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Here is located over Here. The population is either very large or small depending on how big or small There's popualation is.

edit History

Here was founded when this one man who is now burried over here was told by this one lady burried over here to "Come Here."

edit These People

There is a lot of people over here. You know this one lady? Yah, she's really annoying if you ask me. She works here. I wish she would move There. Same goes with this one other guy, yah, he's married to that one person who I mentioned earlier[1]. There's so much sorts of shit going on here, I can't remember it all.

I like this person here, who lives here. He was nice to me this one time and I'm glad he is in Here.

edit Where is Here?

Here is not located There, nor is it located somewhere, nowhere, everywhere, it is here. Honestly people, you should know better.

If you are still confused with where Here is located, get directions [2]

edit Directions

  1. Come Here! It's that simple!

edit If after getting directions, you still don't know where Here is are to meet me Here and we will talk further...

edit Footnotes

  1. I think
  2. If you seriously need directions, you're stupid. Come on man, here is here, where else could it be?
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