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Hello, my name is ALLAH!, you might remember me from such historical moments as:

  • The birth of the prophet Mohammed.
  • The death of the prophet Mohammed.
  • That whole cartoon thing a couple months ago...

Besides leaving a happy and fulfilling life, I enjoy holding hands, and long walks on the beach. I get pretty angry when people try to draw pictures of me, and I don't like it much when people blame me for Bin Laden; I admit, he was a mistake, but now we just have to live with it. I often work closely with GOD!, we were roomates in college, and have been pretty much inseperable since. In fact, half the time people can't even tell us apart!

Well, it's been nice talking to you... I usually hang out on IRC under The_Holy_One or sometimes The_Holey_One if I'm feeling a bit silly. If you can't find me there, you know where to reach me... Soo uhh... see you around!

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