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Command & Conquer: Renegate

Command & Conquer: Renegate
Developer Westwood Studios
Release Year 2001
Rating by ESRB M
Genre Gate
Preceded by Command & Conquer: Read Alert 2 (Urine's Revenge)
Followed by Command & Conquer: GENERALS

This game was based originally on the Gate wars that happened long ago. Just like the original series, it was based on another typing mistake. Originally, there were two gate selling companies called Rent-a-Gate and Gateways. Gateways hired terrorists to sabotage Rent-a-Gate in order to increase their sales. The saboteurs were originally part of the drug cult named the Brotherhood of Cod, but Rent-a-Gate mistook that for the Brotherhood of Nod, a massive terrorist organization. Rent-a-Gate got scared and hired soldiers to form a department called Gate Defensive Initiative to combat the threat. Gate Defensive Initiative fought a long war against the Brotherhood of Cod, with no more than a hundred soldiers while the Brotherhood of Cod lost more than a thousand troops. The reason for this was because the GDI kept employing their only commando, General Rick Parke, whose codename is Tavoc. The Brotherhood of Cod got tired of losing their brothers and retired to their drug dealing. Rent-a-Gate won the war, and made this game to reward the soldiers with more drilling. However, they called it Renegate because the developers had almost no control over what was being done.

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