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User: is the infamous user who was blocked by an administrator for badmouthing an op. If you detect this user on Uncyclopedia, please report it imediately, he is considered armored and dangeresque. He will be blocked for 24 years as punishment. User: has been known to be a villain since the dawn of time.

edit The Rumors

The letters are considered very evil and in some cultures can be used to use some voodoo magic on their enemies such as User: whose name happens to made up of those letters.

edit The Deed Has Been Done

Once someone simply talks behind the back an admin, on Uncyclopedia or to a friend. In person. With no spies to tell an admin about the "nay saying." The admin will imediately know about it, and therefore backlash at the person, blocking their ip, for 210240 hours. Exactly. To the second. This is possible because they are psycho

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