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ACF - Australian Conservation Foundation

The ACF was formed in 1903 by Peter Garrett and Banjo Patterson both famous land property right activists in the great Kimberly. The duo met while swaging through the wild jungels of central Australia, the meeting spot is known as "Greens secret meeting place" at a watering hole. Garrett and Banjo approached the precipice of a rock formation aside a waterfall- when suddenly a great Bear attacked Banjo. Garrett thundered into the great bear, axe in hand and with his powerful voice screamed a pitch so high towards the beast that in a moment it was blasted in twain. the pieces of flesh left by the bear shook and twisted as if still alive. Banjo unleashed a powerful incantation of his so called "bush poetry" and commanded the power of trees to entangle the possessed remains. Screams could be heard coming from the two halves of bloody flesh as the vines began to slowly twist. Peter Garrett, not one easily tricked by vampire Bear impersonations, knew that the true identity of their attackers were none other that Steve Irwin and one time Chemical physicist Erni Dingo.

After this event the ACF was formed to prevent the destruction of the environment and therefore the powers of nature brought forth from Banjo that bind the possessed and horribly deformed immortal twins Irwine and Dingo.

Donations are taken from the public to fund conservation efforts and magical protection over the affected area.

For more information the entire account can be found at the empty grave of Banjo Patterson who is said to still be roaming the central jungles using his "bush poetry" to scare children.

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