great. Therefore I will be a great leader.”
~ Stalin on Lenin's infulnece on him
“Trotsky respond.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Stalin's end and Trotsky's start
“Ask his famliy. They were around when he said it.”
~ Trotsky on Lenin's famliy
“I'm not going to even say anything any more. Just fight it out.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Getting tired
“Unfortunatley Lenin's famliy is no longer with us.”
~ Stalin on Things he did
“You had them killed did'nt you? You bastard!”
~ Trotsky on That Bastard Stalin
“They had it comming. I ask you Trotsky how would YOU run the USSR?”
~ Stalin on Trotsky's USSR
“I would give democratic control to the worker's soviets.”
~ Trotsky on What he would do.
“In soviet russia soviets control YOU!”
~ Stalin on Performing Russian reversal on Trotsky
“Wait what?”
~ Trotsky on The First Russian reversal performed by Stalin
“You see you can't give democarcy to the people. You have to beat them into submisson to get any work done. We need to get ahead in this age and I belive I can do it by killing at least 1000000000 people.”
~ Stalin on How to get ahead in capitlaism.
“Ooo beat them into submisson. Kinky.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sex
“That is insane. That is not socialism!”
~ Trotsky on Stalin killing people
~ Stalin on Trotsky's accusations
~ Stalin on Performing Russian reversal on Trotsky
“I say it is socialism are gay! I saw the way you looked at Lenin.”
~ Stalin on Trotsky's sexuality
“O RLY?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Trotsky
“I am not!”
~ Trotsky on himself
“Ya know know what? Time is up. Stalin wins for his sex-charged argguments. Now want to meet somtime, like get some coffee...”
~ Oscar Wilde on The Debate
~ Trotsky on His loss
“Yes! Start Killing those peasants!”
~ Stalin on His victory
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