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This is not Abbiistabbii, but if it was, she'd be awesome

Hi, I'm Abbiistabbii.

You might remember me from such films as "OH SHIT IT'S ABBIISTABBII" and "Q is not for Abbiistabbii".

edit Facts

  • AbbiiStabbii is related to the King of Spain.
  • Abbiistabbii is not in fact a person but thousands of cells working together in formation.
  • AbbiiStabbii is Welsh for Abbiistabbii.
  • Abbiistabbii perceives colour in the same way Red Pandas perceive Platypuses, with suspicion.
  • AbbiiStabbii really likes to watch Fred from youtube and punch herself in the face every time she hears fred mention Judy.
  • Abbiistabbii is a Fundamentalist Pastafarian, who dresses every day like a pirate.
  • Abbiistabbii is connected to the internet through a complicated neural network that tweets her thoughts.
  • Abbiistabbii's name backwards is iibbtsiibba, which is the password to Stephen Fry's home wifi network.

edit Moar?


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